Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Pulau Bangau in Teluk Intan, Perak – When the Storks Fly Home

I got you thinking huh.
Teluk Intan or Teluk Anson (once it used to be called) has an island?
The island is located on its river; the Perak River (map attach pada yang confuse).
I will be writing on the below 4 topics, 1 blog post each, and yah… So far I’ve completed only one ie. Bagan Datuk. So let’s get started.

Blog post on Teluk Intan Trip
1. Pulau Bangau or Stork Island (or perhaps Bangau Island) – DONE. Click HERE.
2. Bagan Datuk – Sunflower Garden, Sky Mirror, Blue Tears atPulau Sembilan, Aquarium and Bagan Datuk Waterfront – DONE. Click HERE.
3. Ladang Moccis – pronounced as Mokkis, by the way.
4. Teluk Intan Heritage Trail – Yup, TI has Heritage Trails both on land and by the river

Despite I started my blog with Bagan Datuk but Pulau Bangau experience was one in a million, for now at least. I have always been fascinated with migration bird those that fly in V-Formation especially and oh boy, the excitement when I get to see it with my own eyes over and over and over again… I was in disbelief. This is like…. Safari on AIR/SKY (with just one type of animal lah – bird, egret in particular).
Pulau Bangau or Bangau Island is not meant for us to visit, the highlight of Pulau Bangau is to capture the majestic egrets flying home in V-formation, some fly high and some slightly above the water. Seeing hundreds of them flying at dusk is certainly a wondrous moment. Don’t think flying a drone at this time is safe though.

One will start his/her journey via Teluk Intan River Cruise from the iconic jetty (the one with the big asam tree), and this trip is best taken either at dawn or late in the evening ie when the birds going out for food or coming home after. It is said that the island is home to more than 20,000 birds, including 10 species of herons and egrets.

Some of the species found here are :

  • Little Cormorant
  • Lesser Adjutant
  • Asian Open Bill Heron
  • Purple Heron
  • Striated Heron
  • Black Crowned Night Heron
  • Grey Heron
  • White-Breasted Waterhen
  • Acridotheres Tristis
  • Yellow Bittern
  • Chinese Egret
  • Little Egret
  • Great Egret
  • Cattle Egret
Truthfully the main reason for my fascination is the v-formation part. After abit of reading, these are some of the reasons.

V-formation facts (click HERE for my IG video)

  • A V formation is the symmetric V-shaped flight formation of flights of geese, swans, ducks, and other migratory birds, improving their energy efficiency.
  • To conserve energy by taking advantage of the upwash vortex fields created by the wings of the birds in front.
  • To facilitate orientation and communication among the birds.
  • No single bird lead for an extended period of time. The bird will switch position during the flight seamlessly.
Package A (45 mins) 
– River cruise
Children : RM15
Adult : RM25
Senior Citizen : RM20
Package B (90 mins) 
– River cruise

Children : RM25
Adult : RM45
Senior Citizen : RM35
Package C (45 mins) – Kelip-kelip (fireflies)

Children : RM15
Adult : RM25
Senior Citizen : RM20
Package D (Package B+C) – River cruise + Kelip-kelip (fireflies)
Children : RM40
Adult : RM70
Senior Citizen : RM55

Info Shahril Pekan Enterprise
HP: 012-5966375/ 013-5966301
FB: River Cruise Teluk Intan Perak

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Saturday, December 26, 2020

5 Things To Do In Bagan Datuk, Perak (Sunflower Garden/Sky Mirror/Aquarium/Waterfront/Blue Tears)

Gonna start with this entry as it has the most enquiries has I thought I should rush it. Infact I have about 5-8 blog entries to rush for Perak. If you are a fan of outdoor/adventurous/food stuff, keep a close tab on my blog post yah…. You will be loaded with #TravelPeraklah for the next one month of so. Ahaks.
There’s a few things that surprised me when I got the itinerary, namely :
1. Pulau Bangau or Stock Island (or perhaps Bangau Island) – A place I highly recommend you guys to visit. A definitely MUST hokkay
2. Bagan Datuk – Sunflower Garden, Sky Mirror (and supposedly Blue Tears at Pulau Sembilan but it has been closed indefinitely due to illegal development) Aquarium and the town itself
3. Ladang Moccis – pronounced as Mokkis (do you know this?)

Others that I kinda of expected but never actually covered before (on my travel nor blog) is the Heritage Trail of Teluk Intan or Teluk Anson. Will be writing about this too. So yah… expect 4 blog entries from me covering Teluk Intan/Bagan Datuk.

1. Sunflower Garden
Many has asked me over DM whether is this similar to Lopburi in Thailand, the answer is NO. Having been to both (Lopburi in 2008 and 2012, and Bagan Datuk in 2020), trust me this 2 places is a world apart. Having said that, if you wish to check out Sunflowers and do a little OOTD or even a pre-wedding shoot, this is the place to be. As I have blogged on Lopburi before, I will be sharing solely on Bagan Datuk Sunflower Garden on this post.
Why you should visit Sunflower Garden, Bagan Datuk
- Is nearer and easier to reach than the one in Lopburi
- It is definitely cheaper, a roadtrip with friends/family over the weekend is a great idea to ponder upon
- Learn that sunflowers are approximately 6-10feet tall, taking a picture higher than the sunflower is kinda of weird unless you are that tall lah. Hence am dwarfed by them (most Malaysians are too)
- Buy them sunflower seed. Yah… they do sell them as well
- Instgrammable spots are everywhere (the favourite for you Gen Y and after), from the Staircase to Heaven to the Rattan Swing Chair and the Transparent Swing Chair, Swing, Heart-shape frame and etc. You name it, they have it (well, most of it lah)

- Sunblock. Sunblock. Sunblock
- Wear nice dresses (ideas : white or red ie colours that pops-up against yellow/orange)
- Bring props if need be – Hats, scarf, umbrella and etc
- Bring a large bottle of water… its hot hot hot. Do stay hydrated hokkay.

Sunflower Garden
A128, Bagan Sungai Burung
Bagan Datuk, Perak
Operating Hours

Daily : 9am – 7pm
Entrance Fee
Children : RM5
Adult : RM13

2. Sky Mirror

Kinda similar to the one in Selangor. The operator that we engage somehow is more fun and funny (I have to credit them for this lah… super funny). The boat ride took around 30mins or so from the jetty, before you know it, you’ll be at the Sky Mirror. According to the operator, there are a few spots that gives you this illusion and that it is highly depending on the tide. The one that we visited was closer to the beach/island, and the operator will set it up for you as most of the time, the tide is not on your favour. Takkan nak jenuh tunggu air pasang surut pulak kan kan kan.

- Check on the month, tides and time. Walk-in is NOT advisable.
- Bring/wear slippers/flipflops and waterproof bag
- Sunblock. Sunblock. Sunblock (Sumpah panas)
- Wear nice dresses (ideas : white or red ie colours that pops-up against the blue sky)
- Bring props if need be – Hats, scarf, umbrella and etc (if you take their package, they will prepare this for you. So do check before committing)
- Bring a large bottle of water… its hot hot hot. Do stay hydrated hokkay.
Nine Island Agency Sdn Bhd
64, Kampung Sungai Burung
Bagan Datoh, Perak

3. Sungai Burung Aquarium
It’s a privately own aquarium that is located in this quaint village. I have to give them 2 thumbs up on this, the folks here strive in growing/building their village. They have huger garoupa, spotted gar, monitor lizards and etc.

Sungai Burung Aquarium
75, Bagan Sungai Burung
Bagan Datuk, Perak
Operating Hours
Daily : 10am – 10pm
Entrance Fee
Children : RM15
Adult : RM18


4. Waterfront
Bagan Datuk Waterfront is the new ‘in’ thing, coupled with the beautifully coloured town, I foresee Bagan Datuk will draw visits from locals and be the latest hot-lepak-place soon. The shophouses where built back in 1926 has now being repainted (since 2018), the birth of the Tuminah Floating Mosque at the new Bagan Datuk water front are gonna boom this place up. Check-it out yourself, need I say more.

I heard that have a few great kopitiam that am yet to explore, next trip perhaps.

Credit : Malay Mail 20 June 2019
5. Pulau Sembilan Blue Tears
Disclaimer – I did not visit Pulau Sembilan but I thought I should also include this as an educational info on Bagan Datuk listicle post.

I read somewhere in 2019 that the Perak government is currently looking into gazetting Pulau Sembilan and its cluster of islands made famous for its “blue tears” phenomenon, as a marine park. The islands had been closed since 2017 when authorities saw the damages caused by visitors from unregulated tourism. The blue phenomenon is caused by algae called dinoflagellates.
The spectacle occurs when phytoplankton (microscopic marine plants), commonly known as dinoflagellates, produce light through chemical reactions in proteins, said researchers. Waves disturb these unicellular microorganisms and make them release blue light.
Credit : Indian Express 
Nine Island Agency Sdn Bhd
64, Kampung Sungai Burung
Bagan Datoh, Perak
Amazing right? Previously we don’t know much about Bagan Datuk except that it is the home of Datuk M. Daud Kilau (my late dad and my grandma’s favourite artist tau), now… we have a lot more reasons to visiting Bagan Datuk.
I doubt a day trip will be sufficient, 2 days 1 night trip lah kot kan.

#TravelPerakLah Teluk Intan Media Fam Trip 2020 is in collaboration with Tourism Perak and all its sponsors with #GayaTravel Magazine as media coordinator.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Oakwood KL Staycation | Adhering to SOP during the pandemic

I have stayed in Kuala Lumpur city itself during the pandemic (the term staycation is becoming popular these days), I mean… you guys do agree that staying at home since the start of MCO (I believe somewhere in April 2020) till now, November 2020 has been a hair-pulling experience. Some lost their jobs, some got a pay-cut and some business just simply bungkus, and for those that still have a job and maintaining the same salary, they too try their very best to support small and medium business the best way they can. I am sure of it.

I was given a chance for a staycation in Oakwood Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur and experience their SOP implementation of which is being oversaw by KKM/police very tightly. A few things that I noted and particular about was being observe by the management, kudos to them. Health and safety of not only the guests but their customers are their utmost priority. It is a comfort to know this. Alhamdulillah…

So what I am gonna do is to take you thru my journey during my SOP Staycation, having said that, if you wish to know more on my stay in Oakwood, please click HERE.

Lobby entrance
As usual, you will be greeted by the front desk requesting you to sanitize and scan the My Sejahtera apps. The management has installed a transparent visor/shield at the front desk counter to ensure the boundary between their staff and hotel guests. This is to minimize the transmission of gems/bacteria from one to the other.

Luggage area
Guests’ luggage is being sanitized and managed by hotel staff.

We were briefed that due to the pandemic, coffee house for breakfast is not open as usual hence breakfast order is being taken during registration and is served at own room. Pool is closed during this period with exception for cocktail by the pool that starts at 6pm (no pool usage, cocktail by the pool is open to hotel guests and public.

We were given 4 breakfast choices – Classic American Breakfast, Nasi Lemak Ayam, Chinese Style Shredded Chicken Soup and Dhall with Roti Pratha/Capati. The meal of your choice will then be sent to your room in a take-away pack, minimising human contact.

It is still open but registration is required and guest is to indicate the preferred time. Despite that gym is open, they have limit the pax usage per time. Only 4 pax per time is allowed per time (if I remember the figure correctly). The equipment is being sanitized after every usage.

I also enquired on the room and how it is being handled. I learnt that upon guests check-out, they wil not enter the room immediately. Upon the stipulated time, the room service will clean and sanitize the room.

Things that fascinated me the most when staying in Oakwood were :

1. Starbucks DIY machine (located at the lobby)
- All you need is digital money 😉

2. On-the-go pastry counter
- Simple and easy

3. Kitchenette
- Their kitchenette comes with (kid you not) – all the kitchen utensil including dish washing liquid and sponge, rice cooker, microwave, kettle, mini fridge, cups/glasses and plates and toaster. Boleh berkampung here hokkay.

Where to have a quick bite and all this places are across the street.

1. Kenny Hill Bakers
- Need I say more… sedap. Period

2. Thai Village
- Obviously Thai food lah kan.

3. Victoria Station
- Still famos, their steak is not bad.

4. Hock Choon
- The 'atas' grocer with local name.
Oakwood Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur is located approximately 5km from KLCC and the closes embassy is the China/British/France and US embassy if I am not mistaken. Great place to stay if you just wanna lepak at KLCC, attend a wedding near this area, celebrate birthday party or perhaps… apply for visa at one of the embassy (assuming you are not based in KL/Selangor lah). Not only that, they have long term stay concept (for expat) here too. Whatever it is, do come and experience your stay here.

Fact :
Oakwood Worldwide® is the premier provider of corporate housing and serviced apartment solutions through its well-known brands, Oakwood®, ExecuStay® and Insurance Housing Solutions™. With a presence in all 50 United States and more than 85 countries, the award-winning company provides move-in-ready furnished accommodations to meet the needs of global organizations, individual business travellers, insurance clients and leisure travellers alike. Oakwood Worldwide was founded in and continues to base its corporate headquarters in Los Angeles and operates regional headquarters in London, Phoenix and Singapore.


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