Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Land of the Long White Cloud

Day 2
(27 Sept’09).

Get up really early and walked to the train station which is about 7 mins away - hem… our journey finally begin.

The flight was 20 mins delayed and NZ is on Day Light Saving Time; meaning we need to add one more hour - thus 5 hours different from Malaysia. And yet, we still arrive ahead of schedule, basically we were almost 1 hour ahead of time, perhaps no air marshal guarding the speed on Sunday (Andrea said)! Hahhahaha…..

The flight to New Zealand was smooth, lotsa of cloud (almost never ending), guess that’s why the Maori named in “The Land of Long White Cloud”; I couldn’t agree more.

But before I “story” my journey, we have one BIG worry - food that we plan to bring… will it go thru NZ immigration. We googled, read, asked around, everything we can think of, just to comfort ourselves. OK! No dairy (we all know that) product. My sis and I combed thru all instant noodle in Tesco strangely (not to our knowledge), most of the instant noodles are with milk (bet most of us not aware of that huh). Only few selected brands aren’t with (and those won’t be my favourite flavour). Sigh…

Touched down, went thru the immigration, passport was ok, when thru the “food declare” line, they confiscate my serunding (chicken floss), arghhh.….. As suspected. Gave in willingly. Instant noodle? LEPAS! YEAY!!!

We walked straight to Information counter, booklets on NZ was at abundance, I meant really at abundance!!! KID YOU NOT! (am still in denial on why not Malaysia do the same, something we should learn and adopt). Scoop almost the entire shelves (just kidding - only on South Island), of course my hand-carry bag is heavy like hell now. KIASU! Enquired on how to get to our accommodation and was told that we can take the shuttle for NZ$25 for 2 pax and it drop us in front of our backpacker in. GREAT!
Excitedly we reached our JAIL! SERIOUS! We managed to book ourselves at this place called JAILHOUSE ACCOMMODATION in Addington, Christchurch. It was a prison loooooong time ago until a couple bought it over from the government and change it to a hostel for backpackers. The place is really really cool. Will cerita to you guys much later as we will be back here before we fly back to Brisbane, then Malaysia. By then I will have more pics to share and will be able to tell you the jail story, in fact; will reserve one entry on this alone! Bet none of you stayed in a state prison before, in NZ (unless being forced to) !?!? Hahahhaa…… COOL HUH!
Reached the “jail” at 5ish, dumped our luggage, snap a few pics and went out to Park & Save to buy some bread to eat with Andrea’s goreng belado ikan bilis (chili anchovies - yeah! She got away with it! ENVY!). The lady said it’s a 20mins walk, and as we suspected 45 walk - Asian smaller maa….. Ahhahaa…..

Bought bread, water, Kit Kat dark chocolate and chips. Oklar to alas perut for the night. Reached the room, apa lagi, makan lar…. And multi-task ie doing some researches from those booklets we’ve just gotten, repacked out bags, warmed ourselves (sitting near the heater) and blogging (me lar tuh, ahhahaaa).
Sigh….. Abit tired now as we have been traveling none stop switching countries and time zone, body aching - needed the much rest we owe ourselves. *YAWN*…. Heading to bad now.

But before that, which one would adek Fatin like?

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