Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Travel Tips | Sri Lanka Tea & Noritake

Am sure most people would want to know about this... heheheehehee...

This will be my last entry for this trip as I realized I depart at dawn on the 4th day. 

I think I will share 2 things that a few people have been asking me of ie (1) Sri Lanka Tea & (2) Noritake product (Factory Outlet).

Sri Lanka entries :

I know some people would have pending question on the usage of bone China, am no expert hence I am sharing you the links below and I will be ever so grateful for any advice or sharing. Feel free to share any links in the comment column, I will try to include it below.

Other info

Somehow I can't access the e-fatwa site... perhaps I will include the link in the morning.

This Noritake shop is not a planned trip, how it happened was that I saw the directional signage few km before the factory outlet; thus enquire it to my tour guide cum driver. He told me that there is factory outlet in Sri Lanka and that we can get fatcory outlet price here.

Wahhhh!!! The curious cat in me obviously wanted to check it out. Wouldn't you want to know the options and price right?

In I go.... it's basically a very small (the showroom), and you can walk to the back/storage area to check out the design and stock available. Bear in mind that you might not get the whole full set of the design you like... Begger can not be chooser kan??! Please redho ok!

The options offer are not that bad from what I see (but tak cukup untuk set jek ler... maka sila simpan angan-angan mu untuk memiliki berset-set dengan harga yang murah). The cost are all in USD, and  yes! Credit Card is accepted.

The one stored in the room are of nicer design... all those floral, sweet, dainty type.... pompuan suka ler kot kan.

The one display at the showroom are sold in a set. I think (failed to ask ler tuh) it is of previous or an old model/design.

The price stated there, no further discount given. 

You can also get loose item... the range is between USD3-10 depending on the size etc. It can be more I think.... ehheheh... terlupo.

They will do proper wrapping too I noticed. So, rest assure that you purchases are well taken care of. 

Need I say more...  

Sri Lanka Tea - Mesna
The tea.... delicious! Seriously!! But to be fair, am not a coffee drinker so tea is me!

Yeah, you can have your tea at the showroom/shop as well.

The caramel tea is the bestest! Regretted buying too few... who will be going soon? Tumpang order leh?

This is new to me, flavoured green tea?


Ramble and Wander said...

Is the tea set in Pic 7 being sold for USD40 or USD400++?

Loose items being sold for USD3-10 is quite cheap compared to Corelle. Not bad lah.

Biqque said...

my MIL gonna love this! she's an enthusiast of tea set...

azuan said...

one of the reasons why we are spending time in Colombo! hahaha

Lily Riani said...


USD400 ler kan, if USD40, I borong and jual dah. hahhahaha.... Its pretty cheap actually those loose ones. I think this brand is at par with Wedgewood, Portmeirion kot.


Your MIL should meet my cousin then. Everywhere I got, she will ask me to look out for one.


The factory was on the way from Kandy to Colombo. Not sure if they actually have few F.O.S

Ramble and Wander said...

I'm not sure if it's at par with Wedgewood but definitely well above Corelle, heheh! That's why at the given price (for loose items), it's relatively cheap :-)

In any case, while I might be tempted to buy some, I'm afraid they would just end up in a display cabinet, and not going to be used even on Hari Raya, hehe!

Lily Riani said...


Good point. I know their low end in the normal market rate here in KL, its abouot RM4k for 1 set adn can go up to about RM10k or so. They have those gold plated one as well etc...

Agree, my mom's is still in the cabinet since like forever, saw it being use only twice in my life. But yang low end ler...

You buy tableware too? :P

Unknown said...
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