Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Problems with my SoMe Apps

Been wanting to write about this since before Ramadhan and even during Ramadhan but was plain lazy (hahhahah.....). While fiddling with my Instagram last night and seeing one of the the person I followed complained of being copied/imitated, thus I feel I should write a short entry on this.

Few weeks ago I was informed by Dan Arif that my blog was copied (I shall not share his link as it will spike his traffic...duh) word for word and pic for pic!!! At first I was upset; like super upset. I went to great length and reporting this 'big issue' to blogspot, google and facebooked it. Despite the fact that 'imitation is a form of flaterry' (iya ler tuh...!!), it does annoyed me. But after dwelling on it, I gave up. Whatever lar monyet....

Then I realised, with all the SoMe Apps around, we will bound to be/get copied, imitated or even spammed. Right? Kan kan kan?!?!?

My blog was definitely spammed many times and my twitter obviously countless of time, I kept clicking 'report spam' but since they work on auto random mode, it's pretty useless too. My Instagram not so bad though... so far... and Pinterest is the cleanest of all (so far, TOO).

Come to think of it, aside from SoMe, I received junk mail in my hotmail almost by daily (apparently someone left me $$$$ from everywhere in the world, yeah right!! and I won a bunch of lottery tickets that I can't recall purchsing). AND, even my office mailbox (supposedly with high security features) is also spammed by junk mails (boy! they are good heh!). Ada terasa popular jugak di sini kan kan kan... orang dok nak anto email bertubi-tubi. Ish! Bangga tuh! Hahhahahah....

Yesterday, while fiddling with my new twitter apps, I have have wiped off some twit data (pandai sangat ler tuh Lily! To my defence, it's NEW; abit blur lar kan).... 2nd time this month, previously was my whole contact list now this.

Below are some samples of spammer I experienced/saw.

PS : The last few weeks I have been asking for addresses & contact # from colleagues, friends, relatives and fellow bloggers. Many apologies on this. (For those I didn't ask means it was saved in another directory, phew!).

PPS : If by any chance you got spammed by me as it is auto generated (I might have clicked it by accident). Many many apologies yah.

Note the 'i' in Disney. Hehheheh....

This is the one that sparks my interest to write this entry.

My own blog spam list.

Since I don't know how to add those cute little 'add me' Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest icon. I figure, I should just list my SoMe IDs down here.

Twitter ID : lilyriani
Instagram ID : lilyriani
Pinterest ID : lilyriani
Blog URL : http://lilyrianitravelholic.blogspot.com/
(SoMe = Social Media)


Biqque said...

IT world. spammers are getting smarter in creating bugs, for they are the ones who invented the fixes :) duit tuuhhhh hahaha!

ps: my twitter following list don't have your name in it (which was there before)...was it due to spam as well?

Lily Riani said...

i nih, keje co IT but org mktg, so mmg blur kau kau punye. blog pun org buat kan ok (my cousin yg created my first entry, kid you not).

twitter tuh i tak tau spam ke tak sbb i baru beli twit apps baru konon nye better ler... (konon nye!). takut masa dia convert/upgrade tuh ada data hilang. apps nih diff dr std nye. atau takut masa i nak taruk korang dlm group list tuh i tertekan salah.. ish! lain kali you ambek phone i then gi khatam then leh ajar i, lagi bagus.

btw, masa i upgrade iphone OS contact list hilang terus unless SMS/WA before then info kept. skarang contact list dia auto sync to iCloud. so i tak da hp# kcc jek skarang, yg lain i mng to retrieve via WA. you soh dia sms i leh.

LeopARTn!k said...

it was interesting to find reference and a screenshot to something I was posting 5 years age :)))

LeopARTn!k said...

it was interesting to find reference and a screenshot to something I was posting 5 years age :)))

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