Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hotel Review | Richmond House Kandy, Sri Lanka

For those visiting Sri Lanka and planning to stay in Kandy, and looking for a quiet, cosy, quaint and friendly accommodation; this would be an ideal place.

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I stayed for 1 night here and regretted till this date. 

For one, I arrived at night around 9ish when the whole view was pitch black, to make matter worse; we almost got lost! Minimal street light to a point I thought the driver was going to sell me to some mobster or something (yeah yeah.... very drama of me, but I WAS panic then okay! Hehehhee...) in this semi jungle (it wasn't even close to a jungle), my imagination runs wild as usual.

So, upon arrival I was clearly fascinated of the guesthouse. Makes all the anger of getting lost, no street sign, no street light seems so minute - you will get to see the pictures later lar.

After checking into my princess room (felt like one!), surfing some net, I went to bed (what else for me to do right?!?! Semi jungle feel, remember!). The next morning, I woke to the below view and did my round of this guesthouse. This is when I start regretting staying for one night!

Hope you enjoy them pictures :)

195/56, Richmond Hill Place
Heeraslagala, Kandy
Sri Lanka

Tel : +94-81-2218495
Email : info@therichmondhousekandy.com

Sunrise view from my room

Yes!!!! Cold/chilly Kandy!! 
Entrance to the house 

This is rather steep and slippery went wet  

Waiting/lobby area 

Dining area (love the dining table)

View from my floor 

My princess ROOM!

The balcony for afternoon tea 

Yes! FREE WiFi

This is where you park you car/van... kinda scary huh! 

195/56, Richmond Hill Place
Heeraslagala, Kandy
Sri Lanka

Tel : +94-81-2218495
Email : info@therichmondhousekandy.com


rayyan haries said...

Oh lily, this is amazing!!

Looks like a castle! :D

Ramble and Wander said...

Nice place. How did you book the room? Direct with the hotel or through a 3rd party? Do they offer pick up service?

Ren said...

Lawanya hotelllllllllll!

Biqque said...

oh em giiii...curlast sgt!

Lily Riani said...


its beautiful but atas bukit nala nye jauh. if nak lepak tak masuk town, then this is a great place. do attempt on foot tho.


i guna agent but you can do it via their website. they can arrange transfer as they own travel agency as well.

Lily Riani said...


kan kan kan..... princess!


masa sampai we all rasa seram sbb gelap jek, masuk jek bilik; i jerit sebab ada 4 pole bed and ada kelambuuuuu..... seksi gilos.

Unknown said...

Terpaksa pegi sini dan bawak Aqilah, sambil baca buku cinderela atas katil kt bilik *princess* tu heheheh

Anash said...

amat unik dan classy

Peter from hotels in Kandy said...

This pictures are beautiful as the city but I think there are some other hotels which will help you get more realistic pictures anyway nice job done here.

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