Friday, December 24, 2021

Kick-start 2022 with Pak John Steamboat and BBQ located in IOI City Mall

I have always enjoyed steamboat and grill/bbq meal, after being influenced by Fiza and the gang. My favourite when attending to this type of restaurant is the marinated meat and more then often I will riuh for the beef, then can attest to this. When I was informed by Genie to sample Pak John Steamboat and BBQ located in IOI City Mall, Putrajaya I was basically screaming. The fact that I can have a plus one was even better… good food must be enjoyed with your loved ones kan. So I brought my sistah!

For video, click HERE.

With the pandemic still on going, the country (and world) is coming to the 3rd year experiencing the pandemic way of living, I believe many of us is kinda tired eating and cooking daily. You guys come here for a weekend treat or to celebrate joyous occasion with loved ones. Come here early then spend good bonding time here, feed your soul and tummy so they said.

Here is a few tips that I must share…
1. HALAL! They are halal certified since 2015.
2. Pak John Steamboat and BBQ is located on the Ground Floor facing OUTSIDE (I almost sesat looking for the restaurant hehehhe…)
3. It can get quite pack so do come early (I believe it’s a favourite among the Putrajaya folks)
4. I love marinated beef so I will suggest for you guys to try them ALL (they came in a few flavor - Black Peppers Beef, Honey Beef, Ginger)

5. You can also add on unmarinated meat – beef, chicken and lamb.
6. Oh yah! Dim sum is available too (for those very hungry few and can’t wait for their food to be grilled/steamboated [is there even such word?!?)
7. They also have cooked food such as friend rice, noodle, sausages, cucuq and etc – nasi goring is super sedap. Tak tipu.
8. Sauces! They have so many… watch THIS VIDEO if you are in doubt.
9. Soup? As usual… plenty of choices : Tomyam Soup, Miso Soup,Chicken Soup to name a few
You must come here with a few friends or family members baru syok!

What a surprise!
Student Prices - Pak John Steamboat and BBQ has a special prices for students. Apa tunggu lagi *wink*
Kid-friendly - All kids aged under 5 eat for free!
Birthday Special – Jom celebrate birthday here as there provide free waffle to the birthday boy/girl.

What are you waiting for, kick-start 2022 with a hearty meal from Pak John Steamboat and BBQ.

Pak John Steamboat and BBQ
GE-11, Ground Floor
IOI City Mall
Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya

Website :

Operating Hours
Daily : 10am – 10pm

Monday, December 13, 2021

Dabus | An Art of Self Defence Performance


Dabus of which I have always thought is a musical art is an art of self defence (well, art lah jugak kan), based on the concept of heroism (kepahlawanan… is this translation accurate?). I bet many of you are wondering, tang mana yang heroismnya kan (wondered the same too)?

Apparently, for one to learnt/marter dabus it requires intelligence, agility and bravery among others. Dabus existing for more than 300 years ago in Perak and has seen migrated to other part of Tanah Melayu/Malaysia. In Perak, it expanded to Setiawan and Bagan Datoh of which eventually reach Sabak Bernam, Sungai Besar and Kuala Selangor. It said that Dabus was brought to Tanah Melayu by Ahmad Mahyuddin who is from Persia (Baghdad) in 1785, and that he was the student of Muhammad Abil Hassan al-Rifai. Other school of thoughts theory is that Dabus was brought here via Aceh in Indonesia.

This part is intriguing - it was used to train soldiers for battles back then. Remember I said that I thought it was merely and musical art, well I learnt during this Rentak Selangor trip, a Dabus dancer or player (referred to) uses ‘anak dabus’ or ‘dabus’s son’ of ‘son of dabus’ made of sharp iron. Usually in Dabus, players not only use ‘anak dabus’, the also uses other sharp weapon to provoke and showcase the prowess of the dabus player. Weapon used are basically keris (the Malay daggers), daggers, axes and a few other sharp weapon.

What we often see are the dabus performance and not the self defence art. The traditional performance combines 3 art forms ie singing, dance and art of self defence. And in self defence performance, it is a norm to see players use the sharp weapon to “slice/poke” the own body parts (usually arm).

Dabus style of singing is called berzanji or/and marhaban and the instruments used are gong, rebana and gendang. A Dabus group consist of 22 performers/ players including namely musical instrument players and dancers. There are four types of dance moves called 'susun sireh', 'ayam tajak', and 'helang sewah'. Each dancer holds a pair of ‘anak dabus’ while dancing, and dancers’ moves are according to the music.

As the music started to get upbeat, the dancers will “slide/poke” the ‘anak dabus’ onto their arms, this act is supposedly done when the dancer is in trance. Amazing, once the performance is over, those injured will be restored by the leader of the group.

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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Balle Balle Group from Kampung Api Api, Kuala Selangor

I was introduced to this Balle Balle Group from Kampung Api Api in Kuala Selangor few years back and I was immediately intrigued and fell in love with their sound. I was hoping I get to watch them perform again and how lucky can I be when I saw Rentak Selangor 2021 will be inviting them to perform. So, writing about them is must lah kan, if kita tak promote music kita then siapa lagi. Betul tak?

What I find amazing was that they invented the percussion instrument called Balle Balle, honestly I am not sure whether similar percussion existed in other part of the world but this is the first and only one I ever saw lah. This balle balle is made out of what looks like a tree branch with flattened bottle caps attached to the string, that is tied to the both end of the branch. What sound does it make? Well…. Like many tambourine being played simultaneously. I personally feel the music is very beach-santai kinda thing. Having said that, Balle Balle Group type of song is suitable for fast and slow tempo.

Encik Isnain Abd Rahim, is the multi-talented guy behind Balle Balle Group. Having visited over 30 countries such as Germany, Spain, Bangladesh and many more just to get fresh new ideas and learnt local folk song of the world. He formed the group Balle Balle that consist 6 players playing instruments ie. Bongo, Timbalis, Accordian, Violin, Double bass, Guitar and of course Balle Balle.

The other thing that made Balle Balle Group unique is that they wear tudung saji (traditional Malay food cover) as their headgear, batik sarong, colourful shirts, and last but not least terompah or wooden clogs completing their stage attire.

Song that I feel and enjoyed with their instruments will be Sway by Michael Bubble, I'm Yours by Jason Mraz, Bubbly sung by Colbie Caillat… you get me don’t you.

Isnain Bin Abd Rahim (Wak Nin)
Pusat Kesenian Balle Balle
L3-25, Times 89, Business Plaza
Taman Seri Sentosa, Jalan Klang Lama
Kuala Lumpur

Mobile : +6019-281 4535
Email :

Rentak Selangor Fam Trip is in collaboration with UPENS (Unit Perancangan Negeri Selangor), Tourism #Selangor and all its sponsors with #GayaTravel as media coordinator.
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Monday, December 6, 2021

Ronggeng Dance | A Controversial Dance Art


Seriously I knew nothing with regards to Main Ronggeng or Ronggeng dance/performance until I see and was later explained by En. Nazmi. I remember telling myself I must write about Ronggeng as I have not touch this topic before nor do I know nuts lah kan (obviously). I googled and briefly read thru what is Ronggeng but couldn’t find much info, hence info from En. Nazmi was much appreciated. I do need to put a caveat here that Ronggeng is not originated from Selangor but Selangor is one of the places where it expanded its reach.

Here’s the thing, as far as I know (probably main of us too) is that the word ‘Ronggeng’ has always be associated with bad connotation, I believe movie and media played a role in this too. We always thought that it has to do with ‘bad or club girls that entertain men’, boy was I wrong. So I figure, let’s educate and create awareness on Ronggeng dance/performance.

I was told that the origin of Ronggeng is from Java in Indonesia where couple dance to rebab/violin music, starts with Tarian Melayu (slow pace Malay Dance), Tarian Inang (up tempo dance) and followed by Tarian Joget (quick tempo dance). Form my experience, the song sung was poetic/berpantun and the foot step is in accordance to the tempo with coordinated hand movement. The instruments that accompanied this dance are rebab or violin and a gong. The female dancers are dresses in bright kebaya labuh with a flower on their sanggul (hair bun), whilst men in baju melayu, sampin and songkok.

Desktop research stated that ‘female professional dancers are expected to invite some male audiences or clients to dance with them as a couple with the exchange of some tips money for the female dancer, given during or after the dance (base on Wikipedia).’ However, in verbatim-during the event it was said that the men will invite the lady dancers to, no touching and sexual innuendo are allowed.

Ronggeng is made popular in Southern Thailand and the Strait States namely Penang, Melaka and Singapore. As the we assimilate, Ronggeng has become part of the Malay culture and Ronggeng Melayu (or Malay Ronggeng) became a popular social dance, it is usually performed on Ronggeng stage (dance floow) at amusement parks back in the 1930s and 1940s. Infact, I remember my mom and aunts often talk about the famous BB Park in Kuala Lumpur being THE place to socialise as it has dance hall for cabaret, boxing ring, stage shows, theatres, restaurants and many more, and was closed in the 1970s.

I believe we need to preserve the art of Ronggeng for our younger generation, and effort that need to be undertook by Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia, our Art School and relevant parties in order to elevate it internationally.

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Friday, November 5, 2021

Wayang Kulit Kelantan | Preserving Culture

A little bit about Wayang Kulit Kelantan yah guys.

There are few types of Wayang Kulit perfomances in Malaysia, namely Wayang Kulit Jawa, Wayang Gedek, Wayang Kulit Kelantan, Wayang Purwa and Wayang Melayu. Wayang Gedek is said to based in Kedah whereby northern dialect is being used, and obviously Wayang Kulit Kelantan uses the Kelantanese dialect. Wayang Purwa (which is new to me too) is using Javanese language and last but not least, the Wayang Melayu is performed using the Malay language (with Javanese influences). I attended and event in Kuala Selangor where they too have their own Wayang Kulit and it is using Javanese dialect as well however I’m not sure whether it is the same as Wayang Purwa. A little bit of digging is needed, Lily!

During our trip to Terrapuri, Terengganu we were brought to watch the Wayang Kulit Kelantan or Wayang Kulit Siam. It was performed to the public in conjunction of Terengganu Cultural Festival 2021, the objective is to create awareness and encourage the younger generation to be involve in sustaining our wondrous heritage. Performance are conducted in public area such as museum ground, malls and halls for easy public access.

Not many of us know that Wayang Kulit Kelantan is actively performing in Terengganu (there is not Wayang Kulit Terengganu it seems)

Wayang Kulit Kelantan is also referred to as Wayang Kulit Siam, and it is believed to originate from Cambodia and brought it to Peninsular Malaysia via Patani in Thailand. It is practiced and performed commonly in Kelantan and Terengganu. Hikayat Seri Rama or Ramayana is the epic story in Wayang Kulit Kelantan and it is performed as a form of entertainment ceremonial and official event. The leading characters involved are Rawana and Siti Dewi (protagonists), and Seri Rama (antagonist). Wayang kulit or shadow puppet theater portrays how the society feels back then, being represented in a form of art and music. Not only as a symbol of entertainment but also describe values, life, beliefs norms and heart of the locals back then.

One interesting thing that I learnt is that the dialect or language used in Wayang Kulit Kelantan is both Kelantanese and Sanskrit dialects hence making it not comprehensible to audience outside Kelantan but also to the younger generation. Thus, making preservation of this old art form even more difficult.

You can also watch the Wayang Kulit Kelantan performance in Terengganu, I suggest that you liaise with trusted local agency - Ping Anchorage and get them to arrange for you to visit and experience cultural performances and heritage sites in Terengganu. You will be overwhelmed with Terengganu rich culture and abundance of natural beauty.

GTN x Terrapuri Fam Trip is in collaboration with Ping Anchorage and Terrapuri and all its sponsors with #GayaTravel as media coordinator.
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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Hike to Blue Pool at Lata Payung, Terengganu

Yup! I climbed and reached the Blue Pool at Lata Payung, Terengganu!

When I first got the invite I was excited, the 2 years pandemic got the best of me. I need to travel, waima in Malaysia sekali pun (cis… I sounded so riak and poyo [eyes rolling]). But you guys DO know what I mean kan, we as a human (gitewww) can only go XXX much being stuck at home. I am good not travel out of Malaysia and what not, sumpah I ok jer… but being cooped up at home for 2 years?!??! Serious boleh jadi giler, makanya….. sebelum I terus jadi giler, I decided to join Gaya Travel Magazine to Terengganu. After all, I do miss Lina of Terrapuri, A LOT!

Panjang nye intro… (sebab lama tak blog ke, Lily)
Anywho. I saw the itinerary, jeng jeng jeng… 2 rigorous outdoor activities – Hike to check-out the Blue Pool at Lata Payung and standing in the eyes of the world at the peak of Bukit Kluang. To be honest, I was rather worried with this Lata Payung bit but all game for Bukit Kluang (demi sebuah content, so they say).
For those city girl (like moi) who is forever and ever scared of pacat (senang cakap takut insect or anything that crawls lah) then let me tell you that Lata Payung ok jewww… My biggest concern was the hike and kepala air cos when I did a little desktop research, I found out some not so nice news on kepala air here. Hence I decided to share some tips to assist you guys.


1. There are parking space available, however come early lah 🚙
2. Make sure your car tank is full
3. Facilities such as toilet and shower room is located by the roadside/parking 🚻
4. Bring towel, change of clothes and toiletries (ni bukan hotel iyea idok) 🛀
5. Wear proper shoes if you plan to hike to the Blue Pool, and slippers too 👟
6. Those that are not ‘that’ fit (like me), I highly recommend you to bring a hiking stick. It helps!

7. Bring easy to pack and throw snack example : sandwich, cucur, cake/kuih, nuggets, sausages and water as the journey to the Blue Pool is kinda long (unless you suka hike angkat barang berat)
8. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT wash your cutleries or utensils in the river (jangan cuci sudu/ garfu/ pinggan bagai dalam sungai, lap ngan tissue and bawak balik cuci. Kalau tak, I tak mau kawan) 🚯
9. Follow the track, it is an easy hike with big trees around jer 🌳
10. Take some time to learn about nature and breath the fresh air 🌹
11 Avoid coming during monsoon season, be wary of any indication of kepala air 🏊
12. The blue pool is rather DEEP, I do not recommend for you guys to jump in if you don’t know how to swim. Best is to bring live jacket, safety is you utmost PRIORITY.
13. Take loadsa photos 📸

Dah habis baca tips? Now gonna share my experience pulak.

The hike was fairly easy, a typical jungle hike. The path is easily seen maka jangan risau ni bukan Amazon and also, there is not steep path until you arrive at the blue pool whereby you need to climb down the boulders – licin so masa turun tuh kena turun baik-baik. Along the way, you get to see herbal plants, squirrel, wild orchids and many more. But please not to pluck them to bring home yah, that is a big no-no. Oh yah! I brought along a hiking stick this is due to my long-ago-knee-injury hence I need to be extra careful especially when going down a slope. In general, you guys do not need a hiking stick pun for this hike. The hike took us 40 mins or so sebab asyik stop ambek gambar and the guide taught us about the herbal plant, showed us wild orchidand introduce to us the native trees. You can view the hiking video HERE.

GTN x Terrapuri Fam Trip is in collaboration with Ping Anchorage and Terrapuri and all its sponsors with #GayaTravel as media coordinator.
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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Kalimba Workshop with KTO


We received an invitation for a Kalimba Workshop. I was like….’Kalimba? Apa tuh?’

The kalimba is an African musical instrument with a wooden soundboard and metal keys. The 15-key kalimba that we are making at Juma Instruments is an instrument that originates from African ethnic groups in Southern Africa. In the classification of musical instruments the kalimba is in the category of lamellophones or plucked idiophones (Hornbostel-Sachs system).
Taken from

We later received the Kalimba for our workshop, and we are to learn a few Korean Song using the Kalimba instrument. Overall it is a good experience and kinda easy too (but if you have chubby fingers like mind, well…. Abit susah lah). The teacher taught us popular/common song from Blackpink and Squid Game to name a few but for me, I like the ‘papa bear’ song. I reminded me of my favourite KDrama – Full House.

The first step in learning this instrument is to understand/memorise the notes which is fairly easy – short, long and longer. Then you play as per the key and note indicated.

It was fun and I have now acquired a new skill!

Palm Beach Resort & Spa Labuan | Beach view hotel

If you get to stay here, you will definitely be amaze with beach view… oh wait! You get to ride a horse too – just as the front desk tau.

Hotel being hotel I shall share with you my experience on the room. I only have ONE word – HUGE (or perhaps super HUGE). You basically can put another queen bed and still, there’s ample space for you to spread your luggage. You will also get a balcony WITH table and chair and all… boleh feeling-feeling breakfast/tea at the balcony facing the sea gitew.

To make life easier, let me share #TravelTips if you plan to stay a day or two here. Let’s go!
1. Request for a beach facing room
2. As the room is super huge, 3 persons can stay in a room just ask for an extra bed
3. You have a huge vanity area in the bathroom as well as outside (takkan rebut-rebut punya lah)
4. On top of that, a working area for business traveler is available as well (different from the vanity area in the room)

5. The bedroom slipper is a flipflop so you can actually wear it to the pool (takyah bawak slipper)
6. Since the beach is a public area, you probably see stray dogs roaming (they won’t kacau you wan)
7. Occasionally you see them dogs roam at the hotel ground (garden), as they are harmless so please please please do not feed them with food. As it encourages them to come closely to human (for food)
8. The food you must try/request is the LAKSA SARAWAK – jangan kata sis tak payung tau
9. Breakfast food is so-so, due to the pandemic the hotel exercises strict SOP hence remember to ask for smaller portion if you plan to sample all the food there. Jangan membazir makanan
10. I did not manage to take a swim there but it look amazing kan kan kan

11. The hotel is located near a few attractions namely; Palm Beach Trail, Labuan Bird Park, Chimney Museum, and Chimney Walking Trail
12. Journey to the airport takes 20-30 mins max from the hotel (pretty convenient huh)
13. Journey to Pasar UTC (highlight recommended) takes about the same as to the airport.

In terms of hospitality they are okay, adhering to the SOP mandated by KKM and very helpful when asked for help.

PS : Labuan is not under/in Sabah, it’s a Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan similar to KL and Putrajaya

Palm Beach Resort & Spa Labuan
700, 87014 Labuan
Labuan Federal Territory
Website :

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Monday, October 18, 2021

Pasar UTC Labuan | A MUST visit place

I have always been curious with local delicacies, hence it should not come with great surprise that I insisted to try or at least to look for my sayur paha-paha or pepaha (paha-paha vegetable) what some people claim to be unique to Labuan. Click HERE to learn about sayur paha paha as explained by the mak cik pasar. And because of this, I have been pestering Tourism (non-stop mind you) to take is to Pasar UTC Labuan – a so called ‘MUST’ visit place.

Finally, I got to do some local fruit/food hunting in Pasar UTC, and guess what… our guide Kak Kwa was with me the whole time. Not sure whether she is regretting it or not cos I asked plenty of questions as in P.L.E.N.T.Y! Told her she should be glad cos what I am doing is ‘membantu menyumbang pada ekonomi Labuan’ - I bought beras bukit merah, beras hitam, beras brown, beras bukit, ikan bilit mata biru, cumi-cumi, ikan keropok, cili putih and cili pandan. If they were to allow additional 30minutes, I would have bought the herba-herba mandian (this is so cool, will be sharing more). Or perhaps the whole pasar kot. HAHHAHAHHAAA…

I personally feel if you want to know the locals’ daily life/lifestyle, market/pasar or breakfast spot is the best place. All you need to do is sit down and watch or popularly known as people surfing. I will be giggling as I seeing them chit chatting; trying to understand the local dialect, watching them arranging their produce while cleaning the stall is like my personal TV Program. Do you know what I enjoyed best? Talking to them, and most of the time the respond is good and informative.

I started with buying my ikan bilis mata biru, I remembered one of my media friend told me to look for a stall with lesser tourist and when I asked why, he said ‘berbahagi rezeki’. I did just that here disregarding my friends asking me to purchase from the other stall, I said ‘takpe lah, berbahagi rezeki’. I felt proud. Ahaks.

After borong-ing ikan bilit mata biru, cumi-cumi and ikan keropok, Kwa the guide found me and told me she found THE paha-paha vegetable (vegetable = sayur in Malay language). I believe the right word to use is I ‘RAN’ to the stall… I asked the makcik how do the locals usually cook sayur paha-paha? And you know how a typical makcik will respond tight? She basically gave me the whole recipe, you can watch the REEL HERE… by the way, this vege is seasonal tau.

Next is the white and pandan birds eye chili. According to the makcik the taste is verydifferent from the usual red and green birds eye chili - click HERE to listen to mak cik. The spiciness kicks-in after. Apa lagi, beli lah kan… Not so sure KL ada tak. Video kat sini.

Then there bambangan jeruk that can be eaten with nasi panas-panas, sedap giler. A MUST MUST BUY tau!

From my observation, the market here is superbly CLEAN. And they pack everything beautifully, I even joked saying I don’t mind cooking everyday if the market is this clean in KL. Seriously (Eh! Korang percaya ke?). Click HERE for video.

Akar langir is used to mandikan mayat (to clean the corpse) as well as mandi pengantin (for wedded couple showering ritual) … This is sooooo interesting as this is the first time me hearing this. Apparently it is being practice by Kedayan tribe in Sarawak also, hence it is not unique to Labuan. I was made to understand by the makcik that you need to peel the langir root skin and boil it, sud will form and act like a soup thus camouflage the smell of the corpse. It is a custom that is not being practice as it used to. To view the video, click HERE.

And then there’s Kayu Patawali or Tinospora Crispa (Miers). It is good for high blood pressure and diabetes patients, the makcik said but I did not buy lah - see the mak cik HERE. My luggage is too full hahhahah…

And you must check out (to view the video, click HERE) the show herb - to buang angin, buang panas, lepas bersalin and etc.

Mind you, this is only a trip to the market. Next time, we go on food hunting trip pulak kay!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Staycation at Desa Tunas Hijau (Desaland), Labuan

So much has changed since I last came here, and the changes they did were amazing.

This is what I personally feel, the owner’s vision and mission supersedes everything. Dato’ Sri Mohd Alias Bin Abdul Rahman, the founder of Desa Tunas Hijau in Labuan took advantage of the pandemic to upgraded, revamped and improved this great place thus making it one of the most sought after place for outdoor and family recreation place.

Previously was equipped with activities such as ATV, kayak, a banquet hall and many more but now, the stage is beautifully decorated that it suits a wedding event (a rugged/outdoorish wedding theme would be perfect here). The pond not only caters for kayaking, but it also has paddle boats, water roller balloon and many more. What caught me by surprise is that Desa Tunas Hijau or Desaland has accommodation for guest to overnight, this was the highlight for me. You can use the accommodation for wedding prep or family to stay, ourdoor activities R&R place, staycation, picnic and many more. How great is this!!!! 

Let me share some of the places they have here, I bet you gonna get as excited.

Twin Rooms x 3 units

Suitable for family as it comes with 2 rooms
#TravelTips : Bring own sleeping bag or TOTO - fit more people
Weekend : RM320
Weekday : RM300 

Studio Room x 2 units

Suitable for couple or honeymooner
Weekend : RM300
Weekday : RM250 

Pine Cabin x 4 units 

#TravelTips : Connected and covered to the banquet, no problem come rain or shine
Weekend RM250
Weekday RM220 

Treehouse x 1unit (fan)

#TravelTips : Bathroom and toilet is located on the ground (common area)
Weekend RM180
Weekday RM150 

Campsite Rent

Suitable for youngster, scouts camping trip and gathering sesh, BBQ pit is available
#TravelTips : A great Family Day venue.
Daily RM10 per/head per/day (sewa tapak)
Tent Rent
Type 1. Cabin Tent - RM100.00
Type 2. Highlands Lodge Tent - RM100.00
Type 3. Cypress Grove Tent - RM120.00
Type 4. Timber Lodge Tent - RM100.00
Type 5. Wilderness Cabin Tent - RM100.00

There are also a few new ones that is still under construction, lodge facing the pond as well as igloo type tent. Can’t wait for this one.

As for the ATV ride, here’s the #TravelTip :
1. Check the tide, go during low tide.
2. If its during low tide, beg them to let you ride by the beach. It is MORE fun.
3. If you ride within the Desa Tunas Hijau compound, make sure you take care of your shoes as the ride takes you thru muddy pothole (saja jer kan supaya thrilling sikit).
4. You get to ride for 30 mins at the rate of RM60.00, don't worry 30 mins is sufficient. Having said that, You can also do a 1hr ride which cost RM100. Janji enjoy.
5. It is very easy and driving license is not required. Hahhahhah…
6. Helmet will be given to each rider.
7. Briefing will be given and the marshal will take you around, follow him (so jangan dok pandai-pandai).
8. Remember to take loadsa photos. Paling penting ni, hahahahhaha….

My suggestions are :
1. Local Labuan : Do your staycation here, after all they have BBQ pit as well
2. Travelers : Instead of booking your stay in a hotel, come here instead.
Desa Tunas Hijau
Jalan Sg Pagar, Kg Sg Miri
87008, WP Labuan
Website :

Operating Hours
Monday – Friday : 9:00AM–5:00PM
Saturday – Sunday : 9:00AM–5:00PM

Labuan Geopark Media Trip is in collaboration with Tourism Malaysia, Tourism Labuan, Malaysia Airlines and all its sponsors.
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