Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 5 | Santorini, Voted the Best Sunset In The World

I am in Olympic!!!!!

Olympic Air that is.... HAHHAHAHHA.... by the way, they give away nice & yummy chocolate.

You guys must be wondering, we must be rich taking a flight instead of boat/ship from Athens to Santorini right? Story mory sikit, when I made the decision (Yah! I was in charge of all "big" transportation and Wahidah handles the accommodation - that's how we split our chores), if I remembered correctly the boat (ermm... perhaps we call it ship cos it's really huge) takes more then 7 hours from point to point (click here for more detail) which cost us RM155 p/pax (diff liner, diff speed, cost differently). I figure a flight taking only 50mins which cost RM276 will buy us more time (6 hours more) in Santorini as we only be spending 1 night here. At the end, it's cost versus time and time won. I guess at times we need to be practical lor.

Oh yah! I book my flights via Expedia as it was cheaper at that point of time. Of cos occasionally I book directly with the airline lar.

As a sweet friend volunteered to treat us ladies to a 1 free night in Santorini, I "assume"; Santorini will be managed by them lar.... after all, the island is fairly small. No trains, subways etc, only buses - easy peasy kan. So, panic giler they all sesampai airport, baca map cam nak rak camna pi hotel. Heheheh... kesian and kelakar ler pulak. I will cite their outcome and thoughts on the trip. Very interesting I must say.

We took cab which cost us EU15 from airport to hotel which is less then 10 mins away (seriously, luckily we split the cost 4 way, else memang leh kopak!). How the hotel look like, cost and view will be storied towards the end of this entry yah. Be sabou.

This is a must share, this is actually a fridge magnet and abit mahal but since I collects fluffy fridge magnets too; I just must have this lar kan! And the guys sombong tak nak beli yet but ended up with no magnets from Santorini (at all). YUP! None! Kelakau giler, tuh ler, procrastinate and dok pikiq lama lama sapa suruh. Picky ler lagi! By the way, magnet CUTE kannnnnn!!!!

This one, Zali excited giler, cos Pontian town is in Santorini. (Pontian is a town in state of Johore located in Malaysia).

I read about this cable car but it doesn't sound at all impressive in fact it was so hard to get more info aside from the cost. We stumbled on the signage to go the cable car station so we decided to check it out (naik atas ler gak), of cos along the way was caldera view and shopping lanes (click here for more info on caldera) which is breathtaking.

It cost about EU4-4.50 per way and you can only go up either via cable car or donkey at EU5/=.

Once you reach the bottom/port, there's nothing much to see, well.. you CAN take some of the island ride from here. And since we only have today for sightseeing the tomorrow leaving to Mykonos, we decided to forgo the island hopping. Rationally all the islands are beautiful and not to be missed, but can we cover the whole island on Aegean Sea? I figure we can't lor... sooo... opted it out. Sedih ler gak kan... abih nak buat cam na, cuti 2 minggu jek.

Nih bodyguard kiterang, check out the water... everywhere looks like this okay! The water is crystal clear, felt like jumping in!!!! GERAM!

Then we headed to... yup! You've guessed it! Oia (pronounce as Ia), this is where the most beautiful Caldera located, apparently it IS said to be the MOST BEAUTIFUL sunset in the world. Wallahuallam... To me, if you are with you love one, anywhere is the MOST BEAUTIFUL sunset ler kan. Hehhehe..... But, it is superbly beautiful even though I wasn't here during sunset.

Thus.... there's so many wedding couples come here for their wedding album, I asked the planner and the news is that most of them are from China. In fact, 27 couples stayed at our hotel. Meaning.... KAYA!!!! (Rich!). WOW!

How to go about here? You need to get to Oia from Thira or Fira town bus stop/terminal which cost around EU1.60 or so, the journey took 30-45mins and it goes thru the mountains overlooking the sea and what I believe either a vineyard or olive farm. A very scenic ride for sure.

First thing when we reach Oia was this Proton shop, amboi!!! Side business ker En. Proton kite? Hehhehe....

We asked for direction (in general, following the crowd will do ler), and the tourist info counter at the bus stop happily told us tourist... "turn here, go straight, turn there, then you see the caldera... yeah! That's where the blue domes are". I guess, she gets the same question 10000 times a day. Hahhahha.... As we go upwards (Yeah! UPWARDS).... we did few stops here and there to take picsss and picssss and more picsssss.....

Then woe behold!!!!!! You see it??? There... the Aegean Sea, the caldera, the blue dome, the most beautiful place in Greece! I have been here, done that! WOO HOOO!

I believe the below is one of the popular scenery pic to all tourist.

Donkey is everywhere... like everywhere.... it's hard to miss them.

It will take you about 1-2 hours to reach this nice site and of cos shorter time if you do not stop everywhere to looksee-looksee and take those awesome view pic. Not sure whether is it a good idea to overnight here as I imagine it will be very quiet at night. Oh yah! So, we stayed near the town and airport (Thira/Fira).

OK! Next, about our hotel. We stayed at Volcano View Hotel & Villa.... I really need to thank our dear friend, it was the absolute best (but Bucharest bed was nicer lar) view hotel I ever stayed in my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE.

This is my little room facing the sea.... oh yah.... cool huh!

This is my hotel view, all rooms are facing the sea. I suppose I do not need to describe in details, pic says a 1000 word right :)

I checked out shortly after this pic was taken. Sigh.... next island - Mykonos.

For more pics, please stop by my Facebook link :
Athens click HERE
Aegean Island click HERE

Hyperlink credits : Wikipedia & Volcano View Hotel


kemang~ said...

lawa gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!

*meroyan terguling-guling*

btw sis, poskad dah sampai..tq ! :)

Diana Diane Teo said...

Itu fluffy fridge magnets really so cute.........

Sick6tySix™ said...

kan? lawa gila oink oink ah senang cite..

Martha Z said...

Wow! Beautiful pictures and I love the donkey going up the stairs. The blue sea and the blue domes are breathtaking. Thanks for sharing these.

Lily Riani said...


sure ada harapan...sure leh gi nye, i approval ur nye travel request. hehehee... btw, tak yah meroyan, tgk gambo lama sambil terkebil2 jek. ehheh....


thank you... u shud check out my collection.


thanks... oink blkn babs ke? hahahhah


thanks, i soo wanted to try the donkey but.... my friends said too SMELLY.

just.HY said...

what can i say...only OMG!!! sgt2 lawa laaa itu punye blue dome! the best scenic ever! i bet the real views with our own eyes much more beuatiful. kan kan? hihi...

mesti berguru dgn u nnt. ;p

eileeninmd said...

What a lovely tour, it is a beautiful place. Sorry you missed the sunset. The water and the hotel looks wonderful. What a lovely view. Gorgeous photos, have a great trip!

Lily Riani said...

bdk2 @ John,

on behalf of greece & santorini, i nak ucap kan sama sama atas terima kasih you. ehhehehhe.... berguru apa nih? i bukan pandai, merapu pandai ler....


it is a beautiful place and hotel, i think the sunset would have been perfect. oh well! we cant win them all.

Unknown said...

Ya Allah.........cantiknye laut-laut ituuuuuuuuuuuu.. (huwaaaa lama dah tak mandi lautttttttttt)

Dan blue dome tu memang marveles, it reminds me of the Sisterhood of travelling pants 2 huhuhu

Gil Ra Im said...

Masya Allah! AMAZING! STUNNING~! hello, i yg dpt tgk gambar ni je pun, dah rasa mcm nak terjun dlm laut tu. ape lagi u guys yg kat sana kan.. rasa mcm nak kawen kat sana je..bleh wat outdoor kat sane. hahahah poyo ;p

Biqque said...

haah, lama tak mandi laut sampai wetsuit i pun dah kecut! damnnnn!

Lily Riani said...


cite tuh mmg i suka, not so much becos of the cite but of the sceneries. i cant remember movie mana yang membuat i nak gi pulau ni but i remembered teh first time i saw, i tulis sbb i said i MUST visit this one day. ceh wah.... heheheh....

Gil Ra Im,

kannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.... mmg byk sungguh wedding kat sini but i lagi suka kat mykonos sbb nye lagi homey and quaint.


u tuh yg dah kecut kooooot..... wet suit tgk tuan dia pun naik segan. gi ler mabul... i dgr cantek. ehhehe... or maldives.

George said...

Your photos from Santorini are beautiful. The blue of the sea is truly amazing.

Fatt said...

superb la tmpt ni...aku baru smpai ke blog ko...nampaknya byk kene jogging page2 belakang...jarang dpt baca info psl tmpt2 yg org jarang2 pegi so aku akan refer blog ko...thanks! ;)

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

This is it ... the very place to see..the Aegean Sea, the caldera, the blue dome. Nice pixz tQ

mummy lesha said...

wow !!!! your pictures are gorjesssss ! nih bukan camera trick kan ??! :)

btw, do they speak english there ?

LifeRamblings said...

i absolutely love Santorini. your lovely pics bring back fond memories.

Emm said...

Santorini looks just stunning. I really want to go there, especially after seeing your and Life Ramblings photos.

shah_rule said...

owh my god the view was awesome~ cepatlah jadi kaya.. nak g sini!!!! hehe

Lily Riani said...


thanks for the nice compliements :D


brapa kilo dah dok jog. ahahhah.... sama2 ler kite jog.


merci boucoup.

mummy lesha,

tak tweak, ori! and yes speakong england but not everyone ler.

Lily Riani said...

life ramblings,

beautiful huh! love the islands too.


do visit! its cheap now. ahhahahhah

shah rule,

i rasa leh afford kot... costing nye in the earlier entry.

gi ler...

shah_rule said...

ok start menabung~ hehe ei Ryan air tak sampai Athens la~ hmmm cmne ek nak smpai sane dengan murah.. ada airport dia yang dia masuk kat greece, tapi mcm jauh je dari Athens... serious dah 4,5 kali masuk pages ni tengok gamba nie.. cantik nyeeeeeeee

Lily Riani said...

shah rule,

rasa nye leh lower lagi tau. ok... enjoy surfing :)

greek costing >>>


Shingo T said...

Hey Lily,
my Wifey alays wanted to go Santorini, but I'm too stingy, hahaha.

My dad's birthplace is in Pontian (the Johor one). =p

Lily Riani said...

u can afford leh, here you go.

Unknown said...


I wish to jump into those photos in an instant. God, Santorini is superbly gorgeous and yeah, I think spending it with love ones even much better. Imagine riding scooter by the beach! Arghh...sweet :)

I have a friend that is also planning a wedding here. I hope he invited me so I can have strong reason to be here.

Lily Riani said...


take your wifey there, no regrets. promise :)

aah... your dad from santorini too? ehehheh


you must visit, strong reason or not. 3d2n will be find with love one, without? 2d1n should do just right. ehhehe

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