Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hotel Review | I am NOT DARAT! Awana Kijal & Pantai Kemasik

Finally, NO ONE can say I am DARAT! Land quarantined (my more urban naming) hahhahahah....! I have FINALLY set foot in Terengganu (by the way the spelling is not TRengganu, IT'S TEREngganu!). This is my utmost riak moment on Malaysia ground!

I went on a reccee trip for an event and I was impress, fascinated, excited, dumbfounded and whatever word you can name it.... of everything and anything in Terengganu. Let's just start first with the hotel - Awana Kijal Resort in Kemaman.

For a hotel that have been around for more then 10 years (I hope I got the figure right), it's very very super clean (am very particular about this) reason being the last trip I did to Sheraton Langkawi was a big time disappointing taking into consideration that they kept saying they are 5 STAR Starwood chain hotel.... I can blog on few entries of the bad condition of this hotel... SIGH....

Upon arrival, they have everything on standby; ushered me to rooms in a breeze.

The hotel room number was done "cutely".... tickled me.

Mini-compo of the 80s was there, I asked why not an iPod player, they said; this one is harder to steal...HAHHAHHA... True!

The suite have an open Jacuzzi at the lawn... ceh wah...

First time I saw this in my life of a travelholic, BATHTUB in THE ROOM! Kinky ler pulak...

Also checked out the spa, not bad....! 5 therapy rooms, 2 beds in 4 of the rooms. The other room is a sauna & bath spa. Looks clean and good to me, am very fussy too about this.

Please bare in mind, I have few bad experience with hotels claiming 5 STAR but the room quality is not as claimed. For this, I took off my shoe to feel the room carpet (am weird!); to feel whether it was properly cleaned. To my surprise, it was not at all harden in texture due to constant washing and dampness nor there was any stuffiness smell. IMPRESSIVE!
 Next, checking out the team building and beach BBQ area (John's favourite?)

Activities offered here...

They also offer Fireflies trip... good to have a night activities on standby incase my attendees got bored and demanded some "acara riadah berjemaah".

When I walk over to area where I can do my telematch or teambuilding or explore race.... I INSTANTLY fell in love with the sea.... it's turquoise green.... GILOS CRYSTAL CLEAR !!! Rasa nak terjun!

I was thinking, if Redang is anything like this or better.... I am sooooo going regardless whether the trip in "on" or otherwise.... giler suka kaler air laut ok!

Bora Bora feel? Drama ler pulak!

Team building rest area.... santai! Perfect sesangat.

Children's playground.

Swimming fool pool (bikini body & weight! Bila ler nih!!)

Golf course by the sea.... peaceful.

We adjourn to Pantai Kemasik cos I saw it on signboard. No regrets, cantek gilos... am deciding maybe I should do my last night BBQ here at sunset..... syahdu!

You can walk to the rock island.... but I wasn't wearing the right attire nor shoe... ISH!

Dinner here... perfect! Tak tipu! Pandai pandai ler my agent gets the approval...

We saw USS globe HERE!!! Hahhahah....

Then we head towards Club Med resort (will blog on this as well). We decided to try some local delights on our way.

I finally get to taste the Terengganu's SATA... ok ler but memang manis ke?

And their OTAK OTAK (BRAIN BRAIN) tasted different as well, sweeter.

Another one that was new to me, IKAN PAIS or FISH PAIS.

Err..... in Terengganu????? Satar Goreng COCKTAIL...???? Risau giler

They even have Keropok Keping COCKTAIL. APA CITER???

Note : This entry is base on experience, not a paid review.


Cawan said...

Confirm saya first!

besshhhh nye preview tpt mcmnie.. rase diri nk terjun kat pantai tu dah!!

Sata best laaa.. manis? xsilap ade jenis Pedas punye..

Unknown said...

Tak aci lily, u publish tgh malam buta!!

By the way i terkejut tgk mini compo 80s? huhhhh..and bathtub in the room!! wowww wee..gile kinky kuang kuang kuang..

(cawan, jom kite ke sana semalam dua?? hehehhe)

Ren said...

Amboiii laki bini first!!!!

Lily, selama ni you sebut TREngganu???? hahahah so DARAT!

Bathtub dalam bilik???? OMG lebih dahsyat dari Lexis hotel kat PD la kalo camtu wakakakaaaa.

Amek tak bilik tu??? kekeke syoknya kalo pegi bersama org tersayang gitu...... mandi2 dalam bathtub sambil tengok tb dan tertido muahahaha.

Unknown said...

janngel, mandi sambil tgk tv dan tertidur!!! kalo terlemas cam mana?haha

lily, laut dia nampak nye cun..sata & keropok cocktail tu first time dengar jugak!! hheehhee takut aku nk makan! tapi i suka sata, tp yg perisa pedas la...

Ely Hasrul said...

sedap tak paiz tuh? err sepatutnye tak manis kan? tp xtau la dh lama xmkn sata..

i pon wonder selama ke nih u xtau ke ejaan Terengganu haha.. janggel, pg bersama tersayang mandi dlm bathtub? hahhahahaha Na, semalam dua aje ke? hahahha..

bagus bathtub dlm bilik nih senang nk monitor anak.. eh ayat aku mmg tak kinky hahahhaa

just.HY said...

mmg soooo daratt! nak eja terengganu pun salah? soo omg ok!

cantik giler laaa awana nih! i stayed there like 5 years back. tak sempat pulak nk jenguk laut dia. super cun ok!

Cho Zila said...

alamak bestnyer.. tak sangka teramat cantik...

Anash said...

Bora-bora yang dekat nak pergi?
the blue-ish colour..
mak aiikkk cantik ....

and kolam kecil dalam bilik sebelah tv?
tak pernah nengok

Biqque said...

serius u sebut TREngganu ke? tak penah google ke? hahahaha! funny la u!

ok, SUMPAH CUN GILE OK PANTAI TU! kita KENA pi!!! biru siuttttttttt! cantik okkkkkkk! (mintak2 bukan air gatal, sbb penah ada bad experience kat kapas, tak leh nak mandi lgsg!)

Lily Riani said...


ada pedas nye sata ke?
laut tuh mmg lawa... i think islands nearby sana should be even more beautiful kot.


ehheheh.... blk 11ish tuh terus blog...

bathtub dlm bilik tuh mmg shocking... i was like... adek betul ke nih? biar benor... asyik dok reconfirm ngan adek tuh.

err.... if u gi, aqilah akan dpt adek kah? kah kah kah....


i spell terengganu... but masa kat sana, i seek clarification, ada org nih kata TREngganu... i ingat i salah ler slama ni... ehehh...rupa nye i pandai.

i tak overnight... byk keje. next round ler kot.

Lily Riani said...


byg kan, seorang janggeltrekker mati lemas dlm tub depan katil kerana tertidur, motifnye? terleboh kinkee. ehehheh


soooo tak "on". Hahhahahah....


ovest urban, spelling pun pail! cam na u dok sana but tak tgk laut... giler memanggil manggil tuh.

Lily Riani said...

cho zila,

i pun surprise, coz it was my very own first time. impress max ler kira nye.


bora asmara dah pegi, bora ombak belum, bora bora kat french polynesian tak kan ada duit. bathtub tuh... cam kagum campur terkesima...


hehheheh... i spell correctly, but i tanya sapa ntah, dia kata TREng... confuse i. ehheheh... tak teringin lak nak google terengganu.

soalan bodoh from moi, ada air gatal ke??

masMZ KaKiJaLaN said...

memula sekali ~ demmit i suka giles kalau sata dengan otak2 dari Tengganu. Sedap giles! (huh terus dah 2 kali giles!)

bath tub dalam bilik, super wow! hasben n wife kot seswai n sensorang kot seswai....

n finally, laut kat pulau lagi super duper best!!!! hehehehehee *sajer bako but memang betul BEST!

Ren said...

Na...motif tertidur dan lemas????? wakakaka.

Lily, laut kat Redang n Perhentian much much lawa dari yg ni okay!!! Jom Redang!

Biqque said...

ha tanya la budak yg dari kecik asik mandi laut je ni *tunjuk diri sendri*

air gatal adalah pertembungan air sungai dan laut, dimana kekotoran itu telah menyebabkan air itu gatal. beach boy kat sana terjun tak pakai baju pun naik balik cepat2 sbb tak tahan hahaaha! kira kalo paksa gak mandi, mencucuk2 la kat muka tangan kaki sume...geram tul!

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