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Skellig Island, Ireland | #MayThe4thBeWithYou

Star Wars’s The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi were filmed in Skellig Island.
And yeah! I’ve been here back in 2018.
Well, sort of.
Kira aci lah kan...

I couldn't afford to visit Skellig Island (where they shot Star Wars The Last Jedi) plus it was closed (reopen in June) hence a trip to Skellig Experience Visitor Centre pun jadi lah. Oh yah! Heads up, most of the shops around Dingle and Ring of Kerry souvenirs are of Skellig Island, Wild Atlantic Way and StarWars.

I’ve made a couple of trips inspired by movies that I watched, such as Greece – Mama Mia, Morocco – Bourne, Hawaii – Hawaii Five O/Fantasy Island/Lost/Jurassic park (but this was a free trip so kira taka ci lah kot kan), New Zealand – Lords of The Ring and India - Dilwale Dulhnia La Jayengge. So when we decided on Ireland, we need a convincing point aside from knowing for a fact that Games of Throne was shot here (tapi I tengok GOT tuh). A movie rang a bell, I remembered when watching Star Wars, where the scene where Luke Skywalker meditating on an island. I also remembered googling on whether this island actually exist. And it is.

Skellig Island, Ireland

Credit photo Vanity fair

Skellig Islands is located approximately 12 km off the coast of Portmagee in South West Kerry, Island. There are 2 islands, the larger one is named Skellig Michael and smaller island is the Little Skellig, it is declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 1996. It is also known as Sceilg Mhichíl or Skellig Michael, reason being it was dedicated to St. Michael in the late tenth or early eleventh century.

Other interesting fact is that the animal that resides on Skellig Island is puffin. In fact, the movie Star Wars porgs was inspired by puffins there. They combined the sound of turkey calls, chicken chirps, and doves to make the porgs sound.

Skellig Experience Visitor Centre

If you are like me, unable to afford the cruise to the Skellig Island that is you can visit the Skellig Experience Visitor Centre situated on Valentia Island just off the famous Ring of Kerry. Kira aci lah kan.

There’s a café (itu yang we all terjah dulu sebab lapor), information on the history and archaeology of Skellig Island, documentary among others. You can also have a picnic outside the centre, it is really really beautiful. Kid you not.

Ring of Kerry

Credit photo Google

Located at the south-western of Ireland and is very far from Belfast/Dublin. One of the best place for you to experience Wild Atlantic Way. We made a few stop along the coastal road to feel the Atlantic breeze. Will share more in next blog.

I would like to suggest for you to stay in Portmagee village during the 1st week of May to celebrate the Star Wars ‘May the 5th be with you’ event. They have few activities during that time frame.


The Skellig Experience Visitor Centre
Valentia Island
Co. Kerry
V23 YD52

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