Friday, June 27, 2014

Bangui Wind Farm of Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Wanna hear a stupid story?
As usual lah kan, every trip of mine bound to be one silly incident that we will talk over and over again. Kalau tak da, tak sah dalam trip I. Hahhahhahaha...

We took a bus from Batac City to Bangui enroute to Pagudpud. As usual, the plan was simple, stop in Bangui to check-out the wind farm at sunset. But hey, what fun is it if nothing interesting happen on the way there, and by interesting I meant those 'weird-funny-silly-stupid-scary-dangerous-almost died' experience.

So, this is how the story goes...

We took a bus, an old squeezy bus playing great 80s numbers, (the bus driver really know how to make a journey fun and entertaining) driving at moderate speed, stopping at small barangay (maknanya kampung ler tuh) to pick-up passengers.

Everything went well until.... jeng jeng jeng.

At one of the stop, one woman screamed in tagalog which made those sitting behind screamed in unison and rush out of the bus. Obviously Anna and I don't understand a word and all we did was just plainly staring at them, then we heard Edgar said 'Quick, get down! The bus is on fire!'. Giler apa, 'ON FIRE'!?!?!??!! Apa lagi, tak cukup tanah we all lari keluar, nak terjun kot tingkap tak celuih, yea lah, badan kan sihat-sihat dan embam-embam (drama giler dak idup I?)

As we got down, we saw the petrol was leaking but no fire lah. Panic sampai semput kot tadi, ngucap tak sudah-sudah. Nevertheless, we can't take the same bus anymore, half an hour later another bus passed by and almost all boarded the bus except us. We all look at Edgar who was talking to a few locals not far from where we were standing (dah macam kerang busuk dok tersengih-sengih), wondering what is the plan now. Then we saw him waving and calling us, asking us to come over. Hemmm.... apakah?

He said, this 'uncle' agreed to send us four to the nearest town to catch a bus, plus a quick stop at Bangui Wind Farm. We all ok kan je lah...

So yah! This was our mode of transportation for the next one hour or so, korang mampu? Hahhahhaha... Berkat kegigihan serta ketawakalan yang tinggi lagi jitu, we arrived safely at the Bangui Wind Farm. Alhamdulillah.

You probably wondered how does it feel riding a motorbike with a sidecar (ah... ituler nama dia, sidecar [google dalam setangah jam jugak lah nak cari nama dia keh keh keh]). One word to describe = VIBRATION/GEGARAN. I honestly and seriously believe that if we were to do a 2-3 hours trip on this motorbike-sidecar thingy, I can easily loose 1-2kg, like seriously. Think about it.

Oh yah! The first glimpse of the windmill, we all went 'Ahhh.... ohhhhh.... Look! Look! Sunset!!! Ahhhh.... ohhhh....'. At one point, I almost feel like the Optimus Prime gonna jump down and take the blade to fight some sea monster or something. #wildimagination #over

Nothing much happened after that, we ran everywhere and at every direction to take some perasan-lovely shots. Memang agak jakun lah jugak, besar kot kan. Sekarang tengah cuaca El Nino nih, I patut angkut a few balik pasang kat KL kan!?! Hahhahhah... ada setuju?

I asked the driver to leave them there. Hahhahahah... zalim dak?

At about sunset, he broke the news to us. His motorbike doesn't have a tail light, so we need to go now as the road is dark and he might get a summon for this. Dah pulak...

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Jea Mohamad said...

One word ~ EPIC!!!

syieda said...

Funny la naik sidecar tu. Mcm naik ogawa yg vibrate tu khen..hihihi..

Tapi cantik la windmill tuh. Seriyes cantik!

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