Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shopping in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Guilty as charge!

This should be my 2nd last entry on Phnom Penh, hahahhaha.... yah; there's one last entry I need to craft as I just realised that we did cover one more orphanage during this trip, I thought I should include it as well (forgotten about it earlier).

Anyway, we did get 2-3 hours of shopping before we depart to our beloved homeland Malaysia. The organizer were kind enough to arrange a shopping session for us to get souvenirs for family and friends, so apa lagi.... shopping sakan ler kan semua orang.

As I am not a fan of shopping, I only wanted to get few stuff during this trip : fridge magnets, scarfs/shawl and postcards. But guess what I ended up with instead.... jeng jeng jeng....

We head to Central Market which is only 5 mins ride in tuk-tuk. Yup! they have tuk-tuk here too.

Very very very clean!!! Do note that there's another market recommended called Russian Market, I did drop by but it is not to my liking as it's hot, stuffy, messy and kinda dirty. So I rather stick to Central Market. 

The ride from my hotel to Central Market cost between USD1-2/= ONLY.

They have sections for clothes, gem stone, gadgets, kitchen stuff etc etc... pretty much well organised.

The gem stone/jewellery area is right in the middle. Very hard to miss... heehheheh... especially for the ladies.

Check-it out! Aunt bargaining but ended up not buying.... saja test market tuh.

They also sells ornaments made of jade (I think)... like Mr. Elephant here.
It's fairly reasonably priced, kid you not. Ranging between USD20 onwards depending on size, stone, detailing etc... you know the drill. By the way, it's silver with white gold plated, so they say.

They also have this bronze type (betul ke nih?). Kind cool I thought.

This are the jewellery set ie earrings and ring. Priced at USD20 onwards too. The bracelets can go as low as USD10 for a simple design. 

Cousin wanted a Kate Middleton ring, so got her one, USD20 I think... looks good and she's a happy girl.

Oh yah, they speak English, Malay and Chinese well; some even speak Vietnamese too. But the best language is still the calculator language, HHAHAHHAHAHHAAAA...... Agree?


Zara AB said...

You should have stop over at our friend shop, Pich. If you're facing the main entrance, the shop will be on the right hand side. Very very reasonable price compared to others (as proposed by the Cafe Malaya owner).

Farikica said...

Hi Lily! Very nice central market... x crowded pon... x ramai org ker..?

Biqque said...

i didnt shop here...but pretty well organized huh. and tx for the red dotted shawl :D

Lily Riani said...


really.... alaaa... missed opportunity. ok, will take note and advice teh rest the same. thanks dear.


i pegi awal giler giler... kedai tgh lap lap lagi... nak pecah telur, depa kene bagi murah2. ehehhehehhe...


yeah, very clean & well organized. no prob on the shawl babe. dah niat dah pun nak bagi.

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