Thursday, December 21, 2023

“Confinement Centres for Mental and Physical Recovery” Forum at Narqes Wellness Confinement Centre Launch

This is not my usual travel post but nevertheless, I am called upon to share this as mental illness is getting alot of attention, and what I would like touch on is about postpartum depression or baby blues among mothers. With number of births rising on year to year, we also an increase on the mental and physical well-being of new mothers especially.

This was the key discussion topic shared during the NARQES Wellness and Confinement Centre (NWCC) Launch and "The Peace of Mind for New Mothers: Confinement Centres for Mental and Physical Recovery" Forum that was held at the centre itself. Three expert panelists - Director of Narqes Wellness Sdn Bhd, Datin Narqes Mohd Raimi; Obstetrician and Gynaecology (O&G) expert, Datuk Dr. Nor Ashikin Mokhtar; and clinical psychology expert, Khairul Azhar Idris - delved into this heated topic.

Datin Narqes Mohd Raimi highlighted the professional capabilities of Narqes Wellness and Confinement Centre in providing effective round-the-clock postnatal care for both mothers and the baby. With over 20 years of professional caregiving experience, coupled with Datin herself a certified pharmacist, it come as no surprise that Narqes Confinement Centre able to provide a more structured environment and routine to ensure mothers can rest and recover in a serene and comfortable environment. Tasks such as laundry, spring cleaning, and cooking are integral parts of NWCC service, their aim is to ease the family's responsibilities. 

One of the point that I brought up was on the meal ie does NWCC cater for special request, needs or diet, and I was glad that they do - providing healthy meals six times a day that consist of balanced nutrition, incorporating elements from both traditional and modern medical practices, customized to each individual mother's recovery needs. NWCC also provides clean clothing, and a comfortable bedroom that is tidied and cleaned daily (just like a five stars hotel it seems). To give comfort to new mothers especially, the centre comes with 24-hour baby monitoring service that allows mothers to focus on their own recovery.

Narqes own postnatal brand

Datuk Dr. Nor Ashikin Mokhtar further supports this notion explaining that the failure to plan effective postnatal recovery for new mothers can also lead to various risks and complications for both the mother and the child. Reason being, new mothers face several risks, including infections, especially for those with C-section wounds and episiotomies. What concern the most is that severe internal bleeding or hypertension may occur without being noticed by the mothers or their families. Lack of guidance and support in managing these emotional challenges can impact new mothers and contribute to difficulties in breastfeeding, such as issues like breast milk shortage or mastitis.

Panel session

One of the 'hot' topic is from clinical psychologist and fellow at IKIM, Khairul Azhar Idris discussing on Postnatal Depression (PND), also known as Postpartum Depression (PPD). It is serious and real condition that will severely affect new mothers and their family after childbirth and that it goes beyond the common "baby blues". This is a condition where new parents may experience sadness and mood swings in the first few days or weeks after giving birth, and many might not know that postpartum depression can persist and escalate, it can also last for weeks and months if not treated.

PND or PPD is a combination of physical, emotional, and lifestyle factors contributing to this such as hormonal changes, lack of sleep and rest, pressure, family mental health history, and other social and environmental factors.

Upon ending the session, we were taken on a tour to see and 'experience' Narqes Wellness and Confinement Centre facilities and services.

Confinement Room

Confinement Room

Confinement Room

Massage Room

Massage Room

Narqes Confinement Centre
49-1&2, Jln Damai Raya 6
Alam Damai, 56000
Kuala Lumpur

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