Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Nasi Kluban in Kuala Selangor, A Javanese deliciacy

First time hearing and didn’t have time to google before I join this trip, hence I have minimal to almost no expectation of Nasi Kluban. And if you read this entry of mine, my only (sincere) advice to you is, go try eat…. SUMPAH SEDAP GILER.

But I heard it is not sold everywhere, so I foresee this will be a challenge.

Similar to Nasi Ambeng (write about it earlier, click HERE to read), Nasi Kluban originated from Java Island in Indonesia, and is usually served during festivities such as thanksgivings (majlis kesyukuran) such as kid birthdays and aqiqah. It is frequently served during majlis melenggang perut (baby shower) which is usually at the 7th month of the pregnancy.
Nasi Kluban too is presented in a large tray or ‘dulang’ and enjoyed by a group of 4 to 5 people. It signifies unity and togetherness also encourages the act of caring and sharing among family members, friends and fellow villagers just like Nasi Ambeng. It is also said that the food is to be divided equally and guest to bring it home and share it with family members.
As I love the kluban (kerabu) so much, I shall share the recipe here. It is pretty easy to make… nanti nak buat lah.

The decor ingredient, make sure you have all these read (goreng-goreng jer)

Ingredients to make the kluban (kerabu)

How to make the coconut floss (serunding kelapa)

1. Fry the blended ingredient

To blend :
Chili (birds eye chili and fresh chili)
Aromatic/sand ginger or cutcherry (kencur)
+ add salt to taste (abit of palm sugar if need be)

2. Add grated coconut - only the white ones (kelapa parut - yang putih)
Fry till dry and golden brown

3. Mix the coconut floss with sliced vegetables
Remove from wok and add sliced vegetable

Sliced vegetables :
Bean sprout (tauge)
Winged bean (kacang botol)
Long bean (kacang panjang)
King's salad (ulam raja)
Brazillian spinach (bayam Brazil)
+ Mix and marry the coconut floss and all the thinly sliced vegetables well

4. Ready to be served

To be served in a large tray (dulang) with :
Rice (4-5 pax portion)
Salted egg
Fried fish
Fried fermented soyabean (tempe)

Sometimes Nasi Kluban when served during melenggang perut (baby shower), is paired with 7 type of vegetables or 7 types rojak (pickled fruits). The number 7 signifies the 7th month of the pregnancy. This custom is is till being practice in Kuala Selangor.

If you want to try the Kluban dish (kerabu), just head over to :

D’ Bagan Awang Restaurant
Jalan Pawang Ghaffar
Kampung Bagan Sungai Buloh
Jeram, Selangor
Mobile : 011 - 14337866

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