Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Staycation at Desa Tunas Hijau (Desaland), Labuan

So much has changed since I last came here, and the changes they did were amazing.

This is what I personally feel, the owner’s vision and mission supersedes everything. Dato’ Sri Mohd Alias Bin Abdul Rahman, the founder of Desa Tunas Hijau in Labuan took advantage of the pandemic to upgraded, revamped and improved this great place thus making it one of the most sought after place for outdoor and family recreation place.

Previously was equipped with activities such as ATV, kayak, a banquet hall and many more but now, the stage is beautifully decorated that it suits a wedding event (a rugged/outdoorish wedding theme would be perfect here). The pond not only caters for kayaking, but it also has paddle boats, water roller balloon and many more. What caught me by surprise is that Desa Tunas Hijau or Desaland has accommodation for guest to overnight, this was the highlight for me. You can use the accommodation for wedding prep or family to stay, ourdoor activities R&R place, staycation, picnic and many more. How great is this!!!! 

Let me share some of the places they have here, I bet you gonna get as excited.

Twin Rooms x 3 units

Suitable for family as it comes with 2 rooms
#TravelTips : Bring own sleeping bag or TOTO - fit more people
Weekend : RM320
Weekday : RM300 

Studio Room x 2 units

Suitable for couple or honeymooner
Weekend : RM300
Weekday : RM250 

Pine Cabin x 4 units 

#TravelTips : Connected and covered to the banquet, no problem come rain or shine
Weekend RM250
Weekday RM220 

Treehouse x 1unit (fan)

#TravelTips : Bathroom and toilet is located on the ground (common area)
Weekend RM180
Weekday RM150 

Campsite Rent

Suitable for youngster, scouts camping trip and gathering sesh, BBQ pit is available
#TravelTips : A great Family Day venue.
Daily RM10 per/head per/day (sewa tapak)
Tent Rent
Type 1. Cabin Tent - RM100.00
Type 2. Highlands Lodge Tent - RM100.00
Type 3. Cypress Grove Tent - RM120.00
Type 4. Timber Lodge Tent - RM100.00
Type 5. Wilderness Cabin Tent - RM100.00

There are also a few new ones that is still under construction, lodge facing the pond as well as igloo type tent. Can’t wait for this one.

As for the ATV ride, here’s the #TravelTip :
1. Check the tide, go during low tide.
2. If its during low tide, beg them to let you ride by the beach. It is MORE fun.
3. If you ride within the Desa Tunas Hijau compound, make sure you take care of your shoes as the ride takes you thru muddy pothole (saja jer kan supaya thrilling sikit).
4. You get to ride for 30 mins at the rate of RM60.00, don't worry 30 mins is sufficient. Having said that, You can also do a 1hr ride which cost RM100. Janji enjoy.
5. It is very easy and driving license is not required. Hahhahhah…
6. Helmet will be given to each rider.
7. Briefing will be given and the marshal will take you around, follow him (so jangan dok pandai-pandai).
8. Remember to take loadsa photos. Paling penting ni, hahahahhaha….

My suggestions are :
1. Local Labuan : Do your staycation here, after all they have BBQ pit as well
2. Travelers : Instead of booking your stay in a hotel, come here instead.
Desa Tunas Hijau
Jalan Sg Pagar, Kg Sg Miri
87008, WP Labuan
Website : https://www.desaland.com.my/

Operating Hours
Monday – Friday : 9:00AM–5:00PM
Saturday – Sunday : 9:00AM–5:00PM

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