Friday, April 1, 2011


Day 4 (6 March 2011). Our day started with
Senso-ji temple in Asakusa.

I heard rain pouring the night before and I prayed that it will stop when sun comes out in the morning. I guess I did not pray hard enough, sigh...

When morning comes and yet still hearing the rain drops, I got abit worried. Thus, I peep thru the window (facing tightly another building wall), guess what? Tokyo is experiencing LIGHT SNOW in spring, kid you not! (again LILY?!??!).

We changed our original plan of covering Shibuya and Ueno, but visit Senso-ji temple in Asakusa instead as it is a walking distance of 7 mins walk from our hotel. Good choice I thought as I managed to experience a wet day in Tokyo.

Clueless of what the shop is saying, but one thing I know for sure is that "I like the feel, the mist, the sight, the crowd, the umbrellas, the wet morning.... I LIKE Japan!"

The whole Senso-ji complex is very vast, there's a kindergarden just outside the compound whereby parents come and go to pick ups their kids. The kids dress in cute grey uniform with their tiny umbrella that I couldn't resist but taking a pic. By the way, the school puts a big signage saying "no picture taking at school compound". OPS!

I noticed the good thing in Japan is, regardless whether you are a male or female, you dress as per what you like, regardless of colours. 'I will wear an orange tight with green jacket if I LIKE IT!' And no one judge you on this. Love the SELF-CONFIDENCE!

How could you resist not taking this pic right? KIDS - no worries in the world!

From Wikipedia :

Dedicated to Buddhist, the first temple was built on the site in 645, making it the oldest temple in Tokyo. Dominating the entrance to the temple is the Kaminarimon or "Thunder Gate". This imposing Buddhist structure features a massive paper lantern dramatically painted in vivid red-and-black tones to suggest thunderclouds and lightning.

Before I travel, I have a habit of googling the places and find out how or which angle to take good pics. Good tips for traveler as it save a lot of time looking for good spot.

I walked everywhere looking for this, due to the rain or should I say snow, not many people visited the temple.

Gawking Lily in Tokyo.... this pic! And the best thing is, EVERYONE actually obeys this rule, hence they don't need to hire many cleaners. They call it - discipline! When will Malaysia be like this I wonder.

UMBRELLA holder!!! With lock! They thought of EVERYTHING!!!! I felt in love with Japan and couldn't shout enough.

When to Roppongi to get Hard Rock Cafe shirt and shotglass as souvenirs... cool huh, just like Eiffel Tower in Paris.

I remembered clearly in Fast & Furious - Tokyo Drift, the parking scene in Tokyo was really COOL, so was the Kei-cars. Anyway, when I bumped into one, what else right?! Take a pic like lar kan.

Can you figure out how this parking works? Why not you guess and tell me instead.... heehehehhe...

Later, we promised to meet Andrea's cousin at Ginza to check out and "feel" the ambiance, the result? I never felt this POOR before this.... sigh..

We were here for like.... 30mins, 20 mins waiting for Andrea's cousin walking 100 mtrs to check out whether we can afford ANYTHING on this street. And the answer = NO!!!!!

Just check out Armani, they even have casa (which I think it meant house), spa, boutique and goodness what else... SUPER WOW

Next stop for us, HARAJUKU!

We reached Harajuku very late, some shops has closed *sob sob*, so I didn't manage to get a glimpse of those pretty cosplay youngster. That's the highlight of Harajuku for those wondering still and I actually missed them. Can you believe that!?!

And at that point, in my mind.... I want so much to revisit Japan this year end (I even planned the next itinerary in my mind)....Sigh... now, I doubt I can visit Japan any time sooner.

We ate Japanese CREPE for dinner, Andrea and her cousin chosen ice-cream version, and moi?? Salmon!!! And amazingly, its YUMMY! A great surprise to me.

Call me silly, but seriously! Ice-cream vending machine?? Apparently, in some places in Japan; even flip flop/disposable undies/etc can be purchased via vending machine as well.... Beat that WORLD!

Hyperlink credit : Wikipedia

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