Thursday, February 8, 2024

Iftar at Pasar Baru & Ramada - Le Meridien, PJ

Never realised there’s a Le Meridien in PJ until Miera told me ‘at Paradigm Mall’ so she said. Apa lagi, I head there to join her and sample Iftar buffet that they will be offering come Ramadan month.

Le Meridien did it in a very unique way as they offer 2 area/concept for Ramadan Iftar – Ramadan Bazaar at Pekan Baru Coffee House and Ramada at their Grand Ballroom. And guess what, I get to try both spread recently and I have to say that Le Meridien outdo themselves this time around. Their spread was unlike many others, few was unique to Le Meridien (until I see one that can outdo them that is, ahaks).
Let’s start with why I said theirs was unique…

A must have dish will be ‘kerabu’ and the spread that they have was vast (well, at least to me) – ranging from kerabu kacang botol isi kelapa (favourite), kerabu limau bali udang kering, kerabu kaki ayam kacang panggang, kerabu maggi ala Thai and many more. Impressive huh… and this is just the ‘salad’ starter.

Another must have will be the ‘belangas’ of ‘gulai kawah’, from gulai daging umbut pisang (the umbut pisang is not that common) to gulai nangka dengan ikan bilis, to rendang Minang and Ekor Asam Pedas to name a few. These goes well with hot white rice, and what us Malay will say – makan panas-panas masa Tengah lapar. Syok!

Sup Gearbox! You heard me right alright! It is also available here.

I tried the Hydrabadi Rice as I saw plates having this, my first impression was full strong taste of spices that pairs well with lamb varuval (another one of my favourite dish), lala goreng kari and ayam golek (you must must try the ayam golek sambal, sumpah sedap!!!).

After eating the so called ‘Kepong’ claypot yee mee (ala-carte), I was too full to try the mee ketam.

Then there’s the Chinese selection that serves stir-fry black pepper chicken, wok-fry butter prawn and many more.

Of course, the dessert session is the one everyone is aiming for as the spread was amazing and simply beautiful. They even have churros station (yup! Serve live hokkay).

The western dessert showcases arrays of delectables such as chocolate éclair, pandan layer cake, strawberry mousse, crème brulee, chocolate pot de crème to name a few.

Bubur manis ie lin chi kang, pengat durian and bubur pulut hitam aside from bubur lambuk is also made available for their Ramadan guests.

11 March – 8 April, 2024
Ramadan Bazaar – Pasar Baru
RM178 nett p/pax

18 March – 8 April, 2024
Ramada -  Grand Ballroom
RM128 nett p/pax

So apa tunggu lagi, JOM!

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