Thursday, August 29, 2013

Agalico Garden and Tea Room | Bangkok, Thailand

Third time is a charm they say. I agree.

After more than 10 trips to Bangkok, one can easily ran out of ideas on how to fill-up their days here, of course there’s always shopping and Thai massage (and more shopping) but I need something new and refreshing. After toying with few ideas such gym, walking at Lumpini Park and Tom Yam-ing (‘hashtag’ lame), I was pretty devastated; ‘This is it?’ I said to myself, ‘Like, really?’.  I am sure this cute-little-creative-brain of mine can conjure something better, something different, something new or something... Just SOMETHING. ANYTHING. Then one fine day, I saw a retweet from Diana Teo on thematic cafes around Bangkok and I was… ecstatic, that’s it! I shall do this, café hunting!

#TravelTips | How to get to Agalico Garden & Tea Room Bangkok, Thailand (pictorial)

My café hunting prejourneybegins – googling, searching for tweets, sliver dropping (ops) etc, I have to say that I am very impress with their café themes, it’s pretty much endless; from standard light meal café to dessert only café, from décor themed café to Japanese chain café, nothing stops them, so much so that I got confuse to which I should try first. Well, I finally narrowed down to four must try (see) cafés in Bangkok that are easily accessible, starting with Agalico Garden and Tea Room.

Love at the first sight. Period.

I was in awe with the place that for the first time ever I was speechless (instead of jumping and shrieking with joy). Located in a Burmese-colonial building, one would marvel the all white concept, decorated with Ming blue and white ornaments combine with nature greenery. Sense of calmness and tranquility the moment you step inside, as if it took you to another parallel world where the time stood still, where the British ladies sipping their Earl Grey and children enjoying their English scones. What can be more perfect than this. 

The detailing.

To the dot. Weaving our Asian touch with colonial décor perfected the mood. Everything was well thought of, I especially fell in love with the way they play with sunlight, it look so beautiful as the morning sun shines thru the living hall. Purity.

The Garden.

The courtyard able to fit small group of guest and the quaint white gazebo as garden centre piece completes it. Wedding bells? *smile*

Friday, August 16, 2013

Day 4c | Hiking to Shwe Inn Thein Pagoda

Regardless whether you have traveled to 3 countries, 13 countries or even 30 countries, a destination will awe and left you to wonder.

The sunrise ‘danseur’ mesmerized me, the vibrant market hues overwhelmed me and if that is not enough, Myanmar swept me away with their gold and rustic stupas. Our journey at Indein begins with a slow mid day stroll to the entrance, seeing locals setting up stalls and cleaning up by the river while busy chatting and getting ready to start their day. And they, looking nonchalantly at us with tiny glimpse of inner curiosity wondering what are we doing at this village of theirs.

Shwe Inn Thein Stupas or Indein Pagoda is the reason we are here today, remembering the photos we saw we then set our mission to conquer yet another historical site. We were told that there are 2 routes for us to take upon arriving at the entrance, a nature hiking trail and a long ancient passageway, both sound intriguing. Living up to our name, travelers (kiasu) and wanting to experience both; we decided to take the nature path heading there and the ancient passageway on our way back. And that, was the best decision made.

Everything about the stupas were fascinating, from the history to the architecture, from the tales to the colours; nothing was spared, everything counted (literally). Tale was told that the first religious stupas was built in 20th year of the Buddhist Calendar (need verification) by the great missionary emperor Thiridhamman Thawka (King Asoka).

804 pillars supported the passageway leading to the main the Shrine of the Inn Thein Buddha, along this passageway we spot some stalls selling souvenirs, and there are also smaller stupas located along this passage way. We manage to grab some souvenirs here and impressively cheaper than other places.

On the way back we were greeted by a group of housewives peeling onions, unfortunately none able to tell us what is it for; for a festival, to market it or for own consumption, guess it will remain a mystery.

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Globetrotter No More?

Have you ever thought of changing your blog name?
Or your profile name?
Your own name? (Kidding.... but seriously?)

I was toying with the idea of changing my header picture and then it hit me, maybe I should just change my blog name too since 'Globetrotter' is so so so so soooo general. Really, try googling it, mine won't be the first flagged up; not even on the first page. Oh wait! Not EVEN on the first 10 page. Sigh...

A few names came up but one which I kinda like was 'Thornberrys'. You must be wondering what, why, who, right? I got the idea from one of my favourite cartoon (still) of which inspired me to travel. The series is about a nomadic family of four and a chimpanzee name Darwin, Eliza's parents is a famous documentary filmmakers that televised wildlife studies and their mode of transportation is a.... Commvee (communications vehicle). The great the great this is that Eliza can talk to animals!

Anyway, after giving it some thought (more like 4-6 months worth of thinking time), I decided to NOT change my blog name, after all; all my followers and friends know me by this name and site. Oh well....

On another note, I would like to wish all my Muslim friends a blessed Eid-Fitr wherever you may be. Maaf Zahir Batin.

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