Wednesday, June 24, 2020

EQ Hotel, Kuala Lumpur - (Covid-19) SOP Implementation

Of all the media trips that I’ve participated, this is the most unique one.

As everyone know (whole world knows too), the Covid-19 pandemic has hit whole world for the last few months and Malaysia is not excepted. We are now recovery stage or recovery movement control order (RMCO) effective from 10 June till 31 August as announced by our Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

Relaxation of operations has been given to few other non-essentials businesses as well as activities. Thanks to the active Covid-19 swab test, daily MKN reminders via sms on SOP and social distancing, fellow Malaysia that by-hearted the rules and follow it to the ‘T’. And to our healthcare team that relentlessly took care of the Covid-19 patients and conducting screening (especially those in the red zone), I bow to you.

This is perhaps a mark of hard-earned additional freedom gained by a combination of strict government enforcement of Covid-19 precautions, the health authorities' active Covid-19 screenings, and Malaysians' compliance with rules and precautions, but the Health Ministry is still reminding Malaysians daily to continue to comply with standard operating procedures and to practice social distancing.

Good news for travelers is that starting 10 June onwards, Malaysians are allowed to travel domestically or inter-state, international borders will still remain shut. With this in mind, a lot of hotels around Kuala Lumpur and whole of Malaysia is gearing and ready to accept local tourist for a staycation or a weekend getaway. Necessary and extra precaution/steps has been taken into consideration by the hoteliers, and I am proud to say, the one I experienced at was SUPERB (good job Equatorial). I am going to make it easy for you by listing their plus points.

The (temperature) gun
I was greeted with a temperature gun, my particulars were taken as usual. On top of this, a list of questions needed to be answered before I can check in. I can do this manually or online. And of course, I have to answer it truthfully.

The room distancing
Yup! Yup! Yup! Not only human was asked to kept a distance, room were ‘insisted’ to do the same. The hotel has 50-60% occupancy rate as they only house their visitor every alternate room UNLESS you book a connecting room (for family).

The (add-on) toiletry set
Welcoming the NEW Kids On The Block – The Sanitiser!

The (sweet) touch
Non-SOP related but deserve a HUGE applause… instead of putting a typical western chips/snacks, EQ Hotel localize the complimentary snacks – Kuih Makmur and Murukku.

The (2-days) quarantine room
Upon guest checking-out, the room will be quarantined for 2 days before they disinfect it on the 3rd day.

The detergent and water
Mattress, pillow and cushion covers are being washed with a special detergent, and the water temperature is being increased to 60degree Celsius. The extra precaution to ensure guest’s safety.

The room with a view
Another non-SOP related point - KL Tower/KLCC view, ask them for this room. Enough said *wink*.

The gym
Only 5 pax is allowed at a time and you need to registered and book a slot.

The F&B outlets
Similar to the room distancing, the table is placed 1-2 meter apart. Individual guest will sit alone, where else family members or group can sit together.

The ‘serving’ buffet
This was rather interesting as the buffet menu is being served just like a course-meal AND you can repeat the dish you that like, they will serve it to you. Again.

The alfresco dining (with KL view)
Come on… trust me on this one. I don’t have the night photo to proof it as the area is closed during (R/E/C)MCO period but it does look amazing even during day time.

The alfresco pool (with KL view)
Cool right!

Go book your stay there, I bet you’ll love it.

Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO)
Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO)
Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO)
Movement Control Order (MCO)

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Post MCO (SOP) Media Trip is in collaboration with Tourism Malaysia and all its sponsors.

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