Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Angry Birds Activity Park Johor

Once a kid, forever a kid. #eh

Johor is synonym to theme parks, namely Legoland and Sanrio Hello Kitty Town but guess what… I just found there is and additional member to the family (and many to come of course) - Angry Birds Activity Park.

If you have heard of Jump Street and Kizsports & Gym (or perhaps Megakidz), then you can easily imagine this 2 combine… Yup! An indoor theme park for kids and adult that offers Angry Birds activities/game, from slacklining to trampoline and from play area to maze space. A place that caters to all age group. Simply perfect (think about it parents, you can drop you kids here [and hubby too] and continue shopping at peace+ease). Oh yah! Did I tell you that it is located in a mall. Perfect to the ‘T’ huh! Whomever that built this must be a woman. Ahaks.

Strangely I was looking forward to this place, I guess because the curiosity in me lah kot – wanting to know how they’ll carry the theme through and through, yet keeping my expectation low – not wanting to be disappointed. Lo and behold, it was rather good. We all had great fun until we were told we only have 30mins to experience the whole place (eyes rolling). Having said that, we manage to squeeze that little time we have and have blast. Located in JBCC Mall in Johor Bharu, one can easily spend 2-3hours having fun (and a little quality bonding time too). In fact, I also think it's a great place to organise a gathering or parties. And guess what, it comes with a cool welcome dance and an Angry Birds mascot as well… I think they should have a similar out in Kuala Lumpur too lah, like seriously.

For those curious few, below are some of their activity/game.

Young kids/Toddlers
Sand Castle Ball, Piggy Shooting Gallery, Spinning Time Machine and Captain Black Birds Ship.

GO! #Kart, Lazer Maze Spaceship, Classic Tower Play, Red Bird Sona and Anti-Gravity #Trampolines.


Space Drop Airbag, Air #Parkour Track, Red Bird Goal, Panna Soccer and Lazer Bird Shoot.

Like any other indoor park, socks as given (red coloured socks to be precise, with an Angry Birds on it (comei giler) and racks for shoes, there are facilitators managing each activity; guiding us on how to go about. I would like to also add that I really like the opening dance (teringat zaman clubbing dulu #eh), kudos to the team for choreographing the dance, it certainly builds up the mood and momentum for us to enjoy the activities inside.

Trained first aid personnel are on standby, for immediate assistance, guest are required to notify our ANGRY BIRDS Flock Members. I was made to understand that Complimentary wheelchairs are also available upon request at the Front Desk.

10.00am to 10.00pm daily

Ticket Price
Adult - RM75
Annual Pass - RM230
Family Pass of 4 - RM280
Family Annual Pass - RM850
Student, single, family and annual passes are available are available, hence fret not. 

Jom, Johor Fam Trip is in collaboration with Johor Tourism and all its sponsors with #GayaTravel as media coordinator.

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