Saturday, November 10, 2012

Terrapuri At Dawn/Dusk (An architecture of a lost kingdom)

Would like to share how Terrapuri is at dusk/night. This is a photologue entry.

Earlier entry on Terrapuri :
Hotel Review | Terrapuri - An architecture of a lost kingdom

An architecture of a lost kingdom

Terrapuri (The Land Of Palaces) is a conservation and restoration project of Terengganu Malay Classic house. Its feature 29 antique hundred years old Classic Houses. The layout of the resort is inspired by the 17th century Terengganu Palace and its surrounding. Terrapuri consists of 20 exclusive restored villas, a gallery and a beach house. 
Terrapuri sits on the land flanked by the South China Sea on one side and mangrove river on the other (Setiu Wetland). By day coconut trees sway amidst sea breezes with stunning view of Pulau Perhentian, Lang Tengah, Pulau Cepu, Redang and Bidong islands, shimmer invitingly just offshore in emerald iridescence. By night, fireflies flash about while, in different seasons, ocean-going green turtles and painted terrapins lay their eggs on their respective sandy shores. [credit to : Terrapuri - An architecture of a lost kingdom]


R.a.W | Ramble and Wander said...

Beautiful! You make me miss my hometown ;-)

Lily Riani said...


you should balik then :)

~Beb~ said...

apsal peaceful n ctk sgt ni? Help!

k.e.r.i. said...

gosh! aku orang Terengganu pun tak tahu wujud tempat nama Terrapuri ni.

cantik gila siot. kalau macam ni, nanti kahwin aku honeymoon sini je lah. hahahaha!

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