Friday, December 24, 2021

Kick-start 2022 with Pak John Steamboat and BBQ located in IOI City Mall

I have always enjoyed steamboat and grill/bbq meal, after being influenced by Fiza and the gang. My favourite when attending to this type of restaurant is the marinated meat and more then often I will riuh for the beef, then can attest to this. When I was informed by Genie to sample Pak John Steamboat and BBQ located in IOI City Mall, Putrajaya I was basically screaming. The fact that I can have a plus one was even better… good food must be enjoyed with your loved ones kan. So I brought my sistah!

For video, click HERE.

With the pandemic still on going, the country (and world) is coming to the 3rd year experiencing the pandemic way of living, I believe many of us is kinda tired eating and cooking daily. You guys come here for a weekend treat or to celebrate joyous occasion with loved ones. Come here early then spend good bonding time here, feed your soul and tummy so they said.

Here is a few tips that I must share…
1. HALAL! They are halal certified since 2015.
2. Pak John Steamboat and BBQ is located on the Ground Floor facing OUTSIDE (I almost sesat looking for the restaurant hehehhe…)
3. It can get quite pack so do come early (I believe it’s a favourite among the Putrajaya folks)
4. I love marinated beef so I will suggest for you guys to try them ALL (they came in a few flavor - Black Peppers Beef, Honey Beef, Ginger)

5. You can also add on unmarinated meat – beef, chicken and lamb.
6. Oh yah! Dim sum is available too (for those very hungry few and can’t wait for their food to be grilled/steamboated [is there even such word?!?)
7. They also have cooked food such as friend rice, noodle, sausages, cucuq and etc – nasi goring is super sedap. Tak tipu.
8. Sauces! They have so many… watch THIS VIDEO if you are in doubt.
9. Soup? As usual… plenty of choices : Tomyam Soup, Miso Soup,Chicken Soup to name a few
You must come here with a few friends or family members baru syok!

What a surprise!
Student Prices - Pak John Steamboat and BBQ has a special prices for students. Apa tunggu lagi *wink*
Kid-friendly - All kids aged under 5 eat for free!
Birthday Special – Jom celebrate birthday here as there provide free waffle to the birthday boy/girl.

What are you waiting for, kick-start 2022 with a hearty meal from Pak John Steamboat and BBQ.

Pak John Steamboat and BBQ
GE-11, Ground Floor
IOI City Mall
Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya

Website :

Operating Hours
Daily : 10am – 10pm

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