Tuesday, October 4, 2016

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That is all I can say.
(Picture heavy. I warned you)

Mine experience might be slightly different from some of you that attended #Citrawarna2016.

You see, I attended last year’s Citrawarna and aren’t to thrill about the showcase, upon receiving this year’s invite, I was torn between to attend and be disappointed the second time or attend and hope (and pray hard) for the best. And I opted for the latter.

I received the invite on Citrawarna program while I was in Europe (or perhaps just before I depart), after debating with myself (as I touch down on Saturday and the event itself is on Sunday; the next day), knowing how exhausted I am, wanting to support Malaysia and tourism in Malaysia, I agreed. Preparing myself for attending a Fam Trip while sleep-walking or stoned-groggy if not dead asleep. As if #Citrawarna2016 knew about my disappointment in 2015, as if they knew I will be tired, as if they know I want to support, push and highlight one of Malaysia’s best event, they executed, showcased and presented the MOST IMMACULATE performance ever. The rest. Is. History.

As I said earlier, I was speechless. That was how good it was.

You know how a blogger or a writer works? If the story is meaty, if the story is good, if the story has value… writing it is a breeze, like the speed of light (Superhero ‘Flash’ will be impressed), no pause, no nothing. And this is what I am doing know.

The showcase started with a dragon. Yup! A dragon…. Something that is close to my heart. Pahang’s most Myth and Folklore – Naga Tasik Chini or Lagenda Tasik Chini (Lake Chini Dragon or Lake Chini Lagend), a story about a group of Orang Asli or natives/aborigines clearing a land for them to plant their crops, then came an old lady saying that she is the owner of the land and that they can proceed harvesting her land with a condition to NOT to pull out her cane. As suspected, her cane was pulled out by an ignorant local and the village was doomed. Water fountained the whole village hence the birth of Lake Chini.

What impresses me was that the dance itself and the dragon that emerge from the stage… the timing, continuity and transition were seamless.

Then there was the Lagend of Puteri Hill from Terengganu, the legendary princesses from mystical land above. This is when everyone eagerly waited for the unforgettable Ulek Mayang which was sang at the end, giving and adding the drama. Nice touch I thought.

Aside from performance from each state, we were presented with dances representing the largest ethnic group in Malaysia namely Tarian Bunga Teratai or Lotus Dance, symbolizing peace and happiness by the Chinese ethnic, the upbeat Bangra Dance and Indian Classical Dance by the Indian and Sikh community in Malaysia, Sawai by the Orang Asli or aborigines  which caught everyone by surprise as it was rarely being showcased. The Sawai dance represents the Negrito, Semai and Melayu Asli in Malaysia.

Citrawarna this year was unique in a way as it also took into account the neighbouring country that influenced our culture, Raja Naga dance or Dragon King dance from Thailand was also being performed. A dance of a dragon king that appeared in human form and fell in love with Taravadi Princess.  This bewildered the villages as they have not met the Dragon King before this.

The event ended with a grand fireworks and later continued with a concert performed by Ayda Jebat, Datin Alyah, Bunkface to name a few.

Overall I feel Citrawarna 2016 is a huge success that it kept everyone upbeat, curious, intrigued and in awe with its performances, the unspoken heritage (in terms of myth and folklore) and its overall arrangement. I was satisfied as this year’s team has set the bar high for the next year. I can’t wait for next year’s Citrawarna, I bet it will be overwhelming!

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