Monday, August 11, 2014

Bosnia and Herzegovina for me...

… realizing that it is safe to travel here, let it be young or old, male or female, group or solo.

… walking the historical town of Mostar and reliving the history cease my longing.

… embracing the grandeur of Ottoman influence that colours this country.

… sipping a Bosnia coffee with Ćevapi while watching passerby at sunset *smile*.

… framing the old town, the people and the past that weaved the present.

… where best portraitures are captured; enveloping the past, the determination and their hope.

… finally understanding that it was never about the countries pinned, but about them; the people.

… learning that to excel in the future, one need to understand, embrace and appreciate the past.

… a wake call to love thy neighbor.

… accepting that any amount of days staying here is never enough for this beautiful country - Bosnia and Herzegovina.

*Stay tune, coming next 'Where to stay in Sarajevo, flashpacker style'.


Mie said...

Jarang orang pergi ke Eropah singgah di Bosnia walaupun negaranya sangat cantik...

hidayahrodhi said...

OMG!!!! dah sampai Bosnia! x sabar nak tahu cerita lanjut ni..mmg plan next yr nak buat Balkan trip. Hopefully menjadi kenyataan.

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