Thursday, July 9, 2015

Jami Air Tiris, Oldest Mosque in Veranda of Mecca City, Kampar

The great thing about doing road trip is that you can stop anywhere you want at any time you feels like.

It brought us to Veranda of Mecca City in Riau,  Kampar.

And this is what we did, Iman, our kind supir wanted to show us the oldest mosque in Kampar, Province of Riau, Indonesia and to perform the Zuhur prayers as well. We stopped at Jami Air Tiris, an mosque that was built in 1901 AD. The design was influenced by Malay and Chinese architectural styles, the uniqueness is that it was built without using a single nail and that it has a pyramid-shaped roof.

There is one thing that I found out right after I got back to Malaysia, that there is a water bath in it submerged large rock-like head of buffalo, apparently the stone is constantly moving despite no one moving it. Many said that it being sacred, hence they visited this beautiful mosque and cleanse themselves with the water, thus resulting to their wish and desire being granted, also that the water is able to cure diseases. Katanya lah kan…

Like any places, there is also a legend associated with Jami Air Tiris as well (wallahulam), during the Netherlands colonial era, they have tried to burn the mosque down but to no avail, not only that, Mesjid Jami survived the flood.

Note :

Many have requested me to share the list of places I covered during this road trip, I will do so in my next post.

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