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Pulau Papan Di Labuan B&B

I had so many ideas on how to write this, on what to write as well as the angulation but when putting it into writing, all gone. Whooooosh, hilang pergi mana tak tau! So I guess I have to write this as what I remembered and how my mind thinks, of which might not be good. Hem…..

Anyhow… I need to make it very clear to everyone that I have never been to Labuan before this nor have I read let alone research about Labuan. My knowledge of Labuan is that it is an island (duh!) and it is somewhere near Sabah. I probably know about Tiga Island or Mantanani Island better (yeah… sad, I know), but have you heard about this 2 islands yourselves? Belum kan kan kan…. *smirk*.

It started with me getting an invitation via whatsapp to Labuan, and I agree without hesitant, requesting urgently for the itinerary as I need to know what I will be covering and what else can I do there. This is when, jeng jeng jeng…. I found out that we will be going to nearby islands (note the plural in island). ‘Wow’ I said to myself, pulau and more pulau. Interesting (I murmured). I lied, I already knew few months earlier that island hoping is one of the must do activity when in Labuan (based on a friend’s Instagram post), just that I forgot all about it. Now that I too will be going to the same island is he/them, I can show off lah kan *evil smile*.

They brought us to 2 islands – Karuman Island and Papan Island. After much thought, I figure, Papan Island would be the one for me to share (first, later on Karuman Island) as it is (i) nearer to Labuan, (ii) have a proper and well equip chalet, (iii) offers nature activity as well – ‘jungle’ trekkeing to the light house, eagle's nest and separation rock. Lastly but not least (iv) water activities – banana boat, sofa boat and PERAHU LARAI. Did I get your attention now? Here are some infos to help you plan your trip and activities.

Pulau Papan Di Labuan Bed & Breakfast
Pulau Papan Di Labuan is the only resort located on Papan Island has so much to offer, for a small resort in a small island, its comfortable with the necessary amenities available.
- 6-8mins boat ride from Marina Awam Labuan – subject to weather condition.

- It consist of 3 chalets and each chalet consists of 3 bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, wash room & bathroom
- Each chalet can accommodate up to 6 pax in a chalet – 2x rooms with 2 single bed room in each room and 1x room with queen size bed
- For additional guest (on request) mattress will be provided. Ideally maximum of 10 pax in a chalet (comfortable).

Cost per chalets/room
- RM450 per chalet, excluding boat ride and food

Cost per camp site
- RM90 for solo camper
- RM150 for 2pax, inclusive of return boat ride, a tent, overnight charges & utility charges

Meal - full board
- RM115 per pax for breakfast, lunch and dinner (minimum of 6 pax for the full board*)
* there are on shops nor restaurants on this islands

Day trippers
- RM100 per pax, inclusive of return boat ride, snorkeling, jungle trekking, banana boat ride, perahu larai & set meal

Catering – per meal
- Starts from RM20 - RM80

Water activities
- Sofa Boat Ride - 1 pax for RM30, 2 pax for RM50, 3 pax for RM75 and 4 pax for RM100
- Banana Boat Ride - 2 pax for RM60 (minimum 2 pax, maximum 7 pax)
- Perahu Larai Ride (30mins ride) - 1 pax for RM30 (minimum 4 pax, maximum 8-10 pax)

Outdoor facilities
- Volleyball, sepak takraw courts and barbeque pit

Aside from the above, I was made to understand that one can also have an private event on this island such as team building, family day, birthday parties, get-togethers and etc. They also organized packages duringn school holidays so keep a look-out on their Facebook Page as well as they Instagram.

3 days 2 nights or 4 days 3 nights in Labuan is sufficient but make sure you includes Papan Island in your itinerary and perahu larai is a must. Else you’ll bound to regret it.

Pulau Papan Di Labuan
Tel : +6013-400 7833 or +60 19 5839100

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