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Empowerment | The Inle Heritage and Ms. Yin Myo Su

‘You can ask Miss Sue at Inle Heritage’ said Mr. Kyaw Swar of A Little Eco Lodge.
A one liner like this will tend to create the curiosity in me. Again.
Wondering who is this Miss Sue and what is thing called The Heritage (obviously I did not by-hearted the itinerary given by the organiser).
Everyone seems to have the highest regard of Miss Sue.
I guess I just need to meet this Miss Sue.
Yin Myo Su

A little girl whom was born and raised at Inle Lake, Myanmar is forever passionate on woman empowerment, economic development, heritage and environmental preservation, art, culture of the locals. With this rooted strongly since her childhood plus supports from family members, Miss Sue is now the Managing Director of the Inle Princess Group, and founder of the Inle Heritage Foundation.

This was not achieved easily, it was through perseverance and hard work, as well as her 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry lead to the birth of The Heritage House and Inle Heritage Foundation; advocating on the sustainable and responsible development practices around the Inle Lake, educating the local communities on the cultural heritage of Inle Lake and Shan State, aside from providing skillsets to the younger generation in the area she has mastered well – hospitality. Ensuring that with proper guidance, there’s hope in everyone.

So what does Inle Heritage actually do?
  • Inle Heritage Hospitality Vocational Training Centre (IHHVTC)
  • Grandma’s Inthar Cooking (restaurant)
  • Learning Inle Cuisine (cooking class)
  • Original Local Crafts (gift shop)
  • Reintroducing Burmese Cats
  • Inle's Aquatic Life
  • Waste Management
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Organic Farming
  • Inle Heritage Stilt Houses (hotel)

Inle Heritage Hospitality Vocational Training Centre (IHHVTC)

As if this is not enough (even it is a plateful for me), she set to reintroducing (or perhaps repopulate) the Burmese Cat back to Myanmar. How serious is Miss Sue in her kitty mission? Well, there’s a small ONLY cat island at the The Inle Heritage House. Yup! Kid you not. They have proper meal time, air conditioned room (Oh yah! Its AC hokkay), human playmate, an island of their own, and not to forget, their own cat house. I bet some of you wish to be reincarnate as a Burmese cat in Inle after this heh?!?!?!

Organic Farming

Learning Inle Cuisine (cooking class)

Inle Heritage Stilt Houses (hotel)

We were thought on the Burmese cat breed (I did try to kidnap one of the cat but my so called great attempt failed by the staff – laughingly. Sumpah cute hokkay, geram giler! The cat I mean, not the staff). The story goes that they were temple and palace cats bred and kept by priests. And the coat colour is in amazing shade as well – sable, champagne, blue, lilac, Fawn, cream, chocolate and etc. And I set to hunt the one in lilac and blue on the island. Managed to find one – a blue Burmese cat.

Reintroducing Burmese Cats

As if Building an establishment as great as The Heritage House, reintroducing Burmese cat is not enough, Miss Sue has also embarked in educating the public on the fishery on Inle Lake itself such as endemic, native and non-native or uncertain status of fishes. It is said that over 9 species of fish are found nowhere else in the world but Inle Lake. Aside from fishes, turtle is one of the animal they are caring for.

Inle's Aquatic Life

The Heritage House serves many purposes and can be considered as a self-contained establishment in the area, travelers can also stay in their ‘floating hotels’ and enjoy drive in preserving Inle Lake’s heritage art and culture.

Inle Heritage, Innpawkhon Village,
Inle Lake, Shan State, Myanmar.
Tel : +95 (9) 4931 2970, +95 (9) 528 1035

Opening hours : 7am to 6pm
Accommodation : or call +95 (9) 452 793 530

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