Sunday, May 24, 2009

Skiing in Swiss Alps (like real!?!)

Hemmm.... how should I start this. SWITZERLAND..!!! An eye opening trip for me to get to know more of Allah greatest creation (other then human ofcos) - planet earth, mother nature, world wonders (ahh... world wonders..) etc.
This was the 1st trip to Europe for me - December 1996. Wow! That was a loooong time ago. Before it all became EU, I kept few coin purses to segragate the currency... ehehhe... confusing time as I kept forgetting the exchange rate of each country.

OK! OK! OK! I admit, excited gila babi cos we got to try our hands (or should I say legs) on skiing (hey! babi also not as gila as I am kay!).

We got to try on the bunny hill, "climbing" the 50m "hill" took us like 20mins with sweats and all but skiing down was like..... 5 SECONDS!!!! Ek-elllaaa... bodoh gilos I felt. Tak pa, janji penah try kan?! kan?! kan!??!!

Serunding is "makanan wajib" when I travel with kids.

Kids walking, parents?? SHOPPING LAR!!!

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