Wednesday, January 30, 2013

#Myanmar. How I Remembered It! ( #Myanmargang )

Apparently I need to do a Myanmar post pronto pronto! (Pulak)

After thinking and drafting all sorts of angle for this entry (in my mind lah), I realized... why don't I just capture my yesterday's tweets and share it here instead (Hemm.... At times, I can come out with such a brilliant idea that I simply impresses myself. Hahhahahha....).

Few BIG and NEW experience that I will never forget. And here it goes.... my rant on #Myanmar

Decision! Decision! Decision!

Minglabar is a greeting & I have to say, its a REAL 'Mengelabah' trip. From passport to visa to hotel to transportation. #myanmargang
  • #OCD on travel packing Fie or me? :) 
  • More than 10hrs train or bus ride for each destination
  • Shower in moving train with water the size of own P€€

Hemm..... Renungan

  • I see a crossing rail-track cow, Fie see dropped cow. Oh! oh!
  • Train market in remote village
  • Sunset train ride. AWESOME!
  • USD40 train ride with NO aircon, fan nor lights

Their public phone, KID YOU NOT!

  • Bagan is BAGAN! Words can't possibly describe!
  • WiFi HUNTERS!! Sabar je lah.... (slapforehead)
  • Middle seat = foldable seat in the BUS ie at the AISLE itself!

The best train ride experience ever
  • #Inle Lake is BREATHLESS (and ROMANTIC too, to me lah)
  • Spare camera batteries!
  • Spare camera, if possible!

  • Cat-jumping doesn't mean a jumping cat
  • Just leave your Bershka shoe at the temple door, it won't be stolen
  • Postcard to be posted at post-office (letter-boxes looks.... hemmmm)

  • Don't smoke when you visit a floating village, or you will be offered an opium pipe (hahhahaha... and they insist you purchasing it)
  • Prebooking your hotel and transportation is crucial (dengar tuh Jard)
  • Pagoda overdose

Old colonial buildings in #Yangoon

  • BEST MOMENT : Jard's SoMe hijacked by Fie
  • NO WORST MOMENT . Awwwww........
  • WEIRDEST MOMENT : We picked up 'stranger' from the street and I have to send the person home. Fie owes me!!!!! Hahahhahaa....
  • FUN MOMENT : Fighting over whose picture being uploaded in Instagram first

I will be sharing more stories, soon....
(scheduled entry)


Jard The Great said...

u guys hijacked my twitter!!!!

Diana Diane Teo said...

Lily, you're so kind to send the stranger home. I always prebooked all my accommodation before travel to that destination. I don't want wasting my time hunting around and also book without reading any reviews.

Jeff Chuah said...

I left Myanmar with many memorable experiences and I especially loved Bagan. Awesome place that city is...

I actually didn't pre-book any hotel when I flew to Myanmar.

Alid Abdul said...

Awwwwwwww..... 40 train without AC? WOW mahalnyaaaaa.... More post about myanmar pleaaaaaseeeeeeee

MsNiniE said...

Oh. Mingalabar!

Someone asked me, IF i were with your trip to Myanmar. 23-30Jan.

Suddenly, today...tetiba i got instinct to hop on to your blog (actually i dah link to my blog)...then, u are the one that 'someone' asked me about you, kak lily riani...hahaha...

what's the coincidence. yep, i went to myanmar, at the same week as yours. was thinking, to write something about it, because Myanmar is wonderfully amazing (well for me la..)

you may add me: on fb...

eh, k.lily amik myanmar exotic juga kah? same as mine coz i recognize the place as in your

well, nice knowing you :)

fie-nuts said...

Hello Cik! Why is there so many mentions about me! *Naughty* Anyways I had a great time headache-ly planning this trip to our lost bookings in Bagan to hijacking Jard's Twitter to meeting a new stranger. Love it!

Wilson Ng said...

Shall we waiting for the remainder stories lily, part of the plan to go there.

Myanmar Tours said...

Bagan has over 5000 Buddhist monuments, seat of Buddhist learning and spirituality along the river Ayeyarwady. There are plenty of temples and pagodas built by the erstwhile rulers of the place. It is world heritage site. Each of the monuments you see here are unique in conception and design from one another.

Sandy said...

How clever you are using your tweets. It's nice to even impress yourself. lol I don't have a smart phone, so...everything gets done on my home computer. Long train ride, trying to shower while moving...yikes that sounds tricky.

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