Monday, December 28, 2009

Ubud Canyon Tubing

Day 3 (24 Aug 2008). Gurlie Adventure.

You may wonder what’s next with this gurl right, I mean, hopping from hotel to hotel daily, the sunsets, then the kecaks, and now; canyon tubing…. Well, that’s me lar I guess - crazy fun person, curious but coward at the same time. To be fair to me, this is my fourth trip to Bali, I need something fresh to “rejuvenate” me from the “sameplace, samething, what-else-is-new!?!” boredom. Hey! Don’t blame me…

Before we adjourn to another sightseeing-touristy venue, I found out that there’s a place for adventures same to those in Chiang Mai (not as much though, but good enough). I convinced them to partake so that I don’t feel all alone (layman lingo = coward), but me; knowing both Andrea and my sis well, I was darn sure they’ll be game, after all we all are travelholic and CRAZIHOLIC too here mah….

The arrangement is that the tubing company (PT. Bali Canyon Tubing Adventure) will pick us up, take us to the canyon, manage the tubing adventure, and Pak Dewa will pick us up as we need to adjourn to Bedugul followed by Taman Ayun before heading to airport thus ending the trip. Sounds perfect!

Woke up superbly early, waited for the operator, slept the whole 1 hour journey. Reached there, attended the briefing, signed the NDA form (yeah, we can’t sue them if anything happen yadda yadda yadda…), took the 4x4 to the canyon - 30mins ride or so. OK! I need to stop with this 4-words-story-comma-story-telling, I sounded tooooo boriiing. The ride was very… hem…. Interesting, we saw the villagers (or at least 3 of them) bathing in sarong IN the longkang, hem…. I guess hemm….hemm… Oh well… the longkang water was clean though. Took some before and after pics…too (of us, not the villagers!!! You guys! PLEASE!). Apparently there's a village in Bali whereby they still practice bathing in the river, IN PUBLIC, errr.... IN....errr... birthday suit. Hemm.... shocking but true. I even saw some bathing in the paddy field canal. Am having a little bit of a cultural shock!

First task, take TUBE DOWN to the CANYON BASE.

Then a short course on how to tube and if the tube capsize; what are we suppose to do etc etc… then… off we go - TUBING!

Reached a point where there’s a waterfall and we need to fly-fox to the other side, the landing platform? NO PLATFORM! Spiderman web ONLY! WOH….. Scary! Remember! Waterfall below!

The rest, just cruise our way for 2kmNICE! I LIKE!

Journey ends. Exhilarating. For those who wanted to try this while in Bali. Thought it might help.

PT. Bali Canyon Tubing Adventure

Jl. Wirasatya VI, No. 9X 80224 Suwung Kangin
Denpasar Bali Indonesia
0361 8080305 / 8080307 Fax 8080308

or call PT. Bali Quad Discovery Tours at 0361 - 720766

Pak Dewa came punctually came to pick us up to visit Bedugul, Taman Ayun and MASSAGE.

Bedugul = COLD! Why? Because… it is located 1500 m above the sea level, and having 2 lakes nearby - Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan makes it even cooler. There’s 2 reason why I recommended this place to Andrea and sis - Pura Ulun Danu Bratan water temple and great weather. Upon the lake water rises, the temple seems afloat which created a dramatic effect…. Ceh wah…. And you know lar my sis, snappy snap all the waaayyyyyy…..

Last stop, Taman Ayun situated in Mengwi where the Royal Temple of Mengwi Empire is located. The beauty about this place is that it is surrounded by a big fish pond and look like a drift on the water. It owns the beautiful temple building with multistoried roof and Balinese Architecture. I love the front courtyard which makes it feel welcoming to us visitors. By now, we were very tired already, all we can think about is BED. BED. BED!!!!!

The sun was about to set and we are about to end our journey. Sigh… sad to leave this cultural island… till the next trip. ZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

Credits : Wikipedia, Bali Canyon Tubing Adventure, Bali Star Island,


manglish said...

waaaaaaaaaaaa u really enjoy habis2an ya hahahah happy new year

Lily Riani said...


since i am there, might as well. hahhaa... was never a shopholic, need to fill up the spare time with something diff in each ctry. makes it more memorable. merry xmas and happy new year.

ps : still figuring on how n where to celebrate my new year. hemm...

BlueEwoke said...

wah cam best je tubing nih...lain kali kene try nih!!

Lily Riani said...

mesti mesti.... i can give you pak dewa's contact. used him for my company event there as well.

Anonymous said...

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Thank You, Catch You Later

Anonymous said...

Aloha i'm new here. I came accross this site I find It very accessible & it has helped me out a lot. I hope to give something back and help other people like it has helped me.

Cheers, See You Around

Janggel said...

OOOOO ini yg u cakap aritu kan? best giler naik tube tu!!!!!

opsss sesat lagi kat sini.

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