Monday, September 30, 2013

Globetrotter's First Fan Meet-up in Ipoh, Perak

I was truly excited with my recent Fan Meet-up Session held in Ipoh town, Perak. I was surprised that I even have this many fans in Ipoh, I was overjoyed, overwhelmed, over-everything, despite that there wasn't that many fans present. Saya tetap ok!

Would like to share few of my fan pics from side and top view, apologies for not having many photos to share tho :(

Oh yah! Sis saw this interesting t-shirt in Bandung, maybe some would like to get it? Hehehehhee....

Candid photo taken in Mui Ne, Vietnam.

Fan pic - side view, taken in Pasar Karat, Perak.

Fan pic - top view, taken in Pasar Karat, Perak.

Who dares to wear this? Hehhehheee....

Siapa bengang baca title nih?
Ada siapa tambah bengang bila tengok gambar-gambar ni?
Siapa rasa saya poyo masa baca title entry ni? Hehhehhe....
Siapa rasa nak gelak sambil tampar saya?

Objektif saya berjaya membuatkan anda cuak sambil tersenyum sambil ketawa di hari ISNIN! YES!!!!! Hahhahahha.... Have a great week friends!


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Eating Sago/Mulong Worm in Sarawak - #KCC1M

I was having an enjoyable stroll in Sibu Central Market with Ruby of during Kembara Cuti-Cuti Malaysia ( #KCC1M  ) Fam Trip while trying to complete my mission; to get Bario black and red rice and probably try their local delicacies (read HERE). After covering most of the dry goods area (and after proudly purchasing my Bario rice), we decided to head towards the native market section which to my surprise it is no different from what the local is selling. Was wondering why the segmentation as I feel it's unnecessary but of course there were a few authentic looking local fruits and veges sold at this section and perhaps some handy crafts as well, so told myself "oklah... kira aci".

As I happily walking and capturing the local scene, something caught my eyes, I stop to take a look at this weird small looking white fruits (or maybe veges) that seems to wiggle, like ALL of them!!! Hemm... fruits/veges that wiggle (interesting heh), I went closer to snap a few shots and then I realised - SAGO WORM! And the obvious happen, girl jumping out of her skin + shrieking + trembling, and I bet the locals were laughing and enjoying themselves at my comical act (Yah, I do like to make people laugh unknowingly. Hobby I call them).

I realised Ed Junaidi was there touching that fat-wiggly-moving-creature, innocently he ask whether I want to touch it (like "yah hah" I gonna touch it, duh! [eyes-rolling]). I said "NO", big-huge-flat NO! But I told him I wanna keek him with the worm and he obliged. So, check out the keek...

More info on Sago work HERE. Oh yah, you can eat it alive (you heard me alright) or cook it and it's yummeh, so they say.

A #KCC1M - #Sarawak Media Fam Trip in collaboration with #GayaTravel.

Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2013 - The Hunt Begins! #MTH2013

Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2013 was flagged off by Y. Bhg DatoHj. Azizan Noordin, Deputy Director General (Planning) in MOTAC, Putrajaya on Monday. Local and international medias from ASEAN countries (Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Brunei) and Iran participated in this exciting event. This expedition will take the medias to Johor Bahru, southern state of Malaysia starting from Putrajaya via Sepang, Port Dickson, Melaka, Muar, Kluang and Nusa Jaya.

This event is was crafted to expose local and foreign medias to our culture & heritage via homestay experience, traditional games and of course our delicious local food along the routes taken. Other exciting activities include Treasure Hunt (Walk A Hunts, Scavenger  Hunts, Photo Hunts, Treasure for Charity) and Amazing Race (folk games, Fear Factor & Challenges) where medias will experience and experiment it with the locals.

Aside from promoting tourist destinations, Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2013 ( #MTH2013 ) objectives is also to intensify the promotion of Visit Malaysia Year 2014 ( #VMY2014 ), to strengthen Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia (CC1M) campaign and visibility thus increase growth of domestic tourism industry and increase awareness on ‘self-drive holiday’.

Winning teams will receive attractive prizes provided by Tourism Malaysia; the first place winner will receive RM4,000 in cash, second place winner will receive RM3,000 and RM2,500 for the third place, the fourth to tenth place winners will receive special prizes.

 A special thank you to our Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) and Malaysian Civil Defense Department (JPAM) in helping to make this event a great success.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Iban Miring Ceremony to Appease Spirit & Ngajat Dance | Sarawak

Headhunter, longhouse and animism is synonym to Iban tribe.

Iban, also known as Sea Dayak were the original inhabitants of Borneo. Famous for their longhouse or rumah panjai, it is said that they were built to last for 15 years or more back in the olden days, this is until their land is fully harvested and exhausted. They will then relocate and settle at a fresh land to start the process all over again. Now, most Ibans are living a modern life nearer to the city with better economic and social connection, leaving the nomadic life they once had.

Kembara Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia (KCC1M) participants were fortunate to be given the privilege to visit Bawang Assan Longhouse and Home Stay located just 40 minutes from Sibu town. Here we witnessed a Miring ceremony where spirits were appease in a ritual conducted by the elders to ensure a smooth flowing event.

The families or houses can go up to more than hundred per long house and the head of the family name will be hung at the door of their respective unit. We were greeted at the Ruai area, basically the open verandah that runs the length of the long house, it is also the place where the longhouse communities conduct their daily activities.

The first house's main pillar is made from kayu belian or Borneo ironwood, a rare strong timber tree native to Borneo.

A warm welcome by the Iban ladies playing their traditional instruments as we entered the longhouse, us #KCC1M participants were greeted with tuak drink or rice wine made from fermented glutinous rice and yeast, while the Muslim politely decline the drink, the non-Muslin tasted this local produce.

Old ladies playing gong, engkeromong and bebendai.

Miring ceremony is normally performed during the Gawai Dayak or Iban Harvest Festival, however nowadays it is also being performed to welcome important guests. Items use in a miring ceremony are anchovies, sticky rice, tuak, rendai (puffed rice or pop rice), eggs, daun apong (tobacco leaf/wrapper), betel nut set and etc.

Five of the KCC1M members were invited to participate in this sacred ceremony, they were guided and explained at each step. Each item and act symbolizes a meaning, an act to receive blessings from the spirit.

Tuak or rice wine in small cup are known as telaga.

Prayer will be led by the elder to seek blessing from Sengalang Buron, Raja Menjaya & Ini Inda, Anda Mara and etc. Below is a short video/keek of the prayer blessing at Miring ceremony.

Miring ceremony.

Medias filming the whole process that lasted approximately 7-10 mins.

Miring completed!

Later, decked in traditional costumes they entertained us with cultural performance; the popular Ngajat Dance. I was made to understand that the male will dance as if he is walking in a jungle with his hands and arms swinging forward and backward in soft movements, bending to avoid the branches or looking up at the sky and birds. While the female dancer move in a more delicate manner as if they were at the farm harvesting.

A ngajat dance ends it by dancing and circling the ranyai tree or tree of life (made from nipah palm tree bearing gifts hanging from its 'branches'), we were asked to pick a gift, and once the ranyai tree falls it symbolizes a fruitful harvest.

An enlightening experience for us Kembara Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia participants.

A #KCC1M - #Sarawak Media Fam Trip in collaboration with #GayaTravel.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Teaser | 9th Borneo International Kite Festival 2013 in Bintulu, Sarawak #KCC1M

A new experience, up close and personal at 9th Borneo International Kite Festival 2013 in Bintulu, Sarawak. I will be attaching video/keek in this upcoming entry, one of the best kite formation I have ever seen. Make sure you check out my entry next week :)

A #KCC1M - #Sarawak Media Fam Trip in collaboration with #GayaTravel.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sibu Central Market (SCM), Sarawak

There's a saying 'If you have not visited Sibu Central Market, you have not visited Sibu". 

Located on Channel Road just opposite the Express Boat Passenger Terminal, is the first destination Kembara Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia program took us to. A perfect spot for travelers and aspire photographers to capture Sibu's local scene; its vibrant local characteristic, authentic delicacies and their interesting livestock. One will not be disappointed with the result. 

Entering the newly refurbished market, you will notice that Sibu Municipal Council has done a great job in combining the old wet market and the native Lembangan market giving it a clean look and a more organized surrounding, thus making it easier for both locals and travelers.

Housing hundreds of stalls making Sibu Central Market the biggest indoor market in Malaysia, its top floor caters for food stalls, ground floor for both dry and wet market where else on its far left section caters for the local native traders.

I've learnt that local and exotic delicacies and snacks can be found on the ground floor such as the famous Mulong or Sago worm, pxxxr kambing or Finlaysonia obovata fruit, celorot and others.

Sarawak have similar kuih or snacks as those in Peninsular Malaysia but with different packaging style, here everything was wrapped in plastic; even their nasi lemak, and their tapai comes in 2 packagings.

 Nasi Lemak.

Sibu Municipal Council
Jln Channel opposite the Express Boat Passenger Terminal, is the largest and most interesting in Sarawak - See more at:
Jln Channel opposite the Express Boat Passenger Terminal, is the largest and most interesting in Sarawak - See more at:


The most well known Sarawak rice is the Bario rice and one should not leave Sarawak without it. The rice stalls are located near the mid section close to the main entrance, here they sell all type of rice, from red to black Bario rice to normal brown rice. The Bario rice is priced slightly higher as it is a very labour-intensive planting process, as fertilizer was not being used during this process, it is also consider as organic rice.

Brown rice.

Bario Merah / Red Bario.

The sight of Chinese poultry sellers selling their livestock wrapped neatly in old newspaper in a tube fashion thrilled fellow Kembara Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia participants, photos was taken, interviews was conducted and smiles were exchanged. They were happily and willingly pose their livestock for us, no pose nor livestock was spared.

Chicken feet.


Asam paya or asam kelubi (Eleodora conferta).

Asam meaning sour or acidic in Malay language pretty much describe this fruit, the local Sarawakians call it asam payak or asam paya where else asam kelubi is the name given in Peninsular Malaysia. Asam payak grows near swamp area hence how it got it's name (paya meaning swamp in Malay) and available largely in local native market however it is a seasonal fruit. Due to the sourish or acidic taste, it is used to make popular dish such as Masak Asam and Sambal Asam Payak; one local dish that I am yet to try.

Bane or beaded necklace and beret or beaded belt (in Kelabit tribe language).

Back in those days when society were divided based on differences wealth, rank and status; certain beads were status symbols and not merely the object of beauty. It is also worn when visiting other villages or attending an event.

Beaded uyut (in Iban language) or belanyat (in Kayan language).

Uyut (small size bag) known by the Iban tribe or belanyat by the Kayan tribe is basically a woven rattan bag in a cylindrical shape, some were beaded to enhance the look. This have become a popular souvenir item for traveler visiting Sarawak, crafted and made popular by the Kayan tribe from central highlands/up river, or the Kelabit and Tatau (also known as Orang Ulu) tribe of northeastern Sarawak.

Local native market.

This is where you'll find the famous food in Sarawak, Ulat Sago which I will blog about in later. Meanwhile, enjoy watching this 2 short keek video of Sibu Central Market (SCM), Sarawak.

Credit to : Sarawak Tourism Board

A #KCC1M - #Sarawak Media Fam Trip in collaboration with #GayaTravel.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2013

Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2013 is a tourism program promoting “Fly & Drive’ concept combining exciting activities such as local sports, extreme sports, scavenger hunt, treasure hunt, amazing race, fear factor as well as voluntourism; a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity. There will be 108 local and international participants experiencing the 2nd Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2013 (MTH) this coming 22nd – 28th September 2013 taking place from Putrajaya to Johor Bahru, Johor. MTH participants consist of 80 local media and 10 international media from ASEAN countries, 5 local tourism entrepreneur together with 13 sponsors will be going through famous tourist destination via Sepang, Port Dickson, Malacca, Muar, Kluang, Nusajaya and ending the hunt in Johor Bahru.

A smart partnership has been established with Harian Metro as the official newspaper, Gaya Travel as the official travel magazine and as the official portal to drive Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2013 news to the public. Tourism Malaysia also collaborates with private sectors and other government agencies in ensuring the success of Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2013.

Teaser | Mukah, Sarawak - Kembara Cuti-Cuti Malaysia #KCC1M

This teaser brings you to a remote town call Mukah, a 3 hours drive from Sibu. What captivated me the most is the lost tribe found here (or at least that's how I felt), its history and how a young woman quest to make her tribe known internationally; her drive and passion achieving this.

I will also share more on the hanging coffin, secondary burial, tebaloi making, linut snack and much more. Stay tune on this page *wink*.

A #KCC1M - #Sarawak Media Fam Trip in collaboration with #GayaTravel.

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