Thursday, November 17, 2011

WINNER Announcement - Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Doha!

The places above are NOT the winner prizes of cos (So, Jenggel, ko tak ler dapat ikut kan, ehheheh).

Anyway, my selection was depending on the answer or at least closest answer, name, date and timing ler kan. OK! You guys probably wondering what are the answer next who are the winners kan kan kan (jang dok tipu, tobat korang dok terngiang ngiang apa kah answer nye (dramas gilos).

The answer are as below :

1. Desert safari/4x4 or dune bashing in Dubai

2. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi in Abu Dhabi

3. Blokarting or sand yatching in Doha

And the first winner is ... jeng jeng jeng....

1. ZurynHenney

2 & 3 is a tie as atas sebab sebab tertentu yang cuma I jek paham. Hehhehe.....

2/3. Wenny & BlueEwoke

So, to all the winners...


And after my Romania entry nanti I will do another contest yek, and the gifts best punya!

Please email me your address at

See you in next entry!


Unknown said...

hehehe..tq..sikit lagi i email address.. (tak caya ni leh menang hahahaha)

Wenny said...

Thank you Yang!

Ren said...

Fuh neves tau!!! Tetibe ada nama aku kat atas tu! Ingatkan dah jd pemenang dah ! Wakakakkakakakaka

Abu dhabi desert safari said...

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Unknown said...

Abu Dhabi desert safari is better than Dubai is so marvelous place for trip.Thanks for sharing blog.

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