Friday, September 5, 2014

Bunk beds are for adult too. M | Boutique Hotel, Ipoh

Nothing excites me more than staying in a unique hotel. And M Boutique Hotel in Ipoh is a clear win.

Nothing impressive from the outside of this hotel but once you venture the inside and understand what their concept is, you immediately feel the need to stay here for 90 days at least in order to experience all their rooms. Yes, you heard me, every room and floor is of different decor. I even went to the extend of asking them how does the housekeeping remembers how to arrange each room decor, and their answer? 

Why not you ask them yourself *wink*. I don't want to spoil the fun.

I have traveled quiet a fair bit and I do have a habit of choosing unique hotel, hostel or guesthouse whenever and wherever I can, did so in New Zealand, Morocco, The Netherlands and etc. And M Boutique Hotel overwhelmed me, tucked away in the tin mining town called Ipoh, this quaint colonial hotel have a lot to offer. Be prepare to be awestruck.

I heard its decor is popular for pre-wedding shoot and looking at the above, I think I can even do my travel blog backdrop shoot here. 

I learnt that there are 3 floors here and each are themed differently, namely Safari (or Animal), Numbers and Alphabets. And trust me, you will start 'arguing' on who wants to be in which floor and which room; befitting one's character. And for the obvious reason, I requested for a room swap, for I really want the Safari room but of course it was full (popular) hence I decided on a more fun room.... wanna know which room? 

Well, continue reading then *smile*.

Even the suites are funky and cool which makes it difficult for us to narrow down to which one is our favourite, without a doubt I would say my room lah kan. The thing is that you don't even realised you are in Ipoh when you are here, half the time I kept think I was in some foreign country. I have to admit that M Boutique Hotel certainly did a good job here, transporting us travelers into another world, releasing us from the stress of our present surrounding.

Ta daaaaaaa..... Yup! My Room. How cool is that. 

They included a fun and adventurous element, in a way telling us that bunk beds do not necessarily need to be in a dorm (hostel like) or for kids or for the boring folks out there. Bunk beds can be for the adventurous, out of the norm and adult too. And that is a statement.

Branding is the key aspect of marketing when it comes to hotel and M Boutique Hotel not only brand themselves as a boutique hotel, they also created a niche, being the only hotel that have a whole store carrying their own brand, style and design; let me tell this, the store is cool. Beyond cool in fact.

Have money will buy.

Catering for travelers too.

Options for me lead to confusion, probably I should get them all instead.

Safari wonderland.

Try it for yourself, it'll be fun stay!

M | Boutique Hotel
2 Hala Datuk 5, Ipoh, Perak, 31650 Malaysia
Tel : +605 255 5566
Map :


Diana Diane Teo said...

Make me wanna revisit Ipoh again for murals, foods and M Boutique Hotel. I personally love to stay in boutique hotel if I have extra budget Xp

Unknown said...

Thanks for choosing our sMall Ipoh hoMe! We hope that you enjoyed the sMall experience, and yes, we are a little cheeky at M Boutique! The real question is, are we a Hotel or a Boutique? :)

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