Tuesday, May 21, 2013

#TSDayOut | SIM Flight what???

Needed to pass the book Alid bought, Byya and I agreed for dinner last week, I guess it’s easy for us both as her office and my house is less than 10minutes away.

Our meeting was the usual update of each other’s travel activities, work or CSR. No different this time around, Byya asked how was the #TSDayOut held the week earlier. Nonchalantly I replied that it was ok; after all Skypark was small and there wasn’t any Firefly ride or anything. “You didn’t miss a thing” I remembered telling Byya this. She nodded her head ‘Oh! That’s it then?’, adding that I couldn’t find any angle to blog about (Especially I'll know I never win nor won anything before #foreverlost #eh). Sigh….

Explaining to her (with my poker face of course) what we did and saw; basically the check-in counter, the operation room, the pilots (NO! Not Adam Eben, I meant REAL pilot ok!) the hot stewardesses (Yeah, stop drooling Fariz) the plane blah blah blah… Oh yah! We did the SIM flight as well (Obviously I have to explain to Byya on the SIM flight).

‘Here’s the thing, there’s 2 SIM flight that we get to try for about 20mins’ I told her, further describing in detail how the cockpit looks like. “Macam cockpit betul lah, kecik aja. Dan Arif was our pilot, RaW sat on the floor tengah-tengah and Fariz was next to him, MasZuber belakang Dan (Mana lagi dia nak berdirikan? Hehehheh…), Adam next to her (Pilot to be), I was behind the REAL pilot and 2 other participant which I ‘successfully forgotten their name (Sorry guys!!!).

‘Oh yah! They allowed us to choose the airport, cool giler Byya!’ suddenly I was all EXCITED to tell her the whole story (This is the same person who “NONCHALANTLY” [another word for “eksen”] said the trip was “OK”). The pilot then said 'Any airport in the world, we have Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, semualah’, my eyes lighted up ‘Which Hong Kong airport?’; my heart was screaming please say you have Chiang Kai Shek International Airport (Hong Kong old airport). He utter ‘Both, Kai Shek and Lantau’ and I quickly said ‘Kai Shek please!’. There you go, I am all happy with this trip. FINALLY.

The pilot chuckled and continued ‘You can choose the time as well’. WHAT??? ‘SUNSET!!!’ I said (I lied, I actually screamed!) and guess what? He said ‘Lepas Maghrib ke? Nak pukul berapa?’. Cis!!! Pandai pulak pilot nih loyar buruk, hehehhehehee…. ‘7:23 malam’ said I, not wanting to lose.
He set everything up and guided Dan Arif to fly us. Taking off was kinda easy I think and I clearly remembered Fariz said “Adam, nih aja yang you belajar ke? I can do this in 2 hours”. We all burst out laughing, hahhahahah….

Here comes the tough part, landing.

He told Dan Arif to do this and that and blah blah blah, I didn’t pay much attention obviously. And suddenly, Dan Arif keyed-in the wrong speed or something which we all got into panic mode and the pilot have to pause or freeze us. Eh! Like this also can ah? Boleh freeze freeze, giler gempak. Hahhahahah…. Again we laughed (Perkara ini hanya boleh berlaku dalam SIM flight sahaja ya tuan-tuan dan puan-puan).

Panic mode kicks-in.

‘Can you see the airport? The one with lights blinking in between the 2 building’, the pilot ask. ‘WHERE? Mana ada’ we said in unison.

You see guys, Kai Shek Airport is one of the toughest airport in Asia for pilot to land aside from Kathmandu in Nepal. Reason being, it is located in the city with all the high rise building surrounding it and it is also next to the sea. And the pilot have to use his laser pointer to show us where the “blinking light” is. You can hear the ‘Oh!’s and ‘Ah!’s followed by ‘Giler apa, macam mana nak land?’. Yup! It was that scary.

Dan Arif piloted the plane between the buildings, prepared for landing and guess what; he was not on track. We screamed “Dan! Dan! Dan! We all don’t want to die!” (Or was it just me screaming? Hem…).

Anyway, he landed the plane with few hard bumps and almost crashes to the airport. You should hear the sound of relieve from us ‘Phew…..’, a brave encounter indeed.

Byya was laughing so hard while I recap my experience with SIM Flight, and she finally said ‘So, you guys DID have fun lah’.

Yeah! I guess THAT was my #TSDayOut experience with Skypark and Firefly. FUN!

PS : Moral of the story? Choose a tough airport, that’s where all the fun begins! (But first, participate in Tourism Selangor #TSDayOut lah, else it would not be fun kan *wink*).

Note : Pictures will be added later as I am currently out of country.

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Biqque said...

ok, this post kelakar! hahaha! we cannot let dan arif drive a car pun next time we do group trip!

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