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Hua Hin Railway Station, Thailand

Thailand trademark picture huh! Messy cables, hehhehehhe..... somehow it makes the picture looks more interesting.

My sis and I decided to take a break during the raya long holidays, after searching high and low for best air fare versus weather condition; Thailand it is. AGAIN!

Yeah! I bet you are wondering what 'weather condition' kan?

We traveled in August and after checking; some country are just not safe (political reason) or prone to heavy rainfall or typhoon. Well, we were kinda worried on flood too (remembered last year's Bangkok flood?) but alhamdulillah the weather love us.

Sis and I thought hard as this is our umpteenth time to Bangkok (apa ler sangat ada kat sana kan kan), and we feel we should do or visit somewhere different and proceed to outer Bangkok (as usual, macam tak penah buat). After searching, we agreed to go down south to the nearest town - Hua Hin

There are many attractions in Hua Hin that one can visit.... we soon found out it is not a boring place (as we earlier thought it will be). Things to do in Hua Hin are endless, and we found out on the day we were about to return to Bangkok (silap ler kan). Another visit perhaps then?

At last, we reached Hua Hin; Thailand famous beach town, 3-4 hours drive from Bangkok. 

Before I proceed, let me share you a trick.
Travel tip, if you plan to do a 4D3N trip (prefer to be longer though) and decide to do a nighter in Hua Hin. Then travel to Hua Hin (or any outskirt town for that matter) on 2nd day and return on 3rd day, this way; you can store you luggage at the same hotel. Also make sure the hotel/guesthouse/hostel offers storage facility.

My hotel is right behind the night market... yeah! Thailand pretty famous with their night market. It's like a must have in your 'Things To Do In Thailand' list, can never go wrong. Hahahhaha....

Since I visited during day time, obviously the market is err.... empty. But the ambience is superb.

Entrance from the back.

Full view, if you think this is lame; it is actually NOT!

The night market stretch (longer too) is at the back and they are trying to develop this area skew towards night market craft centre thus the artsy fartsy feel.

Since there's nothing much (at all, duh!) at the night market during day time (obviously Lily!), we figure we should just walk everywhere on foot. That's when I suddenly remembered about the famous Hua Hin Railway Station (สถานีรถไฟหัวหิน), rated to be the MOST BEAUTIFUL railway station in Thailand. Tuh dia.... al-changgih dak? 

Looking at the map given by the hotel (Yeah, always get free local map from hotel. works every time and it's always simpler). We start walking towards the train station, we saw a couple of interesting olskool buildings. Cool giler ok!

Very very kampung huh! Rasa cam ayam itik akan menerjah secara tetiba.... or babu keluar kejar. Hahahhaha..... They maintained it as original as possible, good work Thailand!
Saw this at a restaurant near the station, the pic is adorable but clueless what it says though.
Chup! MOTORBIKE ROADTAX. Comei dak!??!?!

First sight that got us doing cartwheel, jumping jack and back flip. The cafe by the train station. QUAINT to the max!
We should perhaps do this at KTM station huh, oldskool giler tuh!
Must check out inside mah.... my damage inside this shop. RM90!!!! On what? Well, I will tell you towards the end. Giler ok! But I can't help it.
This is the view from inside ie the track area.

Oh yah! I used 2 modes/functions for that day - NOSTALGIA & SUPER VIVID on my Canon s95.
Cool kan! Cool kan! Ke I sorang jek yang PERASAN! Iya ler tuh kan.... ehhehehhe...
Adek manis tunggu sapa? 

Main view.
Make sure Hua Hin Railway Station is in your things to do in Hua Hin list.

This is the office side.

There's a small place of worship located within the railway station compound.

My pic didn't do this view justice. It's actually felt more olskool than this.

The flooring is olskool too, need I say more.

My favourite pic so far.... tak tau kenapa though.

Twin stamps!??!?!? 
This is my RM90 damage mentioned earlier (inclusive of 2 drinks ler). Original postcard from the station cost slightly more but it was worth it ~ Every step I took, Every money I spent, Every minute writing it ~ to my friends.

Click HERE for more pictures.

More on Hua Hin Railway Station :

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Travel Tips | Sri Lanka Tea & Noritake

Am sure most people would want to know about this... heheheehehee...

This will be my last entry for this trip as I realized I depart at dawn on the 4th day. 

I think I will share 2 things that a few people have been asking me of ie (1) Sri Lanka Tea & (2) Noritake product (Factory Outlet).

Sri Lanka entries :

I know some people would have pending question on the usage of bone China, am no expert hence I am sharing you the links below and I will be ever so grateful for any advice or sharing. Feel free to share any links in the comment column, I will try to include it below.

Other info

Somehow I can't access the e-fatwa site... perhaps I will include the link in the morning.

This Noritake shop is not a planned trip, how it happened was that I saw the directional signage few km before the factory outlet; thus enquire it to my tour guide cum driver. He told me that there is factory outlet in Sri Lanka and that we can get fatcory outlet price here.

Wahhhh!!! The curious cat in me obviously wanted to check it out. Wouldn't you want to know the options and price right?

In I go.... it's basically a very small (the showroom), and you can walk to the back/storage area to check out the design and stock available. Bear in mind that you might not get the whole full set of the design you like... Begger can not be chooser kan??! Please redho ok!

The options offer are not that bad from what I see (but tak cukup untuk set jek ler... maka sila simpan angan-angan mu untuk memiliki berset-set dengan harga yang murah). The cost are all in USD, and  yes! Credit Card is accepted.

The one stored in the room are of nicer design... all those floral, sweet, dainty type.... pompuan suka ler kot kan.

The one display at the showroom are sold in a set. I think (failed to ask ler tuh) it is of previous or an old model/design.

The price stated there, no further discount given. 

You can also get loose item... the range is between USD3-10 depending on the size etc. It can be more I think.... ehheheh... terlupo.

They will do proper wrapping too I noticed. So, rest assure that you purchases are well taken care of. 

Need I say more...  

Sri Lanka Tea - Mesna
The tea.... delicious! Seriously!! But to be fair, am not a coffee drinker so tea is me!

Yeah, you can have your tea at the showroom/shop as well.

The caramel tea is the bestest! Regretted buying too few... who will be going soon? Tumpang order leh?

This is new to me, flavoured green tea?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Travel Tips/Fashion | 1 Shirt, 8 Ways (#Travellight)

I've blogged about travel fashion months back and I thought I'll do another entry of it. Great way to end your long weekdays (man will appreciate this I hope, beats carrying yourthe heavy luggage!). Hope this serves as a good #traveltips on how to #travellight.

As all traveler must know (especially for backpacker), it's crucial to travel light unless you are a trolley dolly like moi :) Hahhahahaaa.... So, for you ladies, who believe that we should travel in style (ceh wahhh) yet light. I hope this will be able to help you to try and experience traveling light, cheap & fashionable.

In fact, some can be improvised for those wearing hijab (headscarf). Do share if you have suggestions, I would be happy to include in the next post.

Do take note all pictures are source from Pinterest and I have difficulty finding the source, hence those of you able to identify the origin, pelase drop me a line and I will credit to the owner/site.

Cool huh! Who said you need plenty of clothes to be a travelnista. 

Fall style.
No! This is not traveling light.... hahhahah.... very fashionable though.

My personal favourite, have always love colours.

This is a scheduled post.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Travel Tips | Sri Lanka - Scenic Train from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya

This is what I plan to go and do in my next Sri Lanka trip of which I have no idea when will this ever materialise, but to hope is good right?!

Sri Lanka's scenic train ride from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya!

Was at #Selangorlicious event last night and chatted with Azuan on his future trip to Sri Lanka (apaprently after he saw my entry of this country, eh... betul ke?). He said he will be covering southern part of Sri Lanka as mine was centre of Sri Lanka. Azuan also mentioned that he will not be covering Kandy. Huh!!! But whyyyyyyy....? It's so beautiful and cold (ehhehehheh.... baru rasa cam oversea sikit).

I told him about this scenic route that one must do if ever to visit Kandy. Oh! I did not cover this route and all this pictures are from Mr. Google and I will hyperlink to the rightful owner (if tetiba tak bergambo, makna nye owner suruh remove ler tuh tau).

Since I have yet to try this route and heard so much of it, and as I dont have much info nor experience, I will share details that I think and feel will benefit you.

Hope you will share your experience with me instead.

Kandy to Nuwara Eliya : 78km, 2-2.5 hours per/way by car or scenic train, 3.5 hours (the nearest station is Nanu Oya, 9km away)

From Seat61:
You can check train times using the official Sri Lanka Railways website,, but please check all times locally.
Nuwara Eliya - Nanu Oya is 6 km from central Nuwara Eliya, with plenty of taxis and auto-rickshaws available.  It's also possible to walk.
Kandy - Peradeniya Junction is only 6km (3½ miles) from central Kandy, easily reached by taxi or tuk-tuk.  It can be used to join trains to Hatton, Nanu Oya, Elle & Badulla that don't call at Kandy.

As on where and what to do in both cities, you can ask Mr. Google as the options are at abundance. But what most people are unaware are the scenic train ride and probably miss one of the greatest experience in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka entries :

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hotel Review | Richmond House Kandy, Sri Lanka

For those visiting Sri Lanka and planning to stay in Kandy, and looking for a quiet, cosy, quaint and friendly accommodation; this would be an ideal place.

Sri Lanka entries :
Day 1b | Pinnawala - Elephant Orphanage
Day 1c | Sri Lanka Beedi Cigarette & Giritale Sunset
Day 2a | Giritale Hotel And Environ 
Day 2b | Parakrama Samudra & Ancient City of Polonnaruwa (UNESCO)
Day 2c | Ancient City of Sigiriya & King Coconut (UNESCO)
Day 2d | Dambulla Cave Temple & Kandy at Sunset 

I stayed for 1 night here and regretted till this date. 

For one, I arrived at night around 9ish when the whole view was pitch black, to make matter worse; we almost got lost! Minimal street light to a point I thought the driver was going to sell me to some mobster or something (yeah yeah.... very drama of me, but I WAS panic then okay! Hehehhee...) in this semi jungle (it wasn't even close to a jungle), my imagination runs wild as usual.

So, upon arrival I was clearly fascinated of the guesthouse. Makes all the anger of getting lost, no street sign, no street light seems so minute - you will get to see the pictures later lar.

After checking into my princess room (felt like one!), surfing some net, I went to bed (what else for me to do right?!?! Semi jungle feel, remember!). The next morning, I woke to the below view and did my round of this guesthouse. This is when I start regretting staying for one night!

Hope you enjoy them pictures :)

195/56, Richmond Hill Place
Heeraslagala, Kandy
Sri Lanka

Tel : +94-81-2218495
Email :

Sunrise view from my room

Yes!!!! Cold/chilly Kandy!! 
Entrance to the house 

This is rather steep and slippery went wet  

Waiting/lobby area 

Dining area (love the dining table)

View from my floor 

My princess ROOM!

The balcony for afternoon tea 

Yes! FREE WiFi

This is where you park you car/van... kinda scary huh! 

195/56, Richmond Hill Place
Heeraslagala, Kandy
Sri Lanka

Tel : +94-81-2218495
Email :

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