Thursday, July 12, 2012

Event | Around The World In 3 Hours - PARTY (Part 2)

Last week was a busy weekend certainly, I have to organize my own birthday party... which includes the game, party packs, food, reminder, set-up etc...(penat giler ok!). Honestly speaking, I am abit lazy to organize one especially for myself as it means I have no personal R&R. However, since my nieces and nephews need an excuse for a get-together thus Uni Lily is the scapegoat lor. Tak pa lar, I pun suka bebudak vice-versa and meriah-meriah nih.

The decision was made 2-3 weeks prior and full force preparation was only done 1 week (lesser actually) earlier. The party was to be held at my auntie's house as she have a bigger lawn with patio and all. I kan miskin.

Well, I am kinda happy all went well. The best thing was that the night itself we had kenduri doa selamat sambut puasa (Yes Na! I remembered! Not sambut raya.... Hhehehheheh). Aside, there were some balance food that we sedekah (donated) to my cousin's surau (mosque) for their majlis tahlil. Asked my cousin to include my late dad's name as well for the tahlil. BONUSES! Amiiiiiin......

Anyway, to cut long story short, lets look at the pics and I explain along the way.

Oh yah! The theme was Around The World in 3 hours as it was held from 2-5pm and obviously because traveling is my passion lah. Attendees to wear country/city shirt tau! #Drama

This was done by my darling cousin Abby.... sebab I paksa. Hehhehee.... Jahat dak I?


Yang nih pulak prepared by my niece, seriously keeping up with the theme.

This was the highlight obviously. My niece punya kerja jugak. You can also order form her directly (promo nampak).

This was the snack for the day, the Singapore fried meehun was Diana Teo's idea. Thanks sweetie.

Did party pack for the kids, and Arfan busy checking out (tak menyempat-nyempat).

The best shirt I seen at this event, sesapa gi Bandung, please get me one of this yek!

Abby with her son Abul Aa'rz, hope I spelled AA's name correctly.

Mok or as her grandson calls her - Tatak (ie Mak Tok, don't ask me why). One of my favourite aunt, I selalu rengek suruh dia masak sedap-sedap (sebab dulu dia caterer kan....heheheh....). I can be very manja at times. #Drama

My momsy joined Tina & daughter team in Globetrotter Race (ala-ala Amazing race gitus). One of the task...find all 20 ok!

Jengga Journey, they have to find my Globetrotter header stick on one of the Jengga bricks. Hahhahah.... if the tower collapse? Penalty time of 3 minutes.

As you have guessed, the last clue/task, rearrange the clue/task sequence.

SNAP country call-out.... long explanation. Basically if the picture on the card is the SAME, you are to yell the opponent's country stated on his/her card. Confusing kan? That's the whole idea.

Land-Mark.... straightforward kot yang nih.

Name the country....

7 ANCIENT Wonders of the World - the team will be given 1 min to remember all of the 7WotW then to recall and write base on the second picture given. Nih susah sikit kot.

After that they were abit bored as they couldn't play other games that I have arranged, reason being the tents for kenduri later the night have been set-up. So, they themselves organized a musical chair... suka sangat diarang main game ni.

The malam kenduri at auntie's house.

All went well.... Amiin....


Jessying said...

WAH so fun like that, your theme is just perefect for your birthday, love the cupcakes!!!! And I muust said that why you so creative on the games one.. !!! Do you plan this all by yourself... clap clap bagus sangat! Anyway happy belated birthday!!!

p/s: I got to agree plan party is so tiring but its fun and happy when i everyone enjoying it :)

Fie-Nuts said...

Wahh bestnya birthday party ni. So this means you can organize the games for our next or upcoming MTB day out, hehe.

Diana Diane Teo said...

Lily, sorry for the late comment. Yeah, I did saw my name and you're welcome! Love to see your theme party. Love the idea of this. Happy belated birthday to you. =D

Lily Riani said...


as compared to you rainbow party, this is nothing man!


nah... i let you take the lead. muahahhahah


thank you!!!! MUACKS!

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