Sunday, June 26, 2022

#CyberEcoHunt22 by Alam Flora

Me being my curious self, so I participated in the ALAM FLORA #CyberEcoHunt22.

As the name precedes itself, it is all about our ‘alam, flora, cyber/virtual, eco and obviously hunt’ (I don’t think I need to explain about the 22 kot, oh well…. 22=2022. Kot lah ada yang tak sure kaaaa….).

The one in Kuantan, Pahang impresses me mainly because the route that they took us was basically to introduce and educate us about the services Alam Flora provide to the public as well as creating PUBLIC awareness on general manage our waste. You, me alike; we always thought Alam Flora is about waste management right ie. from our home but NOOOOOOOOOO…. Do you know that they also clean-up the Teluk Cempedak beach? (using this cool beach comber vehicle [first time seeing, teruja kay]. Tak, bukan kutip satu-satu sampah tuh – bila pulak nak habis kaaan) Alam Flora has a Buy Back Centre or BBC to buy back recyclable waste such as paper, plastic, aluminium, used oil and many more, check-out their website to know more/where. Interesting huh.

Here are some of the recycling/upcycling/clearing waste/etc that is new to me of which I would like for my readers to join me and start practicing together. JOM!
Bulk/garden Waste

How : Tree branches need to be tied in a pile and put it NEXT to the waste bin (not inside yah). As for tree leaves, it need to be put into the gunny sack and just like the branches; to the waste bin it goes.

Beach Waste/Beach Comber
How : It is a machine attach to a tractor for cleaning ocean debris, such as wood, plastic bottles and food containers at small beaches with ease. It drains the sand and levels the beach surface.

Segregation and Selling of Waste
How : This is what we usually see at the mall – segregating waste according to paper, plastic and aluminium. What makes it even more interesting is actually at the BBC or what I’d say – ‘even our wastes have its value’. All you need to do is to go to Alam Flora BBC and sell your waste, of course you can visit any buy-back centre after all, it is about our mother earth right.

Supervisor 1 Transformation Area (1S1T)
How : This impresses me the most. 1S1T is an initiative of Alam Flora supervisors to make improvements in their respective service areas such as repairing and painting garden facilities, doing laundry activities in public places, beautifying playgrounds by planting flowers as well as repairing drain structures and sidewalks that suffered minor damage. Here you can see them beautifying the playground with recycling old tyres, the dinosaur is a winner.

How : This activity is close to my heart mainly because I have executed this in my old company before. Similar to what I did, this time around we planted curry tree, lemongrass, butterfly pea and few others. We should do this more I feel… on our personal capacity.

The one in KL is amazing as well with slight a different touch. Here, we grew microgreens, upcycling shirt, and the ‘tree says’ activities can be implemented anytime and everywhere. These are the things that we know it is there but never bother to do/try/share, it says a lot about us (well… me, at least).

The ‘Tree Says’
How : We were suppose
One of my favourite, the participant was tasked to write what the tree would say and have a photo taken with it. Some captions were good, like really good.

How : Using a recyclable plastic container, we were taught on how to grow microgreens. It is fairly easy, a 10 mins work since they prepared everything for us. 30 mins if we do the setting and all. Stil…. Easy peasy. This activity is definitely for everyone and anyone – it can be places in the kitchen, garden, balcony, window sill, office… literally EVERYWHERE.

Upcycling Shirt
How : Is about turning our shirt into a very hipsterish bag (the baju must be cool and hipster too lah). Super easy and fun to make, infact I highly recommending this to be an activity during birthday parties. Like Sriously.
Green Quizes
How : Participants were given a series of questions to see whether we ourselves  know about any ‘go green’ activities, carbon emission and etc. Educational and not so easy apparently.

All in all, we learnt a lot and had a fun time. Let's heal the world together.


#CyberEcoHunt22 is in collaboration with Alam Flora with Bridge and Broadly as media coordinator.

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