Sunday, May 24, 2009

Skiing in Swiss Alps (like real!?!)

Hemmm.... how should I start this. SWITZERLAND..!!! An eye opening trip for me to get to know more of Allah greatest creation (other then human ofcos) - planet earth, mother nature, world wonders (ahh... world wonders..) etc.
This was the 1st trip to Europe for me - December 1996. Wow! That was a loooong time ago. Before it all became EU, I kept few coin purses to segragate the currency... ehehhe... confusing time as I kept forgetting the exchange rate of each country.

OK! OK! OK! I admit, excited gila babi cos we got to try our hands (or should I say legs) on skiing (hey! babi also not as gila as I am kay!).

We got to try on the bunny hill, "climbing" the 50m "hill" took us like 20mins with sweats and all but skiing down was like..... 5 SECONDS!!!! Ek-elllaaa... bodoh gilos I felt. Tak pa, janji penah try kan?! kan?! kan!??!!

Serunding is "makanan wajib" when I travel with kids.

Kids walking, parents?? SHOPPING LAR!!!


Lena Nguyen said...

I want to ski here one day! You are sooo lucky to have been! Aspen probably cannot compare but you should definitely visit. Everyone there is so nice and it is such a relaxing ski town.

Lily Riani said...


Gee thanks! I was lucky as my cousin paid for my trip on my initial travel overseas, then I got hooked. Never been to ASPEN, do share whether it was good.

I covered more places in Swiss but my initial blog I dont write daily adventure, my friends all requested I do so for them to "refer" to. HEhhehee..... thus the daily story starts.

Jim said...

Hi Lily ~~ I haven't visited a 'first page' for a long time. But you have such a nice travel blog that I had to see its beginning.

We were in Switzerland in 1992 for my first time. It is a wonderful place. I am glad you got to go skiing. Mrs. Jim skied Switzerland way back but I wasn't there then. Everyone should. And no, Len is right, Colorado skiing (where I skied mostly) can never compare with the Alps.

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