Wednesday, January 30, 2013

#Myanmar. How I Remembered It! ( #Myanmargang )

Apparently I need to do a Myanmar post pronto pronto! (Pulak)

After thinking and drafting all sorts of angle for this entry (in my mind lah), I realized... why don't I just capture my yesterday's tweets and share it here instead (Hemm.... At times, I can come out with such a brilliant idea that I simply impresses myself. Hahhahahha....).

Few BIG and NEW experience that I will never forget. And here it goes.... my rant on #Myanmar

Decision! Decision! Decision!

Minglabar is a greeting & I have to say, its a REAL 'Mengelabah' trip. From passport to visa to hotel to transportation. #myanmargang
  • #OCD on travel packing Fie or me? :) 
  • More than 10hrs train or bus ride for each destination
  • Shower in moving train with water the size of own P€€

Hemm..... Renungan

  • I see a crossing rail-track cow, Fie see dropped cow. Oh! oh!
  • Train market in remote village
  • Sunset train ride. AWESOME!
  • USD40 train ride with NO aircon, fan nor lights

Their public phone, KID YOU NOT!

  • Bagan is BAGAN! Words can't possibly describe!
  • WiFi HUNTERS!! Sabar je lah.... (slapforehead)
  • Middle seat = foldable seat in the BUS ie at the AISLE itself!

The best train ride experience ever
  • #Inle Lake is BREATHLESS (and ROMANTIC too, to me lah)
  • Spare camera batteries!
  • Spare camera, if possible!

  • Cat-jumping doesn't mean a jumping cat
  • Just leave your Bershka shoe at the temple door, it won't be stolen
  • Postcard to be posted at post-office (letter-boxes looks.... hemmmm)

  • Don't smoke when you visit a floating village, or you will be offered an opium pipe (hahhahaha... and they insist you purchasing it)
  • Prebooking your hotel and transportation is crucial (dengar tuh Jard)
  • Pagoda overdose

Old colonial buildings in #Yangoon

  • BEST MOMENT : Jard's SoMe hijacked by Fie
  • NO WORST MOMENT . Awwwww........
  • WEIRDEST MOMENT : We picked up 'stranger' from the street and I have to send the person home. Fie owes me!!!!! Hahahhahaa....
  • FUN MOMENT : Fighting over whose picture being uploaded in Instagram first

I will be sharing more stories, soon....
(scheduled entry)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Myanmar. The Toughest So Far!

I just realised, Myanmar is not like any country I have visited. It's one hell of a tough country to plan (note : hell & tough), I'm lost before even arriving.
Almost nothing is available online. Like N.O.T.H.I.N.G!!! (Or I'm just clueless [possibility tuh]). But I guess that's the fun of traveling; challenging your mind and mind and mind and..... patience. Hahhahah, Let's see how this trolley dolly survive this country.
One thing for sure, no dresses for this trip (or maybe..... *wink*).
Wish me LUCK okay!
PS : I can't upload any pics, hemmmm.... later maybe?

Monday, January 7, 2013

My Forbidden Love Story

Yes, it's a forbidden love story. Is it mine? Well.... you just need to read and figure it out. 

For those who know me well, maaaaaaaybe..... just maaaaaaaaaaybe you would have guessed. But for those who don't.....

Here goes....

This happened a couple of months back during Tourism Selangor Trip to Tanjung Sepat (Yeah, it's pretty recent, thus it still hurts). For those who are curious, Tourism Selangor organizes monthly activities around Selangor (obviously) via TS Day Out (#TSDO), announcements/invitations are done via Facebook and Twitter (sempat lagi mention tuh). OK, back to my love story....

As some of you might know, there is this famous bridge in Tanjung Sepat known as The Lovers Bridge. Little did I know, this bridge became significant to me on that given day. This is the start and end of my forbidden love (yeah, of all the days.... sigh).

Everything went on well earlier the day, candy floss clouds, clear blue sky, great new company, fabulous organizer, I mean; what else can go wrong right? (eye rolling).

Prior to this trip, we have heard the local tales of this famous bridge. Tale of girlfriends and wives waiting patiently for their love ones to come home from their fishing trip. Bowing to mother nature, not knowing their fate. Hence, the name Lovers Bridge.

And my Lovers Bridge story? My forbidden love story? Simple.

Love formed based on difference of culture, background, upbringing, status even origin. And the obvious happened. Love ended briefly. Heart crushed badly. Trip ended awkwardly. 

I learnt the hard way, one should never go against nature. I have memories now... beautiful memories of us.

Us! The forbidden love between the a crab and a prawn! HAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHA....

Gotcha! Hahhahahhaha....... (Ketam & udang memang tak ler!!!! Hahhahahah..... What were you thinking heh???)

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