Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 6 | Mindblogging Mykonos

Don't ask me how I got to know or why I wanted to visit this island.

But I suspected because when I googled, HRC is also located in Mykonos. Hahahha.... Yup! I go where HRC is. Giler kan?

Been busy this week with the start of our new business quarter for FY12...sigh... now catching up with life. Psst.... I plan a give-away on the next blog entry... tunggu yek!

Well, we rode on a Hydrofoil from Santorini to Mykonos which took us approximately 2.5 hours to arrive (cool boat huh!) and of cos we were superbly excited as we landed on this island.... who wouldn't right? It's whitewashed buildings of which none of it were more then 2-3 stories height (al-kontot jek semua), turquoise Aegean Sea and clear blue sky perfected the scenery here. Personally, I felt it was nicer and warmer then Santorini (perhaps because I wasn't on honeymoon trip to Santorini kot...ehhehe.... (abit potong steam ler kan...kuang kuang kuang).

The cost for this Hydrofoil? RM230 / EU52, you can google randomly and it will always direct you the standard few liners, so you need not worry; all boats are safe (at least from what I see lar) and clean. But of cos, if there's a concern, do read the reviews; after all, everyone's expectations are different :)

Oh! Do note that the cost varies as it is base on the boat & speed that you wish, for us we felt we should pay slightly more to arrive earlier, else we loses time. There was also another worry as most site I read says that the boat are not on time, oh well.... it was true for this particular journey; it was 20mins or so delayed... so, ok lor.... (No, the sea wasn't choppy!)

This is the view from my room. Hemm... abit about where we stayed.

Remember in previous blog entry, we stayed at this magnificent hotel? Well, this time around we need to EXTREMELY CUT OUR COST (hahahhaha...... to recover the overspend!) hence we chose to stay in a hostel or to me was more of Bed & Breakfast (minus the breakfast actually, maybe I should say Bed & Grape ... hiihihi, She gace us a plate of grape from her orchard). I was never fussy of where I have to stay as long as it is clean and accessible. Betul tak travelholic sekian? Janji dapat jalan ndak?

And you know what, this was the perfect choice as it is a walking distance to EVERYWHERE. How good can this be, ngam mou? Those sophisticated hotels are located on the other side of the island and one need a car to the town... NEH!!!! It's ok, I stay here cheap cheap and near near so its easy peasy.

The cost? RM14 / EU3.2 per night. HAHHAHAH... real shocker huh! Click here if you need to see our costing. I did say, we need to cut cost! Kiasu or not?

How can you not fall in LOVE? Sigh.... quaint giler! We took a cab which I can't remember the cost (I doubt it hit EU10 per trip) to the hostel, GUESS WHAT? 5 MINUTES DRIVE, you can even walk!!! KID YOU NOT!!! But of cos, upon arrival; we wouldn't be able to get our barrings right plus it's located in the maze lane, you can easily get lost here. The risk is too much for us we figure.

We encounter a problem upon arrival at the door step, the hostel was CLOSE. BETUL!!! The taxi helped to call the owner and he said he will arrive in 5-10mins, ok lar, we wait jek. When he arrives, he said he had CLOSED DOWN his hostel because there was a family issue back in Athens and he is required to be there. In fact, he just arrived Mykonos 2 hours earlier because he did not receive any email reply from Wahidah with regards to his notification of hostel closure. Ntah betul atau tidak sebab Wahidah check email just before depart and tak da email from dia pung. Hem....

Anyway, he was responsible enough to rebook us with another hostel which was a walking distance at same cost, owner name - Maria and she was the sweetest person! (I tell you way later). Sooooo.... no regrets with this misscomm. YEAY! (Giler nasib baik, else mana nak cari tempat tidur, kene tidur kat tepi pantai kot, ala ala trip Fatt to Korea! Hehhehe... mencabou tuh).

After dumping our bags, apa lagi, we took a stroll to the sea front ie the town, YEAH! It was only this big. Easy peasy huh! If you claimed you got lost here, I be utterly SURPRISE!

We didn't even get any direction, pandai pandai jek... it is reallllllly easy!

As we have only 1 night here and the fact that we arrive at 2.40pm, hence we don't have that much time (depart via ferry at 2.15pm the next day) so we decide to dump our luggage, refresh and jalan jalan.

The Little Venice

The plan, we walk to the town and take pics here and there and look for Little Venice & the famous icon of Mykonos - windmill. And .... the windmill must be catch at sunset! That was my requirement! No other time but sunset okay! Dengar dak???

We arrives at the "hill" as the sunset approaches.... giler excited babe! This is how the city looks like during sunset! Beautiful huh!

And of cause, the windmill is not that hard to locate.


In fact, I found a prop as well (the girl).... I think her view is nicer from my angle, perhaps I should sell it to her hubby!?!? Hehhehe....

Sigh.... God is great huh! A simple sunset can give a different impact and mood to scenery and human alike.

We were told by the cab driver that we MUST catch Petros - The Mykonos Pelican (a VERY HUGE Pelican). He is always seen in the morning when the fisherman comes back from their fishing trip with their daily catch. And we must be there by 8ish... Apa lagi, esok pagi set jam awal awal ler.

We woke up around 7ish, did a quick caribou shower (mandi kerbau ler tuh, rasa nye the guys tak mandi kot!) and walk to the market (5mins walk... I told you everywhere is near!). Some cafe was already opened by then, serving hot yummy smelly breakfast.... lapou! We took a walk and lots of pic while waiting and wondering "where is our Mr. Petros the Pelican???!"

Hhehehe.... FOUND HIM TOO!

Wanna know the story?

Legend has it that more than 40 years back a Mykonian fisherman stumbled upon a wounded pelican. He was so moved by the pelican’s discomfort that he decided to take care of the Pelican, provided the cute creature with medication and once he regained his strength decided to set him free. But surprisingly, the Pelican did not become airborne to his destined abode. Instead he made Mykonos his home. With every passing day, the cute creature became the cynosure of all eyes and became a celebrity.

It came as no surprise that when the Mykonos pelican died way back in 1986, the whole of Mykonos went into mourning. It took a person of the stature of Jackie Kennedy-Onassis to come to the rescue of Mykonos’s grieving populace and the compassionate Jackie Kennedy-Onassis rightfully donated another pelican to the island, Irene. It is learnt that the Hamburg Zoo had also donated a pelican named Petros.

A few years back, there was an instance of another injured Pelican found in Mykonos by the local people who nursed it back to normal.They named the Pelican Nikolas. Now, in Mykonos, there are not one but three Pelicans that can be seen wandering about Mykonos’s harbor.

Then obviously we walk at every alleyway, turn at every corner, peep at every lane AND look what we found on the wall..... Interesting huh!

Even a cat have privilege of having their own network here.

OK, this is amazing.... I couldn't find a single dustbin wild walking in the town... and yet the alleys are clean... giler bersih! Then.... I found him... the dustbin collector... One hell of discipline folks here! Malaysian!?!?!

When I said alleyways, I meant alleyways... YUP! This small!

There's so many stuff to show you but I think the best way is for your to check out my Facebook album

Well, we have to rush back to the hostel to check out and take our bags for our next
LOOOOONG ferry ride to Athens.

Remember earlier I said Maria was the sweetest soul here, she got her hubby to send us to the ferry port FREE. Sayang Maria!

She said to wait here for her hubby so as usual, I will roam around to snap few pics while waiting, these are the nicer houses here lar... but not for B&B sob sob..... And next, JENG JENG JENG... how the windmills look like during day time...

Carparks HAHAHHAHA...... not as nice huh! 1 min walks from Maria's place. Dekat gilos

Bye bye Mykonos, really hope to visit you again!

Hyperlink credit : Wikipedia,


Cawan said...

best nye duk kat bandar mcm ni..

little luxury list said...

Wow - these pictures are breathtaking! Thank you so much for the trip report! I'm hoping to get to Western Europe to visit some friends but need to get to Greece (it's been on the list for a while!) Thanks for your sweet comments and have a lovely week!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Martina said...

Hi Lily, good to see you! Such a delightful post - like a mini vacation to greece. Wouldn't mind to hop on the next plabe and join you there!

Bonnie said...

I think this place is gorgeous. I can see why you wanted to visit so badly. I would love to go anywhere -- We don't travel very much. Jealous!
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Abigail's Place said...

lovely images!
i am planning on going Greek Island hopping next Summer and your post has got me all excited for it!
looks like you had a lovely trip.

Abigail x

Lily Riani said...


memang best in fact, B&B yang duduk tuh pun ada wifi; from the next building. bahagia dak? ehheheh...

Chic 'n Cheap Living,

really, it has been in my wishlist for the past 3-4 years, do go but make sure they have stabilised first. pray for you :D


welcome welcome!!! do join us, next year target will be scandinavian country.


the please is indeed beautiful. you are welcome to visit too :)


glad to be of help, i did a few entries earlier on costing and links. hope it able to help as well.

Biqque said...

what i see is LAUT LAUT LAUT! GILE BEST!

weh, sunset cantik! gambar pun cun2!

ok, signboard kat alleyway tu sungguh teruja youuuuuu! hahaha!

Ola said...

I love this island! One of the most beatiful, spent there 2 weeks in the capital-unforetabble time:) I can see the birds are still well:)

Gil Ra Im said...

i think i'll have to learn how to take awesome pics from you, la Lil. It makes me can't wait to go to Greece! iskh. geram.

btw, aritu History Channel kuar psl how Mykonos terjadi. scary meri, okeh. huhu. tapi tak kira, ai nak pegi jugak!! (^__-)v

kemang~ said...

cantik gila tang sunset tu... jeles ni jeles !!!!

eh sis, bek buat watermark kat photo2 tu..kalo x nanti ade org curi gambo tu...hee

LifeRamblings said...

i've visited Athens and Santorini but have not made it to Mykonos due to time constraints. :(

Emm said...

Oh wow, what stunning photographs! Mykonos looks stunning. I definitely want to do a Greek island tour one day soon. Not next year though - I have three international trips planned. Actually, make that four. Italy, Croatia, Serbia, South Africa.

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