Monday, September 10, 2012

Bangkok Textile Market | Sampeng Lane / Saphan Han

I have been to Bangkok numerous of times, and yet I still miss out some places of interest every single time. And better yet, every time I found a new place to cover; my Thai colleague will be asking "Where is this or how did you find this place in Thailand?". The latest I got was "Lily, you are a Thai and not a Malaysian, please move to Thailand". Hahhahha....I love my Thai colleagues.

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Anyway, my latest finding is Bangkok Textile Market. My aim is to buy few kurung materials (Yeah, didn't do any raya kurungs this year. No time lar). After asking Mr. Google, I found out there is such thing as Bangkok Textile Market or Textile Lane; Sampeng Lane or Saphan Han located in Chinatown.

I will share with you how to get there via boat and what to expect (well, from my point of view that is).

Cute huh! Saw this at one of the lane in Chinatown.

Take the BTS / sky train. The best thing I found out recently is that they have a new machine that takes note as well.Yup! That's the one on the left.

Get yourself to Saphan Taksin Station (S6) on Silom Line.
Get down at Saphan Taksin Station (S6) and walk towards the Central Pier / Sathorn Pier. Its about 10-20mtr from the station.

Once you arrive at Sathorn Pier, ask the boat operator how and which boat takes you to Ratchawong Pier. If possible, get it written in Thai prior (you can ask hotel/hostel/gueshouse staff to write in Thai for you) to avoid communication problem.
The boat route.... can easily be confused.
Ratchawong Pier is on the right side. So, stay close to the right of the boat.

This is the boat that you will be taking.

Ticket conductor will go around (inside the boat), it'll cost you between 11Baht to 15Baht.

Just follow the crowd upon arriving Ratchawong Pier. This is the tricky part, you have to ask the locals (or take the tuk-tuk) on how to get to Sampeng Lane or Chinatown or Textile Market. You can also walk there, probably 100-200 mtr from the pier.

This is the beginning of the Sampeng Lane / Saphan Han / textile market / textile wholesaler in Chinatown. Its hot and stuffy mind you!!

If you see this signage, then you are on the right track - Sampeng Lane or Saphan Han. It's about 1km walk or more, so good luck. Hahhahahhha......

Anything to do with fashion, sewing, embroidery, textile etc.

There's more of course.... it's 1km lane remember.... sila gigih.
If you prefer a more comfortable shopping area, then you can visit Chinaworld Mall which is located at the end of Sampeng Lane / Saphan Han. Yes, it's air-conditioned.

This is how it look like from the inside.

I believe you get the idea now....

Next is what you get to see around Chinatown, this is not all; there's more but I forgotten to take pics of it (sebab sebuk window shopping). Hhahahahhaa.....

Hahhahahhahaaa......No, I didn't get any.

This is what I bought... it is way to cute. Yah! I prefer cotton for my kurung, am simple like that.

Below are my sis's kurungs.

Jom shopping? Hhehehee...


f i d a j a c o b said...

Canteknyaaa mickey cotton tu..

Sukaa! pretty! Brp cost dia ehehe.

Unknown said...

murah tak? mcm best je tgk kain2 tu hehehehe.. leh buat sarung bantal Aqilah yg baru kekeke

Lily Riani said...


the one i bought,85-100baht per mtr which comes about rm8.5 or rm10 per mtr. ok kan?


85-100baht per mtr which comes about rm8.5 or rm10 per mtr.

eh! kain tuk baju you nak buat sarong bantal... jangan ler. hahahha..... ada yg lagi murah but quality tak best. yg comei tuk aqilah pun byk giler giler.

N.U.R said...

lawa2 la...cute2

Ernie Khairina said...

alamak cantik2 casing phone tu..nak! hehe

Lily Riani said...


thank you thank you... macam ler kite yang pembuat kain tuh. ehheheh


am going again in Nov, you want me to get one for you. Ping me on my hotmail if so.

mujagirl92 said...

the pictures are totally awesome,, how do we take awesome pictures? hhehe

Cantiknyapurple said... love dgn yang polcadot merah + black lace tu.

Todd Bradley said...

Good post. My wife and I tried to visit the same textile market last week, but we arrived too late. It seems to end about 5:00pm. When we got there about 6:30, all the stalls were closed for the night.

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