Friday, March 18, 2022

3D2N Trip - Bagan Datuk and Teluk Intan

Don’t know where to go over the weekend? Well… lemme share with you places you can go (instagrammable too) for a weekend or 3D2N that is within 2-3 hours drive from KL. You won’t regret it.

Teluk Intan
1. Pulau Bangau

Pulau Bangau experience was one in a million. Pulau Bangau or Bangau Island is not meant for us to visit, the highlight of Pulau Bangau is to capture the majestic egrets flying home in V-formation, some fly high and some slightly above the water. Seeing hundreds of them flying at dusk is certainly a wondrous moment. It is said that the island is home to more than 20,000 birds, including 10 species of herons and egrets. Don’t think flying a drone at this time is safe though.

2. Teluk Intan Heritage Trail

The Teluk Intan Heritage Trail (you need drive around for this, not doable on foot) that I partake is the standard historical sites that what we normally see and experience but the river cruise heritage trail (Yup! RIVER) is simply delightful, it was a heritage trail + eco-tourism combined therefore I highly encourage you guys to give a try. Places that you will be covering are Old Police Station/Central Station, Post Office, Hongkong and Shanghai Bank Building, Old Court House, Church of St Luke the Evangelist, Madrasah Al-Ihsaniah, Hock Soon Keong Temple and Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan.

3. Ladang MOCCIS

This place is suitable for family and friends in my opinion, ativities around the complex is suitable for family day, teambuilding and gathering among friends for barbecue session. If you guys are wondering what type of activities available here, there are plenty and you can do own tele-match game as well at the open space. You can do the normal tele-match activities couple with kayak race, ATV race, cycling race or perhaps do an Amazing Race type of game and include fishing and cooking the fish as one of the task.

Bangan Datuk
4. Sunflower Garden

Instgrammable spots are everywhere (the favourite for you Gen Y and after), from the Staircase to Heaven to the Rattan Swing Chair and the Transparent Swing Chair, Swing, Heart-shape frame and etc. You name it, they have it (well, most of it lah). Aside from this, it is nearer and easier to reach than the one in Lopburi AND it is definitely cheaper, a roadtrip with friends/family over the weekend is a great idea to ponder upon.  

5. Sky Mirror

The boat ride took around 30mins or so from the jetty, before you know it, you’ll be at the Sky Mirror. According to the operator, there are a few spots that gives you this illusion and that it is highly depending on the tide. The one that we visited was closer to the beach/island, and the operator will set it up for you as most of the time, the tide is not on your favour.

6. Sungai Burung Aquarium

It’s a privately own aquarium that is located in this quaint village. They have huger garoupa, spotted gar, monitor lizards and etc.

7. Bagan Datuk Waterfront

Bagan Datuk Waterfront is the new ‘in’ thing, coupled with the beautifully coloured town, I foresee Bagan Datuk will draw visits from locals and be the latest hot-lepak-place soon. The shophouses where built back in 1926 has now being repainted (since 2018), the birth of the Tuminah Floating Mosque at the new Bagan Datuk water front are gonna boom this place up.

Excited? Best kan… do plan a trip here.

Monday, March 14, 2022

Staying in a YURT in Teluk Intan! Coolness!

There’s a few hotel in Teluk Intan if you ever plan to visit. You might also wonder, why should I even visit Teluk Intan right?!? The only attraction many people know in the Menara Condong Teluk Intan, BUT no no no…. There’s plenty of attractions that you can visit, one that I highly recommend is the Sunset River Cruise and it will be perfect if you catch a glimpse of the stork flying back to the island.

1. Pulau Bangau in Teluk Intan, Perak – When the Storks Fly Home

2. 9 Things To Do in Teluk Intan Heritage Trail

And for you to do these activities, you need to stay at least 1 night here, in Teluk Intan.

As many that know me, I don’t fancy staying in normal boxy hotel especially if there’s another option of staying in a boutique/one of a kind hotel. And guess what, Rick Resort Teluk Intan fit my interest. Located in Taman Tow Yuan, Rick Resort consist of normal room and yurt (for those looking for an adventure) totaling to 27 smoke-free guestrooms. Some rooms came with attach bathroom and some are without, as for the yurt (some can fit 3pax and some, 5pax)… no window lah.

It comes with basic amenities such as indoor pool + children’s pool, air conditioning, snack bar/deli, television, toiletries, hair dryer, ironing facilities, and meeting facilities. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, the parking is FREE and so is the wifi.

OK! For those that are looking for an instagrammable places around Teluk Intan, this is the best place (make sure you bring the right attire to match the ‘scene’).

What are you guys waiting for, plan a short weekend trip with family/friends here.

Rick Resort Teluk Intan
Jalan Woo Saik Hong Taman Tow Yuan
Teluk Intan Perak 36000

Contact : +6010 236 1150
Email :

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