Thursday, August 20, 2009

outDOOR Bootcamp

I have been “given” the task to run the 4th bootcamp in Aug09, well…. so was the previous three bootcamp, actually… ahhahah (I think it has now falls under my scope of work). As much as I dread doing, planning, arranging, coordinating it, the outcome is normally fun. CORRECTION! SUPER FUN! Don’t think the participant agree with me here, as they are the one being “bullied” buuut in the name of fun, I think everyone enjoyed it. Or at least they pretended to. :p

As usual, we started of with quiz, assignments, workshop, presentation, the whole works lar…. Partners were divided into 4 teams with 1 team from internal. All party must compete in every activity; let it be assignment, presentation, quiz, telematch (the best part) or teambuilding. Having said that, the night drops & prizes are GOOOOOD! Upon checking it, they were given the teambuilding shirt each with our event name – outDO, outMATCH or outPERFORM. The first night they gotten notebook cable pouch with goodies inside – plaster, panadol, mask, sanitizer & Redoxon (with all the H1N1 cases, thought this might help). Then the last night was an earplug from SonicGear. Good huh!

Here comes the fun part. You see, every last night of a boot camp, it is almost by default we have a Karaoke session where we “sing” our heart out (yeah yeah..), And every boot camp I felt that I should add a twist so that my partners and internal will be caught off guard. Yup! They sure did!! I decided, aside from the teambuilding activity I plan on the last day, I should have a telematch as well, as an icebreaker. HOWEVER, after looking at the plan (3days 2nighs); no way I can fit it in. Hemm…… *ponder ponder*…. Ah hah! *wink wink*, I shall do this telematch thing at NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! Muahhaha, what can be more fun then looking at a bunch of adults running everywhere, doing silly things right? Right!

First game was “Broken Phone”, where by the leader will be given a short story of which they need to remember within 1 min near a loudly blasted speaker (plus the emcee will disturb them, we not gonna make it easy ofcos). And they need to relay this massage to the 2nd person, then the 2nd to the 3rd etc, and the last person will need to write what they heard. Oh boy! I have the weirdest answers.

The story :
A tutor who tooted the flute, tried to tutor two tutors to toot. Said the two to the tutor, is it harder to toot or to tutor two tooters to toot.

And what I got was :
The turtle eat the food.
The tutor was good, so the tutor is goooood.

I have few others SILLY game ie helicopter, balloon stampede, 4 legged race etc. The helicopter was fun though. After doing ten circles with head down, you will need to run straight to the last checkpoint, grab 500ml water bottle and POUR it INTO another bottle. After all the dinner, few games before this, NO WAY one can do a straight line and “grab” a bottle, they will be too dizzy to even walk straight! Hahahhaa…. Love my work!

Last day - teambuilding…. My fault again, (as if I didn’t learn enough from the last bootcamp in Cameron Highland, LILY! DOINK!) what I did was... look at the list Colmar Tropicale has given, choose the shortest hour option for teambuilding = Outdoor Orienteering (3 hours). I’ve enquired, they said “Easy peasy, read the compass, look at map and walk….” Sound easy right? How hard can it be mah… Hell, it’s hard! My leg still arching (keeping fit is definitely NOT my forte). What they FAIL to inform ME is that we will be “walking” in secondary jungle and it’s a rainforest jungle! Leeches, slopes, dampness, insects, thorns etc. Not just that, I figure…. Since the walk “going to be easy”, hemm… why not I give them an egg for them to “babysit” during this “walk”… if the egg survived the whole trail. Extra marks will be given. God! I must be crazy! SIOW!

Alas, all of us made it back safely, some injured with leeches, mosquito & thorn bites = small matters (for city kids, big deal yah). We have lunch at Jap restaurant at Japanese Garden…. The food was good, we finished EVERYTHING. I gave them a surprise of purchasing Baskin Robbins for them, all the way from KL. They enjoyed tremendously, and prize given soon after. Hey! My internal team got number 2 – NOT BAD! Bravo guys!

Got a ride home in Turbo Tung car, he drove slow since am sooo worried (slow to him, still fast to me ofcos – but yet safe lar). Reached home, me cat greet me lovingly, sigh.... the tiredness gone instantly.

Should I shower you with my other bootcamps? The one where the teambuilding was held in an Ostrich Farm? Hehehee…. Maybe I should huh… *wink*

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