Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Great Wall Of China

THE Great Wall Of China, nuff said!

Some might not know, even those who thought they knew me well might not know either but here's a little secret. My late dad send me and my other 2 brothers to Chinese school, you heard me alright! I was the eldest and I start studying Chinese since kindergarten, meaning....... since tender age of 5 years old to 18 years old. YUP!!!! That's one hell of a loooooong time.

Sooo.... what did we study. Here's the thing, my 6 years of primary school; except foor Malay & English Language, everything else is in CHINESE. Maths in Chinese, Science in Chinese, Geography in Chinese, Chinese calligraphy and yes, so is HISTORY. YUP! We need to learn about China history too.

See..... can you imagine the LONGING I have actually set foot on the GREAT WALL OF CHINA.
Finally, my dream come thru. Was I overwhelmed? You bet I did. SPEECHLESS!!!!

Who cares about the price if you dream finally come thru right right right right.

Am not gonna dwell how it's being made nor the history of it cause am sure you guys are able to read it from Wikipedia. So what I am gonna share is what my school teacher said which ponder me till now.

As you know, the emperor will get thousands of civilian to help on building this giant country fortress right, while building for years and years right form the town to the unknown wilderness (way back in those days). Have you ever wonder, where did the bury the workers that died while building it??? Apparently... jeng jeng jeng...

They leave it at the base and fill it up with rammed earth, stones & woods and continue building the wall. THUS..... technically, it is ALSO a grave yard right. Hemmm.... now, what do you thing of this GREAT Wall now? Kinda scary huh!?! Hahhahah.....

Well.... Am ofcause not sure whether this is true or not, but the thought of it is "intriguing" RIGHT!?!??!

Anyways, this is known world wide that Great Wall Of China has been officially declared as 1 of the 7 Wonders Of The World.

For something that is sooooooo OOOOOOOLLLLDDDDDD, KFC sure wants it's presence felt here. HHAHAHHAHAH........

The gate that I use is Badaling gate, apparently there's a few gates that is more nicer and fun then this, do go and try and tell me all about it, will ya...

Credit hyperlink : Wikipedia.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Ming Dynasty Tombs

May 2010. As I said many entries ago (in fact it was last year in May), I was "summoned" to China to help on work, thus I go dutifully. As it was a 2 weeks trip, I decided to take a tour package over the weekend, else I will be bored to death.

On the first day, I covered The Ming Dynasty Tombs, Great Wall of China, Summer Palace, Forbidden City etc. Since the content will be a lot for 1 entry, I am breaking these sightseeing places to few entries.
The first site the tour agent took me was The Ming Dynasty Tombs, here how the story goes...

The Ming Dynasty Tombs (Thirteen Tombs of the Ming Dynasty) are located some 50 kilometers due north in Tianshou Mountain (originally Mount Huangtu), Yongle Emperor selected this burial site and created his own mausoleum - The Ming tombs of the 13 emperors of the Ming Dynasty.

The Emperor (no one will ever doubt that huh!)

In 2000, UNESCO designated the collection of tombs and burial complexes a World Heritage Sites.

The sites for the Ming Dynasty Imperial Tombs had been selected using Feng Shui (geomancy) as a way of prohibiting evil spirits and destructive winds from the North. An arc-shaped area at the foot of the Jundu Mountains north of Beijing served that purpose well. The forty square kilometer area, enclosed by the mountains in a pristine, quiet valley full of dark earth, tranquil water with met the requirements of Feng Shui.

Check out the size of this tomb, it's almost like a palace with it's own hill park or something. Don't you agree with me?! Or... that was the intention... his own palace in the after world. Hemmm.... definitely something to ponder.

Don't you just wonder how long it took the artist t hand paint and make this happen. I kept on thinking, did they do in on ground and put it up or then they lie face up and drew every single one... hemm... whatever it is, I surely don't want to be them, that's for sure.

Changling tomb's gate tower

The Yongle Encyclopedia was a Chinese compilation commissioned by the Chinese Ming Dynasty emperor Yongle in 1403 and completed by 1408. It was the world's largest known general encyclopedia for 600 years, and one of the earliest.

Move aside Wiki, hehehheh....

It was a big deal back then... ceh waah...

Yup! From Ming Dynasty.... I believe almost everyone will have one of these replicas at home.

This will be one of the famous tomb that I have been, if I can recall it clearly; one would be Taj Mahal, then The Pyramid Of Giza and Humayun Tomb. Have you been to any?

Hyperlink credit : Wikipedia
, New World Encyclopedia

Friday, June 10, 2011

Ayam Den Lapeh Here I Come

Yup! Traveling again!

Accompanying auntie to Pekan Baru in Sumatera for some stuff (orang ajak, ikut je lerr). Didn't plan, trip is with itinerary by the organizer.

One of the thing that am sure be interested in the itinerary (it's a business itinerary for her, hence abit so-so for me!) is.......on the history of Siak which apparently the Muslim kingdom of .... I will tell you the story once I learn more yah.....

Wikipedia :
Sultanate of Siak Sri Indrapura or often called Sultanate of Siak (Indonesian: Kesultanan Siak Sri Inderapura) was a kingdom that located at Siak Regency, Riau from 1723-1946. It was founded by Raja Kecik from Pagaruyung Kingdom (Sultan Abdul Jalil Rahmad Syah I), after failed to seized the throne of the Sultanate of Johor.
After the Proclamation of Independence was proclaimed on August 17, 1945, last sultan of Siak, Sultan Syarif Kasim II declared his kingdom to join Republic of Indonesia
I be meeting some of my relatives there I hope... all the Minangs get-together!

Woo hoo!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Travel Thursday | Sunflower Elephant

Have you seen?
A field of flowers?
Yes, I have seen

To yellow field
of Sunflowers

You don't need to go far
Bangkok will just do
Just rent a car
2.5 hours it takes you

Not only that
They also have an elephant ride
Make sure your camera & hat
Is well intact
Hold on tight, to your might
While taking this picturesque sight

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Watery Wednesday | Amsterdam Boat House Stay

My very first experience
Of being daringly impromptu
Tired. stress and of cause tense
Arriving Amsterdam, just us two
No booking nor research
Just hoping our lucks emerge

My worst fear came true
NO rooms nor hotels for us two
Why oh why! We ask anywho
Apparently answered you
Football match between the big two
Of The Netherland
vs. Old England

To our luck, thank goodness!
Offered the beautiful goddess
Boat house we can stay
"Cheap, clean and authentic "she say
Kiasu we are, us Asian girls
To experience both we certainly may
1 nights 2 days
So we stay

So, bloggers dear
My poem ends here
Between both the pictures
Which boat do you prefer?


PS : We stayed in both *wink*

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