Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 2 | Singapore Geylang, Chinatown & Malacca

For you loyal follower of the alien traveholic "saga" (cam real I ada loyal follower, saga saga nih ambek sempana cite The Twillight Saga tengok siang tadi) to Temasek; Land of Merlion, Home of Sang Nila Utama, SEA first Universal Studios (eh eh...). I here present the 2nd / last day of our trip (Aiks...awat bunyi cam John award speech).

You can get more stories on Betel Box Hostel which currently, popularly and synonymously known to us as wardrobe bathroom, cement rendered flooring, shower quietly, hot "chicks" area, 1.1km distance etc etc etc... you get the drift al-righto?! (all alien traveler blogs are hyperlinked at the bottom of this entry *wink*).

Thus, I include more pics this time around as on 2nd day, I took more pics gilos gilos (kes balas dendam! Hahhahah)!!! So, you guys layanzzz...

We went downstairs for breakfast since the package comes with one. As most travelholics tends to be photoholics (and some say kepoholics), everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) took pictures of everything, even our breakfast. Chup! Shahrul tuh merajuk coz his pic was not taken kot.... ehhehhe... NAH! He's busy reading Singapore real estate and market share for future investment in Singapore (jeng jeng jeng...).

We split into 2 groups, one to Mustafar and another to Chinatown (obviously and no guess needed, I took the Chinatown route). Sooo... the Chinatown group had a head start as the initial plan was Chinatown and then to Mustafar, no surprise the later part didn't materialise; you'll see why soon enough.

Geylang Serai Market, heard that this is the place to get the best briyani spice & Kacang Phool. 
Joo Chiat Complex is where I found nice curtain materials the last trip... a must come and I need to make sure it's before Hari Raya.
Hotel 81 classic, not a bad location, next to 24hours Mr. Teh Tarik Restaurant (halal), and probably 500m to Payar Lebar MRT station (hahhahha...).

We walked passed The Malay Village which I heard will be demolished and be replaced with a new civic centre which house a community club and a Malay Heritage Gallery, apparently the expected completion date  is 2016. EH! Janggel is more menyinar here... ahhahha....

You know what, during day time; the distance is not that far as the night before... bearable; to me at least.

We soon arrive Chinatown.... TAH DAH.... I have always love the colours, aside from Bugis Junction staircase.
 Not sure why MasMZ was taking pics of the road, tengok atas ler babe, lagi cantek tau.

Fridge magnets at abundance... suka giler

Then we walk further to the temple nearby. I loike.

 I should have bought the pencil but I wouldn't know for what though... just love the colours I guess.

Kakak Coco Chanel was waiting for us at Larkin mosque (wow... suci gitus - mosque), we quickly gerak (quickly ke?). Eh! Janggel lagi...

Finally we arrived Larkin after sekian lama.

After settling our solat and freshen up, we drove to Singah Selalu for lunch (?! 6ish lunch ke?). Sesat berbagai dulu sebelum sampai... Janggel kata sesat ke laut, but eventually we arrived safely after a 30 mins tour in JB town. Hhahahha...

Tak cukup with all the activities, we were still hyper (after all the sugary ABC drinks) thus we decided to go to Johore Premium Outlet (JPO) pulak. My take - not fully open as of todate, reasonably cheap but DO NOT compare to US. Not the latest design obviously but not last season either; I felt it was few seasons prior. If you are not fussy, I guess JPO is ok to shop.

After the JPO whereby Mas insisted she is able to persuade all of us to shop but ended up otherwise (kan tuh tuhan dah marah), we head to Malacca to send Kakak Coco Chanel home, not before we got belanje-ed by Kakak Coco Chanel. THANK YOU.

Akhirnye, we arrived at Kakak Coco Chanel's teratak. Near A'Famosa and 300-500m (bukan 1.1km, jangan risau) to 24hrs KFC.

This is Kakak Coco Chanel's homestay... we reccee-ed at midnight, tak penah dibuat orang ok! So for those nak book, feel free to ask Kakak Coco Chanel.

By the way, Kakak Coco Chanel mom asked a question that surprised us.... "Lain kali nak travel, ajak ler Mak Cik". Masa tuh, ringan jek mulut nak kata "Cik, buat ler blog travel... Icam pun gigih buat Cik... I have faith in you " Hahhahah... bongok dak I. Jangan marah Kakak Coco Chanel, your mom ROCK!

Hyperlink credit : Wikipedia, Incrowd, Betel Box, Hotel 81 


masMZ KaKiJaLaN said...


marking first!!! hahahahaq.... jab nak nengok

masMZ KaKiJaLaN said...

Akakaka.... ambil gambar apa eh masa tu??? tak mungkin ambil gambar lantai!!!! ishkkkkkk....

tak sangka chinatown ni sangat meriah dan full of colours.... best jalan kat sini!!!!

cheapest hotels in singapore said...

It's great to see a blog of this quality. I learned a lot of new things and I'm looking forward to see more like this. Thank you.

Ren said...

Fuh lega.... (*)

Cantek sungguh gambar2 di China town tu. Terkesima!!!!

Habis dah entry USS hehehe, ada org yg belum start karang ayat pon tau. Hehehhe

Ren said...

Omg banyak nye gambar I! Heheheh terlebih galmer nanti ni. Ops.

Anash said...

Janggel terselah di sini (suke le tu)
John...??? mana???
my mom rock? if you can interview my grandma last 10 years, she also rock..seriusly...(cuma tak pandai cakap cina like you..hehe-she's from china mainland..way back zaman dolo2 migrated..)

simple entry and yet covered most of the points...
(dah macam pensyarah buat analysis..huh?)

MasZuber said...

picture composition wallaaa!!!!!

best best!

Ely Hasrul said...

kalu i ade sure i sorg xpegang camera hahaahaa.. bile tuh nk beli curtain kt joo chiat? sempat ker before raya hehe

just.HY said...

LILY!!! r u trying to sabotage me? why my pics are sooo hideous? LOL.

haha..takpelah, kasik chance kat org lain pulak. i dont mind. i have my own loyal followers. i have faith in them. thank you! lol...

btw, u collate gmbr guna software ape ek?

Cawan said...

ha amik korang, ni bile lily balas dendam amik gambar banyak2..

perasan artis, kembang2 semangkuk korang semua..

Biqque said...

wah bebila kita lepak homestay kak anash nak???

Wilson Ng said...

long time no see

Lily Riani said...


u da pirst.

i curious giler that day, what in the world were you doing... risau. ehheheh

cheapest hotels in singapore,

thanks for dropping by, you will definitely see more. next hostel review - kyoto, japan.


ornag tuh sure stress gilos gilos.... ehehhe.... kene blajor dari u secepat mungkin.

Lily Riani said...


asyik john jek, sesekali janggelmler lak kan kan kan...

bila nak serbu bridges diarang?


ur mom nak ikut tuh, cuba call, ntah2 tgh blogging ke apa kot... HAHAHHA... ROCK!

time kasih atas sanjungan anda terhadap penulisan saya. heheh..


waiting for urssss

Lily Riani said...


wallahuallam... teringin gak, design ala2 ikea..


i tau u baik budi pekerti, nama pun putera lindungan kaabah. hehhehe... limelight kalau share dpt pahala kot.

i guna picasa...


tetiba mode kiasu... ehheheh

Lily Riani said...


pucuk dicita, stadium melaka hamba tadahkan... eh! salah pantun.



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