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Kuak Hill Resort | A Place You’ll Never Regret Visiting

I have mix feeling when I heard about this place, namely because it’s on a hill. Well, that’s about it. Hahhahah…. Lame excuse, yah yah… I know. Me being me, am worried nonetheless, for everything under the sun. Thou shall not worry fellow friends (gitew, cam medieval period pulak rasanya), all is well, all is safe. I am being overly concern (as usual). Ahaks.
I must say, riding the ATV downhill and uphill at that height was exhilarating! But oh boy! It was the best experience of this place, aside from having the bragging rights lah (our chalet was the biggest and bestest of all). Let me do this. I’ll share on things to do here, the chalets and some #traveltips, howabout that!

Things To Do In Kuak Hill Resort
3D2N trip here sounds about okay cos 2D1N will be way to short. And mind you, once you are here, to venture out is abit of a hassle so they make sure you are pretty much occupied here. And oh yah… Internet is not at its best, maka paham-pahamlah yea.

  • ATV – A must must must. I have to admit that the slope was scary for me to ride downhill (get someone to do it if you are penakut, having said that I managed to ride down on my own at a slow speed). As for uphill, I ramp up selaju-lajunya ler. Hahhahaha….
  • Swimming – They have a swimming pool (natural water source/air gunung) overlooking Tasik Raban, the view is simply majestic
  • Trampoline – I saw but did not manage to try, with my current weight nanti orang ingat gempak bumi pulak.
  • Trekking – Yes, they have this but you will need to inform them upfront as permit need to be obtained.
  • Karaoke – Night activity… It’s public area by the way, I habaq awai-awai na…
  • Petting zoo – Peacock, cats

And here are my #TraveTips!
  • Make sure your stay is a 3D2N for you to fully embrace the smell of the nature
  • Unless you plan to go here and write a book, make sure you come with friends/family (takut mati kutu pulak nanti)
  • Shops/resto are miles away, bring snacks/Maggie and all
  • Bring your own food for BBQ (for glampers) and rent the pit, or alternatively take their BBQ package
  • Ask for their full board cost (ie. all meal included, no shop nearby remember)
  • Bring sunblock
  • Bring swimsuit
  • Bring own toiletries
  • Slippers/flip-flop jangan pulak lupa
  • It gets pretty cold night, bring proper pyjamas (Long John tuh takyah ler)
  • Sneakers of you plan to trek/ride the ATV (additional charges for ATV)
  • You can do morning yoga… nice view and air
Accommodation at Kuak Hill Resort
(do take note that despite that some of the units are of pax capacity, the price is due to the location/view)

Villa 1
- RM549 per room/night (including breakfast)
- 1x Queen bed + 2x sofa bed (4pax)
- 1x bathroom
- Fan + Air-con
(Room photo credit : Shahevanddy)

Villa 2, 3, 5 
- RM249 per room/night (including breakfast)
- 1x Queen bed + 1x sofa bed (3pax)
- 1x bathroom
- Fan + Air-ncon
(Room photo credit : Mek Onnie)

Villa 4 (duplex)
- RM699 per room/night (including breakfast)
- 2x Queen bed (4pax)
- 1x bathroom
- Fan + Air-con

Villa 6, 7, 8
- RM299 per room/night (including breakfast)
- 1x Queen bed + 1x sofa bed (3pax)
- 1x bathroom
- Fan + Air-con

- RM199 per room/night (including breakfast)
- 4x Sleeping Bags (2x Sleeping Bags for each tent)
- 2x Tent
- Dining table/chair (for 4pax), Sink, Light (each tent), Fan (each tent), 3-way extension cord, Dustbin
- Hammock
- Common toilet/shower
- Common surau

Kuak Hill Resort
Kg Lata Papan, Kuak

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