Friday, December 30, 2011

Bulan-Ku @ Mai-mon in Paksa Rela 2011

Nih keje giler, so far memang sahih sahih tak penah buat entry opening or closing of any year. New year pun I tak celebrate, selalunye tito sambil di-iringi oleh dengkuran sendri sendri (sambil 3 ekor kucing memerhati dengan pelik nye).

Akan tetapi..... jeng jeng jeng...., kali ni lain skeeeet, baru kenal ramai blogger baru - Rodiah bersama partner nye Hamid, Fattimatunzaharah, Leman Yusop, Aaron@Harun, Cik Aloyah, Osman, Cik Puan Lela Manja, Mutalib@Ghafur, Rofe'ah Kutip (punya malas nak type, siap copy/paste dari Chawanna nye blog, tak authentic langsuang - nama sendri pun almost nak copy/paste gak, cam bodoh boleh?!), tengok depa nye entry cam best lak; ala ala kekonon nak turut serta berduet (or berboria reramai) in this trending but cam payah jek nak crack THE brain for ideas; lagi krek otak nih (short circuit) ada ler.

Pikiq punya pikiq, memula nak buat cam si polan nye entry, then si minah tuh kot, then cam si dia nih lah... ish! ish! Nak bertolak ansuq ngan kepala sendri memang tersangat ler payah nye. At the end, entry ngek ngok nih jek ler noh...nasib ler korang. Nih pun dok pikiq gambar apa nak letak (lagi satu masalah pulak doh!!!). Hemm... susah susah, gambar-less ler jawabnye. CHUP!!!! Yang best nye, si Icam pun ada this trending entry.... ARGHHH!!!!!! Pressured!

But one thing for sure ler kan, I suka sangat meeting all the folks yang not only shared the same passion but also sekepala. Seriously, even I nih ENVY kat DIRI I!
Bulan-Ku, sila JANGAN jealous terhadap Mai-mon OKAY! 

I tak sabo sabo tunggu Redang & USS (dah siap pikiq nak pakai baju apa, DRAMA dak?!)

Pendek kan cite, this year I took up regional job (Asia Pacific konon ler) dengan harapan nusa & bangsa tuk menerjah negeri lain (ie mencapai 47 negara(s)); but punya ler sebok memanjang, tak dapat ler travel under company (nak bernapas dalam lompoq pun payah masa nih, bab cuti tuh kirim salam awal awal ler). Cuma gi Hong Kong & Japan as hadiah MVP jek...

Atas dasar stress yang tak terhingga, I return back to country role! Hasil nye, dengan serta merta cabut gi Greece & Romania (jakun lama tak travel kan), for a travelholic - kompem penyeksaan masa tuh sebab tak leh jengjalan!

Skarang lak, sebab kesian kat adek plus nak maximise cuti wajib nih, angkut bag again gi Japan, cuma kali nih Kyoto & Osaka. Nanti kan entry I yek yek yek.... tunggu tauuu...

Next year nye plan ADALAH.....


Changgih manggih dak!!! 

Psst : Sebenar nye sebab tak da duit dah and nak cari kaki gi Taiwan & Xian.

Teaser | Universal Studios Japan (USJ)

Some teaser pics on USJ for those making plan soon, REAL SOON...

Very common here in Japan, you'll see the same in Disneyland or DisneySea Japan as well. Regardless female or male, they dare to wear! Ko berani?

OPS! Censored! Dare you too...! Jaws tuh macho woo...

Confuse huh! Hello Kitty in Pink Panther, Elmo in Hello Kitty and Hello Kitty in Elmo.... wolf in sheep clothing ler kot kan...

 The dino walks OK! REALLY!!!

Nih comei gak kan...

 This is even comei-ler

OK! That's all I will share for now.... nitey nite.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mamak! Roti KLCC Satu!!! Travelholic share-share

Senang cite, jeles tengok meja sebelah makan sodap. 

Biq pun ajak order ler, apa lagi... dengan kiasunye we all agree... And by the way, it's Roti Tissue kan? But tak kisah ler, Roti KLCC bunyi glam sket. Hhehehee.... credit to Cik Biq kite.

Masa sampai tuh, tuh dia... mata terpaku pakis kat KLCC nih (ke KL Tower, Janggel?). Maka gambar harus tangkap kan... I pun snap ler snap....ala ala jakun gitus...

 Nak baring kan pun kene ada TIGA pinggan ok!


 Finally, dah tito kan KLCC nih.

Cepat Janggel, tangkap gambo tuh, sebab agreementnye kan Janggel yang kene blog coz I dah sub-con to him ler. Cam nih pun boleh kah??? Nanti I hyperlink kat SINI entry si Janggel nih, korang baca tuk tau lebih lebih ovest lagi yek.


Masa tuh, si TravelTodd nih, tak kisah dunia lain... janji dapat naik swing portable mak nye. 

Siriosa muka tak kisah!

Pendek dak entry nih? Hheheheh...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 9 & 10 | McArthur Glen Designer Outlet

Day 9

We got an early flight out of Bucharest, I buffered this incase of any flight delay; and that we will still be able to catch it home (which is the next day dawn). PLUS to give Zali 1 day to cover Acropolis as he didn't manage to (being 3 days lesser then us girls). Everything went well, on time and no hiccup NOR strike. AMIN...

To avoid of being summon again, we decided to book the hostel taxi (splitting cost by 4pax kinda untung) to the airport. Why didn't we think of this earlier, bengap betui!

Our plan was that Zali will catch the Acropolis and us girls will be jalan-ing at Plaka, we will then meet up at Syntagma Square to catch the shuttle to McArther Glen Designer Outlet... tuk shopping sket sket. So, while Zali was discovering Greek early civilization, we decided to check-out the Acropolis Museum at the foot of Acropolis. Guess what? That day was FREE (AGAIN!!! cam na ler negara nih nak kaya, preee memanjang!)!

Few things I observed, the security "forces" (note I did not use the word GUARD) was all in black coat & tie, some with sunglasses,  and of cause a walkie. Serious look like CIA or something.

We felt that, if anyone were to knock down ANYTHING, they will rescue the artifacts before us. HAHHAHAHHA.....

The above 2 was how it suppose to look like then and now.They have a step by step on stages of Acropolis construction.

This is the cool part, one section of the museum is glassed so that one can view the archeology digging that is still going on. In fact, come to think of it, the whole museum MIGHT have built on an archeology ground. Cam na ler depa bina tuh agaknye.

Once we were done, we took the train to Syntagma Square to meet up Zali.

The shuttle came on time and took us here, rasa cam padang jarak padang terkukur looking at the scenery to the venue... wondering whether is it worth it ke dak masa tuh... hemm....

 The selection was decent, what we wanted was there and murah, just don't compare to US FOS ler, but still murah banyak.The choice not as much though, but then again, if banyak pun; bukan ada duit nak nyopping.

Wonder whether the Johor Premium Outlook looks like this dak?

 I thought think brand was worth it, curi curi took some pics so that you guys can gauge.

 Apparently, shirts like these; if it's new arrival, the cost will reach between RM500-800. Murah kan... I think this is 1-2 season backwards, but OK ler, cam ada orang nak perasan.

 I bought this for work.

Nasib masa ni tak da BF, else sure dah beli dah nih, murah tuh.

 Tak beli ler kan hak ni, was waiting for Zali and Wahidah to finish their shopping. The bench was in front of this shop, snap pics je ler. As you know, am a travelholic not a shopaholic, sooo.... leh bosan gak masa ni. I shop ala-kadar jek. Some might beg to differ sure nye.

Once we completed or should I say broke, we took the shuttle back to our hotel. We pecah pukal berbagai kat bilik and start packing as we have a super early flight the next day. Where to?

 Balik Malaysia ler....!!!! (This is the Day 10 lerrr)

Hyperlink credit : MrArthur Glen Designer Outlet

Friday, December 23, 2011

It's MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since am not bounded to open my Christmas pressie on Christmas day; so I opened all up just now... excited giler sebab tuh ler. Most of my colleagues a non-Muslim, and somehow when they gave away gifts to family, friends and colleagues, they tend too include me as well. Baik kan... but I obviously did the same on Raya lar, I bawak kuih, rendang, ketupat for them. Fair ler kan... after all, kite rakyat Malaysia kan! *Slang minah salleh dalam cite Makanik*

They knew I like the character Stitch, so as you can see... I received a number of them goodies. Hhahahah... I loike.

The umbrella and cutlery set tuh I bought in Watson few weeks back, but the rest was pressie. So sweet of them. 

OK! My favourite in this collection is the Plugy. Apa tuh? See below....

This is the Plugy...

To be use on my handphone... (Stitch gak!)

Supposed to plug into an iPhone so that water unable to sip in, else the warranty void ler.

This is how it'll look like, can you see it?

Tah dah....

Hehhehe.... I got the hairband in Japan DisneySea as well... comei dak?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 8b | I Almost Comolot in Bucharest

I will keep this short & simple.

One trick to cut cost on traveling is to visit parks providing that you love them of course. Else it will be a bore. For me, it's a walk in the park - literally. Hahhahah.... What makes it perfect, Wahidah do not mind! YEAY! Way to go Wahidah!
Anywayssss.... we saw a museum earlier yesterday so we decided that since we "cancelled" our Brasov, why not we take a walk in the city during the mid day and the park after lunch. Sounds like a good idea huh! (And cheap, smart Lily [Dengan nada perasan])

This entry am going to do a reverse... so, for you to know on comolot, you actually need to read the whole entry thru (tak leh skip skip).

This is how big the museum is, and that is definitely not the lake size mind you! Agak agak bila nak habis jalan ni.

We paid and went in, obviously we tend to see houses and houses and house of yesteryears as well as of different circa. One thing caught my eyes was that they have alot of locals visiting them AND..... they are mostly students!!! I know, I know.... nothing wrong with this but they were there for assignment bukan dating. You got it! They are architecture student... hardworking architecture student.

Strangely, I don't remember seeing this scene in Malacca Museum (we have similar kan?).. it was kinda a nice sight.

Siap measuring tape berbagai, ada yang lukis lukis lagi.

Ayam den lapeh...heheheh.... check out the leg! Pegi gym ke apa!?!?

If you want to see more, check out my Facebook album HERE as usual.

Before we get into the museum, we actually have to cut thru this super HUGE park, REALLY HUGE! You can even ran a bike in the park, begitu besau nye. But this is not the story-mory obviously, the real story is that we saw many LEADER HEADS in the park, apparently they're always there for people to visits (ala ala bertegur sapa gitus, to build rapport ler), I  pun apa lagi, ambek kesempatan tuk COMOLOT with them ler kan. 


HAHAHAHHAH........ tuh jek cite nye... marah ke?

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