Monday, August 5, 2019

Pantheon, an esports Centre : 1st NVIDIA platinum certified iCafe in Malaysia

I told myself that I must write about this place, it is gonna be a good content and guess what, I forgot all about it… until I was cleaning my phone, transferring all the photos then only I realized that I have missed out this article. Aiseyyyy…. Age catching up ke Lily (eyes rolling).

What makes me think this place is content worthy?
Yup! Adam Faisal…. I recalled him seeking my advice on esport stuff for his thesis and I was giving him ideas and tips of which doesn’t much weight I think (as esport if fairly new to me, huhu). He did explain and all, and I do now that Syed Saddiq supported this but it never register what is esport all about. I have a vague understanding but I doubt it is of any use if anyone were to ask me. But nah-ah… now I understood clearly what esport is all about and how it will pave the future of sport and IT (or is it IoT? Hemm…). Anyway, if you are into esport, this place is huge and…. Wait for it ‘legendary!!!!’.

I was already mesmerized the minute I step in into Pantheon, this is way before the owner explain what is it all about, what his investment like, the future of esport and…. The stuff they have. The stuff they have to you awed me. I was practically gawking… kid you not. OK ok ok… gawking might be abit dramatic, I was with ‘ooohs and wows and a lot of nodding’. Obviously lah kan, he spend 5mil to build this center, 5 juta hokkay! He has investor and all but influencing and convincing the investors are not easy job tau.

Ok, so let’s get start shall we…

Virtual Reality
Yes… they have a few sets of these baby… and some of us tried, it was hilarious. If you ever come here or decide to do a birthday bash here (yes, you can block this place for event as well), make sure you get your friends to try this. Sumpah lawak.

VIP Zone
There are about 6 gaming sets (itu ke bebudak panggil? Basically CPU, monitor and etc lah) but whatr makes it cool is that the respective room is dedicated(?) to a brand. For example Omen by HP, Alienware by Dell, Legion by Lenovo, Predator by Acer and others. This allows you to try different gaming brand to see whether the suitability before purchasing one.

Racing Simulators
This one… you F1 lovers. Just come here lah… tak mau cakap banyak. Tengok gambar and imagine yek.

Tournaments Arena
Yes! The Pantheon has a 123-seater arena for staging tournament, you know how it looks right, screen on top (center), people playing beneath it. Viewers sitting circling the arena and there is also a commentator room. Giler lengkap hokkay.

Hemmm… what else? Well, they have PS4 zone, their chairs are all custom made and super comfy, and they also have high-end liquid cooling systems CPU. They have a lot more to offer (other than those I’ve mentioned), you guys just need to drop by and experience it yourself.

Oh! There are very very strict, only those above 12 years of age are allowed, unless accompanied by their parents. Students with school uniforms are a big NO-NO. So, don’t think you can ponteng and come here to lepak tau.

The Pantheon
Lot 2-27 ,The Square @One City
Subang Jaya

Operating hours: 11am-11.45pm (daily)

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