Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stress - haven't pack yet!


Haven’t pack yet, so far am at 3 pairs of shoes - (1) Timberland/Adidas for walking cum hiking (2) slipper for shotover ride and (3) ballerina shoe for Il Divo.

Sigh.... Great! Just great! 2 weeks of traveling and am only at 3 pairs of shoes, I believed some attire are required during this trip (!?!?!), but which one? what to wear? when to wear? will it look good on the pic (very crucial here as I don't have the $$$ to go NZ again for retake if it did not turn out "A" OK) …. Now with all the office work that I need to finalise, approve and clear… I don’t have enough time to pack….
ARGHH!!! Anyone care to help? For RM20? Ehhehehee….

Sigh….. Macam mana ni…..Ok…. Focus Lily! Let's just do this and get it over with!

1. Grey short dress that I bought recently - saving for this trip - Christchurch
2. Purple mini dress from F21 - wear with legging - Mount Cook/Twizel

3. Green ala Laura Ashley dress for Il Divo (woohoo!)
4. I Heart Malaysia for Shotover ride or in Queenstown - mesti promote Malaysia babe!
5. Blue checkered skirt with blue turtle neck at Greymouth

**Hey… am on the role here…… finalizing my attire in my brain, now need to figure on executing it, RM20 - anyone? Heheheh….**

6. Red checkered skirt (feel like Scottish) with black turtle neck - Christchurch
7. White floral dress for Arrowtown
8. Legging with ??? Top (haven’t figure it out - sigh..) Milford Sound cruise.
9. Legging with ??? Top for don’t know whichever day….

10. HRC Fiji first day in Brisbane

11. "Mister Men and Little Miss" blue top for Goldcoast HAPPY day trip
12. "I like to travel" turquoise shirt on one of the days lar...
13. Must bring - Liz C sweater and jacket.

This should be it for now… will try to pack on Friday night…. but for now?


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