Thursday, October 21, 2021

Kalimba Workshop with KTO


We received an invitation for a Kalimba Workshop. I was like….’Kalimba? Apa tuh?’

The kalimba is an African musical instrument with a wooden soundboard and metal keys. The 15-key kalimba that we are making at Juma Instruments is an instrument that originates from African ethnic groups in Southern Africa. In the classification of musical instruments the kalimba is in the category of lamellophones or plucked idiophones (Hornbostel-Sachs system).
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We later received the Kalimba for our workshop, and we are to learn a few Korean Song using the Kalimba instrument. Overall it is a good experience and kinda easy too (but if you have chubby fingers like mind, well…. Abit susah lah). The teacher taught us popular/common song from Blackpink and Squid Game to name a few but for me, I like the ‘papa bear’ song. I reminded me of my favourite KDrama – Full House.

The first step in learning this instrument is to understand/memorise the notes which is fairly easy – short, long and longer. Then you play as per the key and note indicated.

It was fun and I have now acquired a new skill!

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