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Day 2b | Things To Do In Kuala Kangsar - Masjid Ubudiah & Istana Kenangan (Part 4)

Somehow this entry was put on hold due to my Sri Lanka entries (serious pilih kasih!)

I have to admit, I am the most ignorant person when it comes to local destination (bukan nak riak biarpun bunyi cam riak, kah kah kah), but I always told myself I will visit them all when I have lesser energy to cover Europe (maksudnye dah tua ler tuh....) or when I have the desire to travel but insufficient cash to do so (makdsudnye kayap ler tuh).

I remembered clearly asking Maszuber what is there to do or see in Kuala Kangsar (sounded so the very poyo, I know!! I kinda hate myself as I ask her)... and she told me Bandar Di Raja Kuala Kangsar (The Royal Town, obviously) and Masjid Ubudiah (Ubudiah Mosque). OK! Next thing that came to my mind is... to see a mosque? Don't get me wrong, nothing against visiting a mosque but my curiousity is.... what is so special about this mosque.

Not only that, there was the much shout about Laksa Pokok Limau.... yeah! That too got me wondered. In fact, at one point, I find myself silly asking so many question on Kuala Kangsar, after all; it's only 2 hours away from Kuala Lumpur.

The final surprise was the must visit Istana "Adabi".... HUH???? WHAT???? "Adabi" Palace?

Dah sudah, terasa diri ini bodoh dan kerdil! Tak pa, I can only be stupid once kan kan kan. Kene belajar ler jawabnye.

So, let's learn and find out things to do and see in Kuala Kangsar. Jom!

Perak earlier entries :
Day 2a | Things To Do In Taiping - Charcoal Factory, Kuala Sepetang (Part 3)

This is the famous Laksa Pokok Limau. One thing you need and must understand is that I am not a big fan of laksa, from any state for that matter. But, since everyone said it's nice and judging from the cars parked outside and the queue inside; I decided to give it a try (bukan boleh mati kalau makan pun, iya idak?!).

For non-laksa lover like moi, you can order cucur udang. YUMMEH too! And I absolutely love the sauce ie kuah kacang (peanut sauce). Sedap tak hingat dunia lar kire nye.

Haaaaaaa..... this is how Laksa Pokok Limau looks like. Normal right? No!!!!! This one comes with hot telur dadar (omelate egg) and thick gravy. HEAVEN! Say a non-laksa lover to you! Tak tipu!!!

Address as below :
Laksa Pokok Limau
Kampong Kota Lama Kanan
Perak, Malaysia

Jeng jeng jeng.... this yellow dome mosque is..... 

Close up at the entrance. 

The Masjid Ubudiah/Ubudiah Mosque. 

Masyaallah.... lawa giler ok.

White-washed wall with golden dome setting against clear blue sky! Berzikir jek as I take them pictures. I am sure you would agree with me - very sure of that.

 Different angle of Masjiid Ubudiah.

The small dewan/hall.
It's history. 

Treeless picture.

Found this isolated house just outside the mosque. Very wooden tudor like ..... I loike.

Royal cemetery.


From Wikipedia :

Masjid Ubudiah - ranking high on the list of Malaysia's most beautiful mosques, the Masjid Ubudiah (or Ubudiah Mosque) stands proudly and majestically in Kuala Kangsar, with its golden dome and minarets creating a spellbinding sight, from near and afar.
The mosque was designed by Arthur Benison Hubback, a government architect who is notably credited for the design of the Ipoh railway station and the Kuala Lumpur railway station.
Built in 1917 during the reign of the 28th Sultan of Perak, Sultan Idris Murshidul'adzam Shah, the Masjid Ubudiah is located beside the Royal Mausoleum on Bukit Chandan. It was commissioned on the orders of the Sultan, who vowed that he would build a mosque of great beauty as thanksgiving for recovery from an illness which plagued him in those early days.

An abandon house.... eerie.

 Next site, Istana "Adabi" or Istana Kenangan.

Tah dahh..... look like the perencah Adabi logo right!?

From Wikipedia :

The Istana Kenangan (Jawi script: ايستان كنڠن ;Remembrance Palace) was a royal residence in Kuala Kangsar in Perak, Malaysia.
It was built in 1926 for Sultan Iskandar Shah by the Malay carpenter Enci Sepian from Bukit Mertajam, with the assistance of his sons Zainal Abidin and Ismail. The palace was previously known as the Valley Palace due to its location. The palace had been the official residence between 1931 and 1933. However, upon completion of Istana Iskandariah, the Istana Kenangan was used to host royal receptions and where the palace guests stayed. It is two storeys high with the top floor consisting of the bedchamber, family bedrooms and a dining hall. The ground floor was once used as the official royal office where its original floor was made out of solid wood. The wooden floor however had been replaced by marble.
It today houses the Royal Museum of Perak.

Visiting hours.

Front view.

Almost full view... almost.

One of the tower/wing. 

Gary di hati Kak Coco Chanel, mengikut kemana KCC pergi.

What say you? going down to Kuala Kangsar this weekend?


Mie said...

Masjid yang tercantik di Malaysia tuh... pernah beberapa kali ke sini...

Unknown said...


nak laksa jugak!

MasZuber said...


i sebagai anak jati perak (nmpk sgt pentipu) i pon BANGGAAAAAA okehhh!!!

vivid setting mase snap pix kat masjid nie memang terbaik kannnnnnn

Anash said...

ada di mana-mana..

Biqque said...

*gigih nyanyi lagu Perak*

Ren said...

Omai Laksat KK tu menggamit2 aku!
Maszuber sila bawak balik kalu ko balik kg!

Lily Riani said...


ituler, i tak tau pun.... masyaallah... cantek sesangat!


jaga2, i akan lawat perak and find things that a perakian ngak tau. mauhahahah.... jom buat contest!


credit to you dear! kudos! i still eksen and showoff to everyone. instagram pun ramai like tau

Lily Riani said...


kagum, mana kcc tambat gary malam tuh?


errr... lagu perak cam na?


laksa tuh the awesomest laksa. this is from a NON laksa lover. i pun ketagih!

just my other layer! said...

laksa pokok limau tu kg kota lama kiri....

Lily Riani said...

just my other layer,

yup and my peberet! hehehehhe

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